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This form may also be utilized to transfer the motor vehicle to another party for the benefit of the surviving spouse or minor child(ren) under the age of 21 years. The form must be accompanied by a copy of the death certificate.

The form contains various sections where the claimant needs to provide personal details, information about the deceased person, the vehicle being transferred, and the person to whom the vehicle is being transferred. The claimant must also confirm that they are not disqualified from inheriting the motor vehicle under New York Estates, Powers and Trusts Law, and that they are claiming the vehicle in accordance with the provisions of the law.

You will find details about the type of form you want to fill out in the table. It will tell you the time it will need to fill out form mv 349 1, exactly what fields you will have to fill in, and so forth.

Form Name Form MV 349.1
Form Length 2 pages
Fillable? Yes
Fillable fields 23
Avg. time to fill out 5 min 10 sec
Other names dmv form 349 1, mv 349 1 form, ny mv349 1, ny vehicle transfer affidavit

Form Preview Example

AFFIDAVIT FOR TRANSFER OF MOTOR VEHICLE (Authorized by Section 5-3.1 of the Estates, Powers and Trusts Law)

INSTRUCTIONS: hs orm long wth th ttl or trnsrl rgstrton





proprly complt my us to trnsr motor vhcl hvng

vlu o twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) or less own y prson t th tm o hshr th to surv







vng spous or chl or

chlrn unr th g o twntyn yrs t my lso us






to trnsr such motor vhcl to nothr prty or th n


t o survvng

spous or chl or chlrn unr th g o twntyn yrs






















t o w ork

























ounty o






































































ng uly sworn poss n sys


( m th survvng spous o




















































( m th uly ppont gurn o























th survvng mnor chl or chlrn o





















h s










on th

o y

n th yr o






th tm o hshr th th s

















ws th ownr o



















































hcl ntcton or srl numr























h nm o th prson to whom th vhcl s ng trn




srr s










































hck on o th ollowng























h ov mnton motor vhcl hs vlu o not mor th



n twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000)








h ov mnton motor vhcl hs vlu whch xcs





ut pursunt to ts wrs n rusts w (








hv p to th stt th sum o



th mount y w




hch th vlu o such motor vhcl xc



h ov mnton motor vhcl s th only motor vhcl



longng to th cnt tht s ng trnsrr unr







cton o th


ts wrs n rusts w




























h ponnt s prson qul to tk s motor v




hcl unr cton o th ts wrs n rusts w








n hry


mks clm to s motor vhcl






















h ponnt s

not squl spous unr cton o th ts w





rs n rusts w n hry mks clm to s







motor vhcl ( pg




























hs vt s m or th purpos o scurng trns





r o th ov mnton motor vhcl unr th provsons o


cton o


th ts wrs n rusts w
















































































crty tht th normton hv prov on ths orm s




tru n complt to th st o my knowlg













WARNING: Intentionally making a false statement or providing false or misleading information in connection with this application is a criminal



offense that may subject you to criminal prosecution and/or administrative action under the Law.
















































gntur (gn nm n ull

orn to or m ths

y o




n th yr o





ommsson xprs







otry lc or ommssonr o s










§ 5-1.2 Disqualification as surviving spouse


( husn or w s survvng spous wthn th mnng


or th purposs o



unlss t s stlsh stsctorly to th court hvng jurs


o th cton or procng tht


( nl cr or jugmnt o vorc o nnulmnt or cl


th nullty o mrrg or ssolvng such mrrg on th grou

n o

snc rcognz s vl unr th lw o ths stt ws

n ct

whn th cs spous



(h mrrg ws vo s ncstuous unr scton v o th


omstc rltons lw gmous unr scton sx thro or


proht rmrrg unr scton ght thro


(h spous h procur outs o ths stt nl cr


jugmnt o vorc rom th cs spous o nnulmnt or


th nullty o th mrrg wth th cs spous or ssol

vng such

mrrg on th groun o snc not rcognz s vl un

r th lw

o ths stt



( nl cr or jugmnt o sprton rcognz s vl


unr th lw o ths stt ws rnr gnst th spous

n such

cr or jugmnt ws n ct whn th cs spous


(h spous non th cs spous n such no


contnu untl th tm o th



( spous who hvng th uty to support th othr spous


or rus to prov or such spous though h or sh h th

mns or

lty to o so unlss such mrtl uty ws rsum n contn


untl th th o th spous hvng th n o support




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stage 1 to completing dmv form mv 349 1

Jot down the information in the Estates, Powers, and, Trusts, Law makes, claim, to, said, motor, vehicle motor, vehicle, Seepage theEstates, Powers, and, Trusts, Law Signature, Sign, name, in, full Sworn, to, before, me, this day, of in, the, year, of d, mv, ny, gov Notary, Public, or, Commissioner, of, Deeds Date, PAGE, OF and My, Commission, expires area.

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