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Form Pm 605773 is a form that must be filled out and submitted by any business in order to have an employee work in the United States. The form can be found on the website of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This post will outline what information must be provided on Form Pm 605773, as well as some tips on how to complete it. Anyone who is considering hiring an employee from outside of the United States should definitely read this post!

Form NameForm Pm 605773
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesomissions, cigna electronic funds transfer authorization form, PM-605773, cigna eft enrollment form for providers

Form Preview Example


1. Please complete all of the information requested whether you are enrolling for EFT service, requesting changes or canceling the service.

2. If you are receiving Survivor Income Benefits, please include the name of the deceased insured ("Certificate Holder").

3. Be sure to include a voided check (if requesting EFT to your checking account) or a deposit slip

(if requesting EFT to your savings account).

4. Sign, date and return in the envelope provided. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to process your authorization form.

Retain a completed copy for your records.


1. Please provide the following information:

Your Name:

Certificate Holder’s Name*:












Telephone No.:





area code








CIGNA Policy/Account No.:

Social Security No.:


* Include the name of the deceased only if you are receiving Survivor Income Benefits (please disregard if you are receiving Disability Benefits).


Select type of transaction:



Request to enroll

Change the following information:


Request to cancel

Account Number



Account Type



Financial institution





Indicate type of account:


Checking account (include a blank personal check marked "void")

Savings account (include a deposit slip if available)

4. Provide the following information:

Name of Bank:


Branch Office:












Branch Telephone No.:


Bank Account No.:

Bank Routing No.: (First nine digits of check code line)

5.Sign and date this authorization statement:

I authorize the Insurer of the policy/account number identified above ("Company") to deposit my monthly net benefit into the account and bank I have indicated above or such other account as the bank or any successor designates as my account. I also authorize you to debit my account for any deposits made in error. I understand that the EFT service is only available for personal accounts, not business or corporate. I also understand that the EFT service will stay in effect until I notify the company of cancellation on the EFT service authorization form. I accept the responsibility to notify the Company if there are any errors in my account and will not hold the Company liable if there are any errors or omissions in depositing benefit payments to my designated account.

Signature X











PM-605773 REV. 10/2008

Retain a completed copy for your records.

How to Edit Form Pm 605773 Online for Free

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1. While filling in the omissions, ensure to include all necessary blanks in their corresponding section. This will help expedite the process, which allows your details to be processed fast and correctly.

How to complete cigna electronic funds transfer authorization form portion 1

2. Just after the previous array of blank fields is done, go to type in the applicable details in these - Be sure to include a voided check, Sign date and return in the, Retain a completed copy for your, Indicate type of account, Checking account include a blank, Savings account include a deposit, Provide the following information, Name of Bank, Branch Office, City, State, Zip, Branch Telephone No, Bank Account No, and Bank Routing No First nine digits.

cigna electronic funds transfer authorization form conclusion process explained (part 2)

3. Through this step, review I authorize the Insurer of the, Signature X, PM Rev, Retain a completed copy for your, and Date. All of these need to be completed with greatest accuracy.

Signature X, Date, and PM Rev inside cigna electronic funds transfer authorization form

Always be very attentive while filling out Signature X and Date, because this is where a lot of people make a few mistakes.

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