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Form NameForm Pt001
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesforegoing, assessor, Disapproved, PT001

Form Preview Example

Montgomery County, et al

Property Tax Refund Application

J.R. Moore, Jr.

Montgomery County Tax Assessor-Collector

400 N San Jacinto

Conroe, Texas 77301

Phone 936-539-7809

To Apply For A Tax Refund, The Taxpayer Must Complete The Following:

Step 1: Property Owner’s









Name and Address

Owner(s) Name:


















Present Mailing Address (Number and Street)













City, Town or Post Office, State, Zip Code


Phone (Area Code and Number)












Step 2: Taxpayer Name

Taxpayer Name:









and Address











(Refund Payable To)











Present Mailing Address (Number and Street)


















City, Town or Post Office, State, Zip Code


Phone (Area Code and Number)









Step 3: Describe The

Legal Description (or attach copy of the tax bill or tax receipt):


























Address or location of property:

















Step 4: Give the tax

Tax Year:




Date of




Payment Amount:

payment information

















(*Supporting Payment



















Amount of Refund

Documentation Must




Check #:











Applying For:

Accompany Application. If
























unable to provide, must

Taxpayer’s Reason for Refund (attach supporting payment documentation)(*):

complete below affidavit.)















Step 5: Sign the form

“I hereby apply for the refund of the above-described taxes and certify that the information I have given on this form is true and












Sign Here


Applicant Signature





Date of Application for Tax Refund











Print Here


Print Applicant Name

















If you make a false statement on this application, you could be found guilty of a Class A misdemeanor or a state jail felony under

Texas Penal Code Section 37.10.

Step 6: Tax Refund


(For Office Use Only)

The tax refund is Approved



























Refund Check #:







Refund Check





























Sign Here

Deputy Submitting Refund Application For Approval









Sign Here

Accounting Manager or Supervisor Approving Payment









Sign Here

Authorized Officer For Governing Body (if over $2500)









Sign Here

County Auditor Signature (if over $2500)
















COUNTY OF _________________________________________, STATE OF ______________________________________

Before me, ______________________________________________, on this day personally appeared __________________________________, known to me or proved to

me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing instrument and acknowledged to me that he/she executed the same for the purposes and consideration therein expressed. I do hereby affirm that I am the taxpayer (or taxpayer representative) for property tax account # __________________________. A check in the amount

of $______________ was issued to J.R. Moore, Jr. Montgomery County Tax Assessor-Collector with the intent to be credited to account number(s)

________________________________. I do hereby request a refund of above amount. I do not have the original tax receipt for the taxes paid. I hereby agree to

indemnify and hold harmless Montgomery County, Texas and/or Montgomery County Tax Assessor-Collector for any loss that may result to either or both because of any superior claim to this refund.

Printed NameSignature

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN BEFORE ME this _______ day of, ____________________20________.

Notary Public in and for the State of _____________________________


Revised 04/2011

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Jacinto fields to complete

Inside the section I hereby apply for the refund of, Date of Application for Tax Refund, Applicant Signature, Print Here, Print Applicant Name, If you make a false statement on, Step Tax Refund Determination For, The tax refund is Approved, Disapproved, Refund Check, Refund Check Amount, Sign Here, Deputy Submitting Refund, Sign Here, and Accounting Manager or Supervisor write down the particulars the program asks you to do.

stage 2 to finishing Jacinto

You can be asked to provide the information to help the program fill in the section Before me on this day personally, Printed Name SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN, Signature, Notary Public in and for the State, and Revised.

Jacinto Before me  on this day personally, Printed Name SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN, Signature, Notary Public in and for the State, and Revised fields to fill out

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