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Rental applications, also referred to as a form R1, are commonly used by landlords and property managers when screening potential tenants. The form usually consists of personal information such as name, address, and contact information, as well as verification that the applicant is legally allowed to rent the property. While there is no one right way to complete a rental application, there are some key items that landlords typically look for. By knowing what these items are and providing accurate responses on the form, you can put yourself in a better position when applying for your next rental.

Form NameForm R1
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesform r 1 report of repair, national dddenda search, form r 1 report, bpng form r1

Form Preview Example


in accordance with provisions of the National Board Inspection Code


Work performed by






(Qame of Uepair Rrganization)












(PO No., Job No., etc.)











3.Location of installation







4.,tHP identification

Name of original manufacturer

(boiler, pressure vessel or piping)

5.Identifying nos.:























(mfg. serial no.)


(National Board No.)

(Jurisdiction No.)



(year built)


NBIC Edition/Addenda
































Original Code of Construction for Item:





















(Qame / Vection / Givision)









(Hdition / Dddenda)




Construction Code Used for Repair Performed:



















(name / section / division)









(edition / addenda)





Repair Type:

Graphite Pressure Equipment



FRP Pressure Equipment

8. Description of work:


Form R-4, Report Supplementary Sheet is attached

FFSA Form (NB-403) is attached


(use Form R-4, if necessary)

























Pressure Test, if applied






9.Replacement Parts. Attached are Manufacturer’s Partial Data Reports or Form R-3s properly completed for the following items

of this report:

(Qame of Sart, tem Qumber, Gata Ueport WypeRU&HUW I FDWHRI&RPS DQFH, Pfg Qame, and dentifying Vtamp)

10. Remarks:

















, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief the statements in this report are

correct and that all material, construction, and workmanship on this Repair conforms to the National Board Inspection Code.

National Board “R” Certificate of Authorization No.



expires on






















(name of repair organization)


(authorized representative)












, holding a valid Commission issued by The National Board of Boiler and Pressure

Vessel Inspectors and certificate of competency, where required, ISSUED by the Jurisdiction of





and employed by










have inspected the work described in this report on






and state that to the best of my

knowledge and belief this work complies with the applicable requirements of the National Board Inspection Code.

By signing this certificate, neither the undersigned nor my employer makes any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning the work described in this report. Furthermore, neither the undersigned nor my employer shall be liable in any manner for any personal injury, property damage or loss of any kind arising from or connected with this inspection.


















(National Board and Jurisdiction No.)

This form may be obtained from The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, 1055 Crupper Ave., Columbus, OH 43229

NB-66 Rev. 12

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1. First, when completing the r 1 report, start in the section that features the subsequent blanks:

Part no. 1 for filling out nbic r 1 fillable form

2. The next step is to fill in these blank fields: Construction Code Used for Repair, name section division, Welded, Graphite Pressure Equipment, edition addenda, FRP Pressure Equipment, Repair Type Description of work, Form R Report Supplementary Sheet, Replacement Parts Attached are, psi MAWP, Pressure Test if applied, psi, cidame of cidart cidtem cidumber, Remarks, and CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE.

Filling in section 2 in nbic r 1 fillable form

It's easy to make errors when completing your name section division, for that reason make sure you reread it prior to when you submit it.

3. Within this step, review holding a valid Commission issued, CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION, Vessel Inspectors and certificate, and employed by, have inspected the work described, and state that to the best of my, By signing this certificate, described in this report, Date, Signed, inspector, Commissions, National Board and Jurisdiction No, This form may be obtained from The, and NB Rev. Every one of these should be completed with utmost precision.

Writing part 3 of nbic r 1 fillable form

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