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Form UC 1208 is an important document for California tax preparers. The form is used to report the amount of withholding taxes that have been deducted from employee paychecks. It's critical that tax preparers complete this form accurately, as it helps to ensure that employees don't owe additional taxes when they file their returns. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the details of Form UC 1208 and explain how to complete it correctly.

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Form NameForm Uc 1208
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields25
Avg. time to fill out5 min 30 sec
Other namesUC-44FR, PENNSYLVANIA, dli, UC-640

Form Preview Example





Employer name

PA UC Account No.




Part A: Benefits Address Confirmation

Employer address





(Zip Code)












Part B: Power of Attorney





Know all men by these present that I,



, do hereby make,



(Employer name)




constitute and appoint



, whose address is



(Attorney-in-fact Name)













(Zip Code)

as my lawful attorney-in-fact with full power and authority to act on my behalf with the Office of UC Benefits Policy and the Office of UC Service Centers, and their successor agency or agencies within the Department of Labor & Industry, in any matter relating to UC benefits. I authorize the Office of UC Benefits Policy and the Office of UC Service Centers to send the following to the address of my attorney-in-fact:

1. Monthly Notices of Compensation Charged (UC-640),

2. Notices of Financial Determination (UC-44F(3)), Requests for Relief from Charges (UC-44FR), and determinations on requests for relief from charges (Form UC-560)

3. Employer’s Notices of Application (UC-45), fact-finding questionnaires, and eligibility determinations

I hereby ratify and confirm all that said attorney-in-fact, or its agents, employees or substitutes shall or may do or cause to be done by virtue of the power herein conferred until written notice of revocation hereof is received by the department.

I hereby revoke any prior power of attorney to the extent that it designated an attorney-in-fact to act on my behalf in any matter relating to UC benefits, to receive any of the above documents regarding UC, or both.

In delegating authority to the attorney-in-fact, for the purposes specified above, it is expressly understood that the attorney-in-fact and I are equally responsible and each shall incur liability for the penalties provided for false and/or fraudulent statements or omissions, whether written or oral.












(Signature of authorized representative of Employer)



(Signature of authorized representative of attorney-in-fact)

Printed name




Printed name














See reverse for instructions and information on completion of this form.

UC-1208 REV 08-16 (Page 1)

This power of attorney, when properly executed, will permit the attorney-in-fact to represent the employer before the Office of UC Benefits Policy and the Office of UC Service Centers in matters relative to UC benefits under the Pennsylvania UC Law, and to receive designated correspondence on behalf of the employer. This power of attorney will revoke and completely replace any prior power of attorney to the extent that the prior power of attorney designated an attorney-in-fact to act for the employer in UC benefit matters, to receive UC benefit documents, or both.


Employer Name - Indicate the employer’s name as it appears on the Pennsylvania Enterprise Registration Form (Form PA-100).

PA UC Account Number - Indicate the employer's Pennsylvania UC account number. This seven-digit number will be reflected on the New Employer Confirmation Letter (Form UC-1408), Notice of Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Responsibilities (Form UC-851) and the Contribution Rate Notice (Form UC-657). If an account number has not been assigned, please register with the department by submitting a PA-100 at

FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) - Indicate the employer's FEIN. The FEIN will be two digits followed by a dash followed by seven digits, i.e., 23-0000000. If an FEIN has not been assigned, please apply for one at

Part A: Benefits Address Confirmation: This is the address where benefits-related correspondence will be mailed unless the employer appoints an attorney-in-fact to receive one or more categories of correspondence.

Part B: Power Of Attorney: You may name an attorney-in-fact to represent you in benefits-related matters and to receive one or more categories of benefits correspondence. If you appoint an attorney-in-fact you must authorize the attorney-in-fact to receive at least one category of correspondence.

Insert a check mark in the appropriate box(es) - A check mark in:

Box 1 - will cause Monthly Notices of Compensation Charged (Form UC-640) to be mailed to the attorney-in-fact.

Box 2 - will cause Notices of Financial Determination (Form UC-44F(3)), Requests for Relief from Charges (Form UC-44FR), and determinations on requests for relief from charges (Form UC-560) to be mailed to the attorney-in fact.

Box 3 - will cause Employer Notices of Application (Form UC-45), Requests for Separation & Wage Information (Form UC-45), fact-finding questionnaires and eligibility determinations other than the Form UC-44F(3) to be mailed to the attorney-in-fact.

Signature Requirements - This form must be dated and signed by an authorized representative of the employer and the attorney-in-fact. For a corporation, it must be signed by the president, vice president, secretary or treasurer. For a partnership, this form must be signed by a general partner authorized to bind the partnership. For a sole proprietorship, this form must be signed by the proprietor.

Return by fax or mail - The completed power of attorney form can be emailed to:, faxed to 717-783-3734, or mailed to:

Office of UC Service Centers Attn: Employer Information Center 651 Boas Street, Room 525 Harrisburg, PA 17121-0750

Please be advised that the department cannot guarantee the security of personally identifiable information submitted via unsecured means such as: fax or unencrypted email systems.

UC Taxes

This form may be used only to appoint an attorney-in-fact for UC benefit matters. Do not use this form for UC tax purposes. To appoint a third party administrator (TPA) to represent the employer in UC tax matters or to designate a mailing address for UC tax correspondence, go to

Employers: Save Money by Providing Accurate Information to Employees Who May File for UC Benefits The Employer Information Form (Form UC-1609(P)) can help your company save money. Use it to provide accurate information to separating employees and employees working reduced hours who may apply for UC. This simple, effective measure can help to ensure that the department sends requests for separation information to the appropriate employer address, which can reduce inaccurate UC benefit charges to your account that can increase your UC tax rate. This form is available at; click "Forms," click "Miscellaneous."

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program

UC-1208 REV 08-16 (Page 2)

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The PDF editor was made with the intention of allowing it to be as effortless and easy-to-use as it can be. All of these steps are going to make filling out the UC-1208 fast and simple.

Step 1: You can select the orange "Get Form Now" button at the top of the following website page.

Step 2: The moment you enter our UC-1208 editing page, there'll be all the functions you can take with regards to your template at the top menu.

Provide the appropriate details in every single part to fill out the PDF UC, 1208

UC-640 gaps to fill in

You need to type in the information within the segment Printed, name and Printed, name

Filling out UC-640 step 2

Jot down the vital particulars in Title, Date, Title, Date, and UC, REV, Page section.

step 3 to completing UC-640

Be sure to describe the rights and obligations of the parties in the field.

Entering details in UC-640 stage 4

Finish by reviewing the following areas and filling them in accordingly: UC, Taxes and Equal, Opportunity, Employer, Program

UC-640 UCTaxes, and EqualOpportunityEmployerProgram fields to complete

Step 3: Press the "Done" button. Now it's easy to export the PDF document to your device. In addition, you can easily send it by email.

Step 4: Come up with a duplicate of each file. It will certainly save you some time and allow you to prevent issues in the future. By the way, your data will not be revealed or monitored by us.

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