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The Wisconsin State Cybercrime Task Force (WiSCTF) is a multi-agency task force that investigates and prosecutes cybercrime in Wisconsin. The WiSCTF is led by the Department of Justice and includes representatives from the FBI, the Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security, and other state and local law enforcement agencies. The WiSCTF works closely with the National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force (NCIJTF), which is a collaborative effort between 19 federal agencies and five international organizations. The NCIJTF provides intelligence sharing and coordinated investigative support to its member agencies. If you are involved in or have knowledge of a cybercrime, please contact your nearest law enforcement agency or the WiSCTF at Thank you for your cooperation!

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You must include a copy of your check showing the account and routing numbers.
Write “Void” across your check




PO BOX 07914



MILWAUKEE WI 53207-0914



Authorization Form: Direct Deposit

Please print and complete ALL the information below. We WILL NOT process forms with missing information. Name: _______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________

City/State/ZIP: ________________________________________

Daytime Telephone: (______) _____________________________

Home Telephone: (______) _______________________________

Your Child Support PIN Number: _________________________

(Contact your Child Support Agency if you do not know your PIN)

Social Security Number: _________________________________

Bank Routing Number: __________________________________

Your Name

~ Sample Check ~


(See sample check or contact your bank for the routing number)

Bank Account Number: _________________________________

Pay to the order of




(See sample check or contact your bank for the account number)




Account Type:



(Check One)

L:0000000000L: 00000000000LL: 0000

Bank Name: ___________________________________________



Bank City/State: _______________________________________






I want to:

Sign up for Direct Deposit

I agree: (Check One)

Change My Account

Cancel Direct Deposit (Check One)

The whole amount of my direct deposit payment will NOT be moved to an account outside the United States.

The whole amount of my direct deposit payment will be moved to an account outside the United States.

Note: By signing this form you authorize the WI Support Collections Trust Fund (WI SCTF) to initiate payments to the above account. You may check the date your payments were processed by the WI SCTF online at or by calling the WI Support Collections Trust Fund at the phone numbers listed above.

It takes at least 2 business days from the date the WI SCTF processes your payment for your bank or credit union to credit a direct deposit payment to your bank account. It is very rare, but there might be further delays in the direct deposit of support payments. We recommend that you confirm the direct deposit with your financial institution to be sure the deposit transaction is complete.

You are responsible for ensuring that there are adequate funds in your account before withdrawing funds. The Department of Children and Families and its vendors are not liable for overdraft fees and charges.

Please sign and date this form, then mail it to the address at the top of the form.

Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: _____________________________

Office Use Only: Sent By: _______________ Date Received ____/____/____ Entered By: ________________

(R. 04/2010)