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Access to education, particularly free education, plays a crucial role in enabling lifelong learning and career development. This notion is embodied in the structure and offerings of the Free Class Enrollment form, a document meticulously designed to streamline the admission process for various educational sessions, including spring, summer, fall, and winter, at Cornell University. The form requires applicants to provide extensive biographical information, including name, contact details, and educational background, ensuring a personalized and efficient enrollment process. It also accommodates Cornell employees and Education Development Program (EDP) participants, underlining the institution's commitment to inclusivity and ongoing professional development. Additionally, the form touches upon demographic information to better understand the diverse backgrounds of its student body. Detailed course enrollment sections mandate the specification of departmental details, course numbers, and grading options, guiding applicants through their academic journey. Moreover, it addresses legal compliance related to campus safety and immunization, alongside stipulations for image release, thereby safeguarding both the institution's and the student's rights. For Cornell employees, the form further elaborates on eligibility, tuition benefits, and course fee waivers, highlighting the support system in place for staff seeking educational advancement. The Free Class Enrollment form, in essence, serves as a comprehensive gateway for prospective students and employees at Cornell, fostering an environment of learning, growth, and community engagement.

Form NameFree Class Enrollment Form Template
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namescourse registration form template, template form esl, enrolment form template, esl sign up form template

Form Preview Example


Print legibly in ink in block letters

Mail to: B20 Day Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-2801

q Spring 20 ___

q Summer 20 ___

q Fall 20 ___

q Winter 20 ___

q Cornell employee

q EDP participant (Summer/Winter only)







1.Biographical Information Cornell ID number:_______________________ Social Security number (optional):_________________________________


last name

first name

middle name

suffix (Jr., III, etc.)

Date of birth:___________________________ Sex: o Male

o Female

E-mail address:__________________________________________________________

month / day / year




Home address:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



state / province / country

zip / postal code

Home phone:_ _____________________________________________________Cell phone:_____________________________________________________________

area code / country code

area code / country code

To expedite communication of important information (such as your NetID), may we send occasional text messages to your cell phone?* o Yes o No *If yes, depending on your phone plan, you may be charged for these messages.

for office use only



Note: Please enter your address and emergency contact information in the student self-service center at

Have you ever studied at Cornell? o Yes o No Your name when last registered, if different:_________________________ Last term attended:_____________


Do you hold a bachelor’s degree from any institution? o Yes o No If yes, from which institution?___________________________________________________



city / state / province (and country if not U.S.)


Are you a U.S. Armed Services veteran? o Yes o No Are you a New York State

o resident or o non-resident?

2. Demographic Information




Are you a o U.S. citizen or o dual U.S. citizen or o U.S. permanent resident or o other citizenship?_ ____________________________________________

list your country of residence Optional: Select one or more of the following ethnicities that best describe you: Are you Hispanic / Latino (including Spain)?* o Yes o No

oAmerican Indian or Alaska Native (including all Original Peoples of the Americas)* o Asian (including Indian subcontinent and Philippines)*

oBlack or African American (including Africa and Caribbean)* o Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (Original Peoples)*

oWhite (including Middle Eastern)* *Please specify:___________________________________________________________________________________________


3. Course Enrollment



Winter Session and Part-Time Study students must submit their tuition and fees in full when they turn in this form.




Will class(es) be on the Ithaca campus? o Yes o No
















_________________ (not required for summer or winter registration) ________________

















L Animation History & Practice Course Instructor✝✝
















Instructor’s signature or Dept. stamp

College registrar’s signature






















































Instructor’s signature or Dept. stamp✝✝

College registrar’s signature✝✝✝







































Instructor’s signature or Dept. stamp✝✝

College registrar’s signature✝✝✝




















































Instructor’s signature or Dept. stamp✝✝

College registrar’s signature✝✝✝




















































Instructor’s signature or Dept. stamp✝✝

College registrar’s signature✝✝✝










Grade options: L = letter grade; S = satisfactory/unsatisfactory; V = audit


Image release (please check one):




✝ ✝

The College of Arts and Sciences requires only the department’s stamp.


q I grant permission q I withhold permission






All other colleges require either the instructor’s or the registrar’s signature.


for Cornell University to use my likeness, image, and/or voice in



✝ ✝ ✝

Required only for courses in





promotional, informational, or other materials.








By my signature I recognize my responsibility to read, understand,



• the Johnson Graduate School of Management (106 Sage Hall),




• the Law School (162 Myron Taylor Hall),




and abide by the rules and procedures at



• the School of Industrial and Labor Relations (101 Ives West).


and on the Cornell University Policy Office website. I further agree












to be bound by, and recognize that I will not be exempted from, the












requirements of those rules and procedures because of ignorance,


New York State law requires on-campus registrants taking six or more credits


negligence, illness, other personal factors, or contradictory advice


to meet immunization laws. For details see or e-mail


from any source.

 In addition, every non-matriculated Cornell







student must complete a Health History Form, available through the “Health”







page on the Summer Session, Winter Session, and Part-Time Study websites.





















4. Cornell Employees

Cornell employees must also complete and submit the back of this form.


For Cornell Employees Only

Please have this section completed by your supervisor and department head.

College or division:_ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Employee’s job title: ______________________________________ Employee’s work phone:_ ______________________________________________

qStatutory employee

qEndowed employee

qRegular full-time employee

qRegular part-time employee

qEmployee on layoff*

qRetired employee*

The following information is requested for IRS reporting purposes only. (Enrollment in courses through the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions may have tax implications. Staff members should consult with the University Human Resource Services or their tax advisor.)

qThis course serves to maintain or improve current job skills.

qThis course does not serve to maintain or improve current job skills.

*If you are on layoff or retired: You do not need to obtain supervisors’, department heads’, or Benefit Service representatives’ signatures below as the Continuing Education office will obtain these for you.

Supervisor’s signature: _____________________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________

Department head’s signature: _ ______________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________

The following procedures, rules, and regulations apply to full- or part-time Cornell employees or temporary Cornell employees who are eligible for benefits. Employees are also responsible for reading and abiding by the rules and regulations on the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions website at


Regular full- or part-time non-academic and non-professorial academic (do not have faculty voting status) Cornell employees or temporary Cornell employees who are eligible for benefits may enroll in courses for credit or audit on a space-available basis, with the permission of their supervisor and department head. Supervisors have the authority to refuse to grant permission for the employee to take courses when job responsibilities require full-time attendance during regular working hours. Employees are eligible to take only those courses that are offered for credit, excluding most special programs. Questions about eligibility should be directed to Benefit Services at 607.255.3936 or e-mail

Employees who register for six or more credits must meet the New York State immunization requirements (see

Tuition and Course Fees

Waived Tuition: If eligible, a regular full- or part-time employee or temporary Cornell employee may take up to four credits per semester of University course offerings without charge for tuition as long as s/he remains in good standing as an employee. A new employee must have started working before the beginning of an academic term or session to be eligible for waived tuition in a course taken during that period. Tuition may not be waived if an employee drops a course without notifying the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions by the first day of class.

Full Tuition: Employees must pay full tuition for coursework in excess of four credits per semester. Also, a person who terminates employment while taking a course for which tuition has been waived must either withdraw from the course within the time limits stated on the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions website or pay the full tuition charge. An exception to this provision may be granted if less than 25% of the instruction period remains at the time of termination.

Course Fees: All employees will be billed and must pay for course fees.

Making Up Time

Supervisors may either grant employees release time for time missed from work to attend class, or require that all time be made up when the absence from work interferes with the department’s operational requirements. In cases where the supervisor has requested that a course be taken, employees are not required to make up the time. Part-time employees are expected to take courses outside of regular working hours. Employees must make up all time off for coursework in excess of four credits per semester. All assigned homework must be done on the employee’s own time.

Dropping Courses and Withdrawal

Dropping a An employee who decides to drop or add courses must comply with the regulations indicated on the School of Continuing

Course: Education and Summer Sessions website at

Course An employee who decides not to take any courses for which she or he has registered must immediately complete a

Withdrawal: Change-in-Enrollment form and return it to the Continuing Education office in B20 Day Hall. An employee who fails to do so will receive an “F” grade and will be liable for tuition.

How to Edit Free Class Enrollment Form Template Online for Free

There's nothing challenging concerning working with the course enrollment form template if you use our PDF editor. By following these clear steps, you can obtain the prepared PDF in the minimum period possible.

Step 1: Select the orange "Get Form Now" button on this page.

Step 2: It's now possible to modify your course enrollment form template. Our multifunctional toolbar enables you to insert, erase, modify, and highlight text or perhaps undertake many other commands.

Enter the essential information in each part to prepare the PDF course enrollment form template

completing class registration template stage 1

Fill out the list your country of residence, o American Indian or Alaska Native, o Black or African American, o White including Middle Eastern, Course Enrollment Winter Session, Will classes be on the Ithaca, Class section component, Class number, Course number, Department, Class, not required for summer or winter, FILM LEC L Animation History, Title Instructors signature or, and Registrar areas with any details that will be requested by the program.

stage 2 to completing class registration template

The program will demand you to give particular important info to automatically submit the part Grade options L letter grade S, The College of Arts and Sciences, All other colleges require either, Required only for courses in, the Johnson Graduate School of, New York State law requires, Image release please check one q I, By my signature I recognize my, Signature Date, Cornell Employees Cornell, amt, date, and init o HF.

class registration template Grade options L  letter grade S, The College of Arts and Sciences, All other colleges require either, Required only for courses in, the Johnson Graduate School of, New York State law requires, Image release please check one q I, By my signature I recognize my, Signature Date, Cornell Employees Cornell, amt, date, and init o HF blanks to complete

The Please have this section completed, College or division, Employees job title Employees, q Statutory employee, q Endowed employee q Regular, q Regular parttime employee, q Employee on layoff, q Retired employee, The following information is, q This course serves to maintain, q This course does not serve to, If you are on layoff or retired, Supervisors signature Date, Department heads signature Date, and The following procedures rules and area could be used to specify the rights and obligations of either side.

step 4 to finishing class registration template

Step 3: As you choose the Done button, your finalized document can be simply exported to each of your gadgets or to electronic mail chosen by you.

Step 4: To avoid probable forthcoming issues, take the time to possess around several copies of each separate document.

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