401K Contribution Form Template Details

Almost every company offers their employees the option to enroll in a 401K plan. However, each company has their own unique way of doing things, which can make signing up for a 401K confusing. A generic 401K enrollment form can help simplify the process by providing a standard format that employees can use regardless of where they work. This form can also be used as a reference when filling out paperwork from other retirement plans. By using a generic form, employees can feel confident that they are completing all necessary steps to enroll in their chosen plan.

In the list, there's some good information in regards to the generic 401k enrollment form. It is advised that you read this info before you begin fiddling with the form.

Form NameGeneric 401K Enrollment Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other names401k application form, how to fill out a 401k enrollment form, form 401 k printable, 401k enrollment form

Form Preview Example


Generic 401(k) Plan Enrollment/ Change Form

Indicate Action:

___ New Enrollment

___ Contribution Change

___ Discontinue Contribution

___ Re-Enrollment

Employee Data:

Last Name

First Name

Middle Name

Employee Number

Social Security Number





Date of hire

Date of birth

Marital Status

___ Single

___ Married


I wish to contribute


(from 1% to 100%) as before-tax contribution




I understand that this will reduce the amount of my taxable compensation reported on Form W-2.

Election Not to Defer:

I do not wish to make salary deferral elective contribution to this plan at this time

You must input your future Investment Elections. If contributions are submitted for a participant who has no investment elections on file, those contributions will be invested in the a monery market fund.



This authorization replaces any previous one. I understand that these instructions will remain in effect until I change them in accordance with Plan rules. I hereby authorize the deductions from my pay indicated above as Plan contributions to me made on my behalf by my Employer. If necessary to meet Internal Revenue Service requirements for the Plan, I understand that (i) my contribution ma be reduced, (ii) my contribution may be refunded to me, and / or (iii) my before-tax contributions may be re-characterized and treated as after- tax- contributions. I acknowledge (i) that I could have received the amount of these contributions in cash and (ii) that my elective contributions, my Employer’s non-elective contributions, and any investment earnings are subject to withdrawal restrictions under the terms of our Plan and the Internal Revenue Code.

These instructions will be effective as soon as administratively feasible and allowable under the rules of the Plan.

I understand that the Trustee shall provide me a statement of my Account and the value of the shares held in each Investment Option. I understand and agree that I will have sixty days after the Trustee’s mailing of each such quarterly statement within which to file with the Trustee any written objections to such quarterly statement. I agree that upon the expiration date of each such period, the Trustee shall be forever released and discharged from all liability and accountability to me and my beneficiaries with respect to the propriety of its acts and transactions shown n such quarterly statement, except with respect to any such acts or transactions as to which I file written objections within such sixty-day period with the Trustee.



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