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Form NameGed Application Nyc
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesged online application, paris junior college ged application, ged application, nyc ged application

Form Preview Example

The University of the State of New York


GED Testing Office

P.O. Box 7348

Albany, New York 12224-0348

(518) 474-5906



If any section of this application is incomplete or cannot be read, the application will be returned to the candidate.

This will cause a delay in scheduling a test date. Mail or bring this application to a local test center.

Do not send it to the GED Testing Office in Albany.


Candidate Information













Social Security Number











2. Preparation Program Name (if applicable)

Preparation Program Code




















































































































































































































Name: Last Name











First Name







Middle Initial












































Address (Street/P.O. Box)






















Apartment Number










































5. City





































Zip Code










































Telephone Number



7. Date of Birth








8. Age

9. Gender

10. In which language do you

(_____) ______ __________























wish to be tested? Check one









































English French






















Area Code
































































































































11. Name of Last School Attended
































































Previous Test Information





























12. Have you previously taken the GED test




If “YES,” complete items 13-17.









in New York State?












If “NO,” go to item 18.

















































13. What name did you use at that test?












































Last Name

First Name




Middle Initial

14. Identification Number Used

15. Test Center & Location


16. Date(s) & Year(s)

17. Form(s) of Test(s) Taken














































Requested Test and Location Dates

Select your preferred choice for test center and date(s) for taking the GED test. Make your choice from the list of test centers in the GED Testing Schedule. Print the name of the test center and the date(s) you wish to test on the lines below.

18. TEST CENTER ____________________________19. TEST DATE – FIRST CHOICE___________ ___SECOND CHOICE_________________

20. Are you applying for accommodations to the procedures


for administering the GED test because of a disability




or for religious observation? (If no, go to item 21)


If "YES" and this office has already authorized

R YES accommodations for you, enclose a copy of the approval letter with your application.

If "YES” and this office has not already authorized accommodations, you must enclose with your application documentation to support your need for the accommodations by using the appropriate Request for Testing Accommodations form or a confirmation letter from your religious institution. Please send your application and accommodation request to your local test site.




Att. A (cont'd)

Eligibility Information




21. Are you 19 years of age or older?

· R


If “NO,” go to item 22. You must obtain the appropriate

If "YES," go to item 23.



documentation and include the appropriate attachment with this




application identifying the eligibility criteria you meet. (B-2 – B-




8, C-2, C-3)

Eligibility for persons under the age of 19 only.

22.Please use a check mark () to indicate ONE eligibility category you meet and attach documentation.

…B2 One year has passed since you were last legally able to leave high school and enrolled in a full- time high school program of instruction; or

…B3 You were a member of a high school class that has already graduated; or

…B4/C2*You are enrolled in an Approved Alternative High School Equivalency Preparation

Program; or

…B5/C3*You have been accepted into the U.S. Armed Forces, or you have been accepted into a college, university or accredited post secondary institution; or

…B6 *You are a member of the Job Corps; or

…B7 *You are incarcerated/institutionalized; or

…B8 *You are an adjudicated youth under the direction of a prison, jail, detention center, parole or probation officer.

…B9 *You are at least 17 and have been home schooled.

*You must also have reached "maximum compulsory school attendance age” (The school year [July 1–June 30] in which you turned 16 has ended.)

Permission to Release GED Test Scores

23. R YES R NO

Do you give permission to have your test results/scores given to your GED


preparation program and/or test center listed on this application?

CANDIDATE SIGNATURE ________________________________________ DATE _______________


24.I understand that my eligibility for GED testing will be determined based on the information provided on this application and on any enclosed documentation. If any of this information is incorrect and, based on my prior testing record, it is subsequently determined that I did not meet the eligibility requirements on the date that the test session began, I understand that my test will not be scored. I do hereby certify, subject to the penalty for perjury, that the information given on this form and on any enclosures is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

CANDIDATE SIGNATURE _______________________________________ DATE ________________

Permission of Parent/Guardian (if candidate is under 18)

25.By signing below I am verifying that the information on this application is true. In addition, I give permission for my son/daughter (circle one) named ____________________________________, to take the GED test and to have his/her (circle one) test results given to the GED preparation program and/or test center listed on this application.

PARENT SIGNATURE ___________________________________________ DATE _______________

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We chose the top-rated website developers to create our PDF editor. This app will let you fill in the application for ged file simply and won't require a great deal of your energy. This convenient guideline can assist you to get going.

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Provide the content demanded by the application to prepare the file.

part 1 to filling in ged test dates and application

Provide the demanded details in the What name did you use at that, Dates Years Forms of Tests Taken, Test Center Location, Requested Test and Location Dates, Select your preferred choice for, TEST CENTER TEST DATE FIRST, Are you applying for, If YES and this office has already, and If YES and this office has not segment.

ged test dates and application What name did you use at that, Dates  Years  Forms of Tests Taken, Test Center  Location, Requested Test and Location Dates, Select your preferred choice for, TEST CENTER  TEST DATE  FIRST, Are you applying for, If YES and this office has already, and If YES and this office has not blanks to fill out

Describe the most vital information about the Eligibility Information Are you, Eligibility for persons under the, If NO go to item You must obtain, Please use a check mark cid to, cid B One year has passed since, time high school program of, cid B You were a member of a high, Program or, cid BCYou have been accepted into, university or accredited post, cid B You are a member of the Job, and probation officer field.

stage 3 to completing ged test dates and application

Please make sure to write down the rights and obligations of the sides in the probation officer, cid B You are at least and have, You must also have reached maximum, Permission to Release GED Test, cid YES cid NO preparation, Do you give permission to have, CANDIDATE SIGNATURE DATE, CertificationAffidavit, I understand that my eligibility, on any enclosed documentation If, and CANDIDATE SIGNATURE DATE paragraph.

Entering details in ged test dates and application step 4

Check the areas CANDIDATE SIGNATURE DATE, Permission of ParentGuardian if, By signing below I am verifying, sondaughter circle one named to, and PARENT SIGNATURE DATE and then fill them out.

Filling in ged test dates and application part 5

Step 3: Press the "Done" button. Now it's easy to export your PDF form to your electronic device. Additionally, you can send it via electronic mail.

Step 4: Create copies of your file - it may help you refrain from forthcoming concerns. And don't worry - we don't share or check the information you have.

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