Gujarat Commercial Tax Form 403 PDF Details

The Gujarat Commercial Tax Form 403 is a declaration form that must be filed by all taxpayers who are engaged in business within the state of Gujarat. The form is used to report taxable business transactions, and it must be filed on or before the due date specified by the Gujarat Commercial Taxes Department. Failing to file the form may results in penalties and interest charges. For more information, please consult with a qualified tax professional.

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Form NameGujarat Commercial Tax Form 403
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other namesform 403, gujarat tax how, tax gujarat sales, gujarat gov commercial

Form Preview Example

Procedure to get Form No.403 Online

(In Simple Steps)

For Registered Dealer of Gujarat State:

1.Log on to www.commercialtaxNo. as user.gujaratId, websiteandof Commerciallog in as DealerT x Departmenton left top. of the

2.Please enter your TIN

3.You find a link named e-Services- e Check Post- followed by 0 Series Generation . Click to get a box in which you need to write quantity of 403 forms required by you. (Maximum 2000 at a time). Submit the request to get the series of numbers.

4.Save the generated number series to your computer for further use. (Save in Excel Sheet)

5.Now there are two Options for you :website.

Either you, as registered dealer generate form 403 on your computer and send it to your consigner to other State or convey the generated series numbers to the consigner to generate form 403 at their end.

To get form 403 from website A dealer (Consigner/Consignee/Transport Agent/Commission Agent) has to follow following steps. (Here you need not have user Id and Password to log in to the website)


Go to

Check Post Submission 0 link website of Commercial Tax Department, Gujarat.




under General menu located on left side of home page.


Clicking the link required TIN No. of consignee. (i.e. TIN No. of Gujarat Dealer) [No password is




C.You get a page and menu to download 403 templates by submitting TIN No.

D.The center of the page showing two links, 403 for specified goods and 403 for non specified goods.

Checkpost Form403

Sample filled up forms for reference Nonspecified Goods, Specified Goods










Download Templates For Goods Entering in to the State

Nonspecified Goods












Download Templates For Goods Entering in to the State

Specified Goods












Goods Type* :





































Mail Id* :
























Upload File* :













































E.Click the link of Specified or Non Specified Goods as per your requirement and commodity.

(Please note that, both links allows you to download different templates. So Please choose

Bycarefully)clicking on File Download Message appears on your screen. Please opt for save button. On

F.pressing Save a dialogue box appear to ask the location to save the downloaded template. Please save the downloaded template on Hard Drive of your computer.

G.withTemplate consist 3 Excel Sheets, first for General Information (The first field has to be filled generated Series Number ), 2nd for Commodity Detail and 3rd for Transportation details.

Fill the sheets using tool tips and drop down box options. Please remember that column with red * is mandatory. You may also fill the template offline. Please use tool tip while filling the templates.

H.After due filling the template, please go again to the download screen- (Shown above) (Step B and C) on website. Select form 403, give your e-mail address and link the template path by browse button. Now start uploading the template.

I.Please attend carefully the instruction displayed on the screen. If error found in template, system gives you sheet vise-column vise error report. If it happens, please go back to


You will be given message of Please Wait, Data is being Validated followed by Message No


mentioned location of error and g t it correct. Then upload the sh et again.


Error found in Uploaded Sheet As soon as this message display, please enter submit button


below. On submission, you will get bar coded receipt of form submitted and below the receipt


a PDF link appears for form 403.


You can have print out of receipt but first click PDF link, a form 403 with Bar code appears on

screen. You have to have 3 print outs of the same. You can save it on your computer. Print outs

shall be duly stamped, signed and directly given to driver to carry with vehicle heading check For abovepost. …………………………..

You should have following requirement in your computer system.

Windows Operating System (98 and Higher versions) /// MS Office (Office XP and above version)

///Adobe acrobat Reader (Version 5.0 and above) ///MS Internet Explorer (Version 5.0 and above) /// Internet connectivity (Plug to surf or Broadband) /// DMP-Inkjet or Laser Printer to get print outs.

(Inkjet or Laser printer is recommended as print outs of DMP may cause difficulty for bar code machine at check post)

Please attend following points:

1.Please see that your vehicle should pass from the check post mentioned in the form 403.

2.Generated Bar coded form is allowed to use once only. Copy cannot be possible.

3.You can include more than one commodity in single form.

4.Have to get more than one form for more than one dealer in single truck.

5.There shall be different forms for different consignee.

6.You will receive a mail from department on your given mail address.

7.If due to some reason,generated form is not downloaded,then please goto your mail account on website General-Duplicate receipt check post submission links of all previous generated forms---click on it and get the duplicate form.

Duplicate Acknowledgement Receipt

MARG (Monitoring And Recording of Goods movement)

Checkpost Submission

403 Series Generation

Duplicate Receipt from C-Form Additional

Watch Gujarat Commercial Tax Form 403 Video Instruction

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