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Ensuring that child support payments are processed accurately and efficiently is fundamental for the wellbeing of children and their custodial parents. The State of Illinois Healthcare and Family Services Child Support Remittance Form, commonly referred to as the HFS 2599 form, plays a pivotal role in this process. Designed for employers, this form accompanies the child support payments deducted from an employee's income, ensuring these payments reach the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) correctly. Employers are advised to maintain an updated “master” version of the form, to streamline the process whenever a new child support withholding order is received, or when changes occur in their workforce. Moreover, the form underscores the legal requirement for employers to remit the deducted amounts within a specified timeframe, highlighting the penalties for non-compliance. It meticulously requires the inclusion of detailed information for each employee from whom support is withheld—such as pay dates, order numbers, and amounts—in order to credit payments properly. Additionally, the form provides guidance for combining deductions for multiple employees into a single remittance and specifies procedures for electronic fund transfers (EFT) or electronic data interchange (EDI), enhancing the efficiency of support payments. This meticulous compilation of information, combined with the clear directive to include a copy with any remittance check, ensures that the support payments are not only accurate but also timely, advancing the State of Illinois' commitment to supporting children’s welfare.

Form NameHfs 2599 Form
Form Length1 pages
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Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesHFS, FIPS, EDI, remitting

Form Preview Example

State of Illinois

Healthcare and Family Services

Child Support Remittance Form

This form is key to ensuring that your employee's child support payments are properly processed. Please include this form OR A SUBSTITUTE REPORT WITH THE SAME INFORMATION for each pay period along with your check made payable to the State Disbursement Unit (SDU). Maintaining a “master” version of the form with all information completed (including employee information) except for the pay period and the amounts withheld will allow you to update the form(s) as you receive a new Order/Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support, HFS 3683, or employees leave your company. Simply copy the master form or this form for each pay period and fill in the remaining information (pay periods and amounts withheld). If you knowingly fail to pay any amounts withheld within 7 days of the date income is paid/credited to the employee/obligor, you are subject to a penalty of $100 for each day that the withheld amount is not paid to the obligee or public office after the period of 7 business days has expired.

$For each deduction, you are to provide the pay date/date of withholding, the order/docket number and FIPS

number (which designates the county in which the order was entered), the employee/obligor's first and last name.

$Deductions for more than one employee may be reported on the same remittance form and combined into one check.

$Complete all boxes below for each employee included in your attached check to ensure PROPER CREDIT.

$To ensure your employees' children receive support promptly, you must provide the requested elements below.

$Each withholding order/notice MUST be listed separately if the employee has more than one order/notice.

If remitting payments to the SDU by EFT/EDI, please contact the SDU at (888)704-0683 prior to first transmission. This number is for EFT/EDI only. Additional employer information may be found at http://www.ilchildsupport.com/ or

by contacting the













Employer's Name





























State Disbursement Unit















Employer's Address









P.O. Box 5400











Carol Stream, IL


















Employer's City, State, Zip






































For the Withholding / Pay Date of














Employee / Obligor

Social Security



Support Order/







Date Paid






Docket Number







to NCP






































































































































Total Withheld Income Submitted

Please print and enclose a copy with any child support remittance check sent to the State Disbursement Unit.





HFS 2599 (R-11-05)

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