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Hong Leong Bank Dispute Form is a simple online form that customers can fill up to lodge their complaints. Complaints may be about the bank's products or services, or about the staff's attitude or behaviour. This form allows customers to communicate their concerns and get help from the bank in resolving them. The form is easy to use, and customers can track the progress of their complaint by logging into their account. Complaints are processed quickly and efficiently, and the customer support team will do their best to resolve the issue. If you have any problems with your Hong Leong Bank products or services, don't hesitate to contact us using this form.

The following are some details about hong leong bank dispute form. This page provides information about the form's length, completion duration, and the parts you can be expected to fill.

Form NameHong Leong Bank Dispute Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields39
Avg. time to fill out8 min 7 sec
Other nameshong leong bank statement, hong leong disbute form, hong leong bank, hlb dispute form

Form Preview Example



Hong Leong Bank CARD CENTRE



Email Add: HLOnline@hlbb.hongleong.com.my






Cardholder Name



No :_________________________________________________________________________________

I have examined my Credit/Debit Card Statement of account and I would like to dispute the following transaction(s):-

Transaction DateMerchant NameAmount (RM)






(Please check the category[s] that describe the reason for disputing the transaction[s])

I confirmed that the transaction(s) billed was/were not authorized by me and my card was in my possession and control at the time of the said transaction(s).

I confirmed that the transaction(s) billed was/were not authorized by me and my card was NOT in my possession and control at the time of the said transaction(s).

I have been billed more than once for the same transaction.

I have paid in full for the transaction(s) by cash/cheque/other credit card (attached a copy of the Cash Receipt/Sales Voucher).

I did not receive credit for the enclosed credit voucher.

The amount of the sales draft has been wrongly charged. The correct amount should be ___________ instead of ___________.

Enclosed is my copy of the sales draft prior to the alteration.

I have yet to receive the merchandise/service for the above transaction. The expected delivery/service date was ____________.

I have notified the merchant to cancel my monthly/yearly subscription on ______________and since then my account has been

charged ___________ times. Enclosed please find the cancellation letter.

I would like to request sales draft for my reference.

I participated in only ONE transaction of the above merchant location, but did not engage nor authorize the above transaction and my card was in my possession and control as the time of the questioned transaction.

I cancelled my hotel reservation on __________________(DD/MM/YY) at ____________________am/pm

I do not recognize the transaction (please tick accordingly) (

) Merchant Name (

) Merchant Location


)Transaction Date (

) Others:__________________________




I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same true and without prejudice to any party




Identity Card No (New/Old)


Telephone (Office/House/Handphone) :______________________________________

Email Add


EFFECTIVE 1 APR 2015, there will be a microfilm copy charge of RM20 (subject to Government Tax, if applicable) each for Visa/MasterCard should the transaction(s) proved to be authorized by the Cardholder. The Bank will debit the transaction(s) together with the interest if it is found to be your transaction(s).

Updated 01/06/2018

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Complete the hong leong dispute form PDF by typing in the data meant for every section.

entering details in hong leong disbute form part 1

Complete the Transaction, Date, Others and Others field with all the information required by the platform.

part 2 to finishing hong leong disbute form

Highlight the most essential information on the Signature, Identity, Card, No, New, Old Telephone, Office, House, Hand, phone and Email, Add, Updated section.

Filling in hong leong disbute form part 3

Step 3: Choose the Done button to save your file. Then it is available for export to your electronic device.

Step 4: It may be easier to prepare duplicates of your file. You can rest assured that we won't distribute or check out your information.

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