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Are you considering the idea of sharing a house with another person or group? If so, then setting up an effective and thorough house sharing agreement is essential. A house sharing agreement gives both sides a clear understanding of their respective responsibilities and rights as tenants in the property. In this post, we will look at what such an agreement should include, why it's important to have one, and provide you with a free flexible house sharing agreement form that can be adapted to your own circumstances.

Form NameHouse Sharing Agreement Form
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Other namesshared vacation home agreement, downloadable house share agreement, flat house sharing, flat agreement online

Form Preview Example

Flat/house - sharing agreement

Flat/house sharing agreements between tenants and other flatmates are not covered under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. Tenants and other flatmates will, however, find it useful to have a written agreement. The following is a sample of what could be included in an agreement.

This agreement is between the Head Tenant and Flatmate.

Head tenant details


Address for service: (other than the flat)



Flatmate details


Address for service: (other than the flat)



Address of rental property





The flatmate and the head tenant agree to share premises on the following terms:

1. This agreement starts on the



and will continue on a weekly / fortnightly basis.

2.The rent is $ …………....per week / fortnight and is to be paid weekly / fortnightly in advance by the flatmate to the head tenant / landlord.

3.A bond of $ payable to the head tenant. A written receipt will be given to the flatmate.

4.The flatmate cannot assign the right to live in the flat.

5.If the head tenant receives notice from the landlord, the head tenant will give a copy of the notice to the flatmate immediately.

6.This agreement can be terminated by 14 days’ notice given by either party in writing.

7.The flatmate shall not keep any pets on the premises without the head tenant’s permission.

8.The flatmate must pay ………….. percent of the cost of food, electricity, gas, water and telephone rental each week or as the bills are received.

9.The flatmate must pay any telephone toll charges incurred by the flatmate when asked to by the head tenant.

10.The flatmate must not remove any chattels or fixtures from the premises that do not belong to the flatmate.

11.At the end of this agreement, the head tenant will return the bond to the flatmate immediately. The head tenant can deduct from the bond any cost which is outstanding and is the responsibility of the flatmate.

12.In the event of any dispute, the parties agree that the dispute will be determined by the Disputes Tribunal.


Signed by:

Date signed:




Head Tenant



Signed by:

Date signed:







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Writing part 1 of flat sharing agreement

2. The subsequent step is to complete these fields: The flatmate shall not keep any, The flatmate must pay percent of, week or as the bills are received, The flatmate must pay any, The flatmate must not remove any, At the end of this agreement the, can deduct from the bond any cost, In the event of any dispute the, Signature, Signed by, Signed by, Head Tenant, Flatmate, Date signed, and Date signed.

Signature, Flatmate, and The flatmate shall not keep any of flat sharing agreement

In terms of Signature and Flatmate, be certain you don't make any errors in this current part. Those two are thought to be the key fields in this file.

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