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The purposes for which the attorney-in-fact can act on behalf of the vehicle owner include:

1. Endorse, release, or transfer all registration and ownership documents required by Idaho statutes for the described vehicle or vessel.

2. Give full discharge for the same, granting the attorney-in-fact full power of substitution and revocation related only to the described vehicle or vessel.

This form is not valid for odometer disclosures for on-highway motor vehicles newer than 2010. If the form is used to apply for a duplicate title, the grantor's signature must be notarized. Federal regulations prohibit the use of this form for making an odometer disclosure on behalf of the seller/transferor. For this purpose, dealers must use the secure power of attorney, ITD 3582 for trade-in vehicles.

The form requires the grantor's (vehicle owner) information, the attorney-in-fact's information, and their respective signatures. If the grantor is a business, an authorized representative of the business must sign the form. If the form is used for a duplicate title application, the grantor's signature must be notarized.

Form Name Idaho Form ITD-3368
Form Length 2 pages
Fillable? No
Fillable fields 0
Avg. time to fill out 30 sec
Other names id power attorney car, idaho itd 3368 power attorney, id itd power, itd 3368

Form Preview Example

Limited Power of Attorney

For Specific Motor Vehicle/Vessel

Idaho Transportation Department

Not valid for dealer use for odometer disclosures.*

‐ See Page 2 for Instructions –

ITD 3368 (Rev. 03-21) Supply # 019571504

Vehicle or Hull Identification Number (VIN/HIN)


Title Number










Power of Attorney Given To

Name of Business or Individual Representing Vehicle Owner









By my signature below, I hereby appoint the business or individual shown above as my/our attorneyinfact for the following sole and limited purposes: to endorse, release, or transfer all registration and ownership documents required by Idaho statutes for the abovedescribed/identified vehicle/vessel; and to give full discharge for same, granting to said attorneyinfact full power of substitution and revocation relating only to the above described/identified vehicle/vessel, hereby ratifying and confirming all that said attorneyinfact or his substitute shall do or cause to be done by virtue hereof.

Grantor’s Signature: If this power of attorney will be used to apply for a duplicate title, it must be notarized.

If grantor is an individual, complete the following

Individual's Full Legal Name (Printed Last, First, Middle)








Individual’s Idaho Drivers License No. or SSN



















Address of Owner’s Current Legal Residence































Mailing Address (if different)






























Individual’s Signature See **Note for duplicate title application






Daytime Phone Number




































If grantor is a business, complete the following

















Authorizing Business Name

Authorized Representative's Name (Printed)



Business's EIN



















Business Current Legal Address































Mailing Address (if different)






























Authorized Representative’s Signature See**Note for duplicate title application




Daytime Phone Number






















































*Federal regulations prohibit dealers from using


Subscribed and sworn before me this





















this limited power of attorney, ITD 3368 to make




day of





. year

odometer disclosures on behalf of customers. For


















this purpose, dealers must use the secure power


County of








, State of

of attorney, ITD 3582. The secure POA may only


















be used when the title has been lost or is being


















held by a lienholder. Otherwise, the seller/


















transfer must disclose mileage on the title itself

















when transferring.


















**Note: If this form is used to grant power of


My Commission Expires











attorney when applying for a duplicate title,


Notary Public’s or










the grantor’s signature must be notarized.












ITD Agent’s Signature







































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Instructions for Using This Limited Power of Attorney on

Vehicle Title and/or Registration Documents

This limited power of attorney may only be used by the person or firm named as representative on this form. To properly exercise the power of attorney, write the name of the owner followed by the representative’s signature.


Sharon Smith by






Sharon Smith is the owner and Jane Doe is the person named as representative on the power of attorney.

If the named representative is a company, an authorized individual of that company must sign the document.


Sharon Smith by

Morrison’s Garage











Note: The power of attorney must be exercised on the title or document for which the authority was granted. This Power of Attorney must be notarized if given for application of a duplicate title.

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Writing section 2 of form itd

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