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When it comes to taxes, no matter what type of business you run, understanding and accurately filling out IRS forms can be confusing. One of the more complex forms is the ITD 3635 form. This essential document helps businesses with an Iowa payroll that are liable for unemployment insurance track all pertinent information related to their employees’ income from wages and tips as well as keeping records of any transactions made between employers and their workers to ensure accurate filings on tax returns over long periods of time. Read on to learn about submitting the ITD 3635 form for your business or organization and best practices when completing this paper work!

Form NameItd 3635 Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other names3635 itd3635 form

Form Preview Example

Dealer Plate Order

Idaho Transportation Department

Mail fees to: Idaho Transportation Department

Dealer Licensing

PO Box 34

Boise, ID 83731-0034

ITD 3635 (Rev. 07-11)

Dealership Name

Dealer Number

Dealer License Expiration Order Date

Mailing Address


State Zip+4

Type Of Order




Cost Each



Large (Regular)

Small Restricted-

Small Motorcycle







Dealer Plate

Use Dealer Plate

Dealer Plate






New Dealer Plate(s)












Renewal Stickers






List plate numbers to be renewed below
















New Laden Dealer Plate(s)*












Renewal Stickers for Laden Plate(s)*






List plate numbers to be renewed below










*Fees for Laden plates are not prorated and will expire with the dealer license expiration date.








Dealer Plate Numbers to be Renewed

Laden Dealer Plate Numbers to be Renewed

Report Lost/Stolen/Damaged Plates List plate numbers below – Damaged plates must be surrendered to ITD.

List additional plate numbers on a separate sheet. Lost or stolen replacement numbers are not available unless all plates in the inventory are replaced.

I hereby order and report plates for the dealership listed above.

Authorized Representative’s Printed Name

Authorized Representative’s Signature


~ ITD Use Only ~

New Plate Numbers Assigned

Distribution: Original (White) – ITD

Copy (Yellow) – Dealer

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Itd 3635 Form writing process outlined (part 1)

2. After the last section is done, you need to add the essential details in Laden Dealer Plate Numbers to be, Report LostStolenDamaged Plates, List additional plate numbers on a, the inventory are replaced, I hereby order and report plates, ITD Use Only New Plate Numbers, Distribution Original White ITD, Copy Yellow Dealer, and Authorized Representatives allowing you to go further.

Filling out part 2 in Itd 3635 Form

As to I hereby order and report plates and the inventory are replaced, be sure you don't make any errors here. Both of these are the key fields in this file.

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