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Form NameIdes Form Cli006F
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesemploying, BiWeekly, gov, Territories

Form Preview Example

State of Illinois

Department of Employment Security

Employment Information Questionnaire (EIQ)

Claimant Information









Last Name:



First Name:


























Employer Information




















Employer Name:




Account Number:













Country: (CHECK ONE)

U.S. (Includes U.S. Territories)

















Address 1:





Address: (Apt., Floor, Suite, etc.)



















Zip Code:



















Postal Code:













Employer Contact Name:




Contact Title:















Primary Telephone Number:



Secondary Telephone Number:













Number of Workers:


Did the business close?

















Did company change its name?:


No If Yes, Former Business Name:














Claimant Information




















Claimant Job Title:





Type of Service Performed:













Length of Employment:




















Ending Pay:




















Hours Worked:



















Work Location:




















Additional Comments



































































































Rev. (4/2014)

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Stage # 1 in filling out Questionnaire

2. Given that the previous part is done, you should add the needed particulars in Claimant Information, Claimant Job Title, Type of Service Performed, Length of Employment, From, Ending Pay, Per Check One, Hour, Day, Week, BiWeekly, Other, Hours Worked, Per Check One, and Day so you can move on to the next stage.

Day, Other, and Hours Worked inside Questionnaire

People often make mistakes when completing Day in this section. Be certain to review whatever you type in here.

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