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The Interstate Adsap Instruction Letter Form is an important document for informing the appropriate authorities about a sighted pedestrian or cyclist who needs to be crossed safely. This form can help ensure that the individual in need receives the necessary attention and assistance. It is important to complete this form accurately and completely, so that all necessary information is conveyed. The more information that is provided, the easier it will be for those responsible for assisting the individual to provide timely help.

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Form NameInterstate Adsap Instruction Letter
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields12
Avg. time to fill out2 min 54 sec
Other namessc adsap letter pdf, adsap form get, adsap form, sc interstate adsap

Form Preview Example

South Carolina Interstate ADSAP Office

Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission

500 North Main Street, Suite 4

Summerville, SC 29483

(843)821-5412 (p) (843) 821-5415 (f)

Interstate ADSAP Client Instruction Letter

Dear Interstate ADSAP Applicant:

Welcome to the Interstate Alcohol and Drug Safety Program (IADSAP). Our purpose is to assist you in clearing the hold South Carolina has on your driving record.

You must complete the following requirements to be eligible for IADSAP and to receive a recommendation that your driving privileges are reinstated.

Submit one proof of permanent residency in another state (copy of check stub, utility bill, or other official document).

Submit an official ten (10) year South Carolina driving record from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles; see enclosed MV70 form. Driving records past 30 days old will not be accepted.

Also submit Reinstatement Requirements from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle.

Return enclosed Release of Confidential Information form signed/witnessed.

If you have completed a program, please submit completion letter or certificate along with above requirements.

Submit a $125.00 processing fee to this agency in the form of money order, certified check, or credit card. Pay by mail see attached credit card form. Pay by phone - 843-871-4790. Personal checks are not accepted. Fee is non-refundable after application is accepted. Fee is returned to individuals ineligible for Interstate ADSAP.

All above requirements must be submitted at the same time to the above address. Case will not be reviewed until all requirements are on file.

Individuals accepted into the IASDAP will receive an Instruction letter and Recommendation for Relicensing Form (R4R) within 10 business days. You must submit the R4R and Instruction letter to the provider conducting your assessment/education and/or treatment services.

Contact the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles at (803) 896-5000 or for additional information regarding license clearance and reinstatement issues.

___Visa ___Master card ___ Discover (check one)

Client Name: ___________________________________ Card Number: ____________________

Expiration Date: __________ 3 digit Security Code:___________ Payment amount $_________.

Numeric Portion of street address: ___________________________________ Zip Code: _____________

Name of card holder: _______________________________ card holder signature: __________________

By signing, I authorize the Dorchester Alcohol and Drug Commission to withdraw indicated amount from my credit card.

SC Interstate ADSAP Office

Dorchester Alcohol & Drug Commission

500 N. Main Street, Suite 4

Summerville, SC 29483

Telephone: (843)8215412 #5 / fax (843) 821-5415

Dear Interstate ADSAP Applicant:

You have been accepted into the Interstate Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (IADSAP). It is important that you complete the following steps in a timely manner. Failure to complete the Interstate program in a 2 year period will result in ordering a new packet with a new fee and new driving record. The Assessment must be current and must have been done within the past year.

You may contact the SCDMV at (803) 896-5000


PO Box 1498

Blythewood, SC 29016

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