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The letter of instruction form is a type of legal document that can be used to outline specific wishes or instructions for someone in the event of your death. This form can be particularly useful if you have detailed instructions that you want carried out after your death, such as the distribution of your assets or the care of your children. By creating a letter of instruction, you can ensure that your wishes are known and followed even after your death. If you would like to create a letter of instruction, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, be sure to make arrangements with an attorney to help draw up the document and ensure its legality.

You will see information about the type of form you intend to complete in the table. It can show you how much time you will need to complete letter of instruction, exactly what fields you need to fill in, etc.

Form NameLetter Of Instruction
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesletter of instruction, letter of instruction sample, letter of instruction to bank, sample letter of instruction to bank

Form Preview Example

Shareowner Services

PO Box 64874

Saint Paul MN 55164-0874

Letter of Instruction

1. Account number or Social Security/Tax ID number

2. Company name/ issue of stock



3.Name(s) and address as registered on the account

4.Alternate address (complete only if you want the request mailed to a different address than listed above)

Write in your request:

Signature of a registered owner:

If you are signing on behalf of a registered owner, include your title after your name and review the next page for required documents to be mailed with your request. Example: John Smith Executor, or Jane Doe Power of Attorney.

Mail your completed Letter of Instruction to:

If using a courier, mail to:

Shareowner Services

Shareowner Services

ATTN: Imaging Services

ATTN: Imaging Services

PO Box 64874

1110 Centre Pointe Curve Suite 101

Saint Paul MN 55164-0874

Mendota Heights MN 55120

Please note: If the names on the account need to be changed, a transfer is required. See “Changing the account registration” on the next page for more details.

Dom LOI Ver 3 SOnL 12/18

Instructions for individuals signing on behalf of a shareowner

If you are the:

You need to include:




A copy of the court certified document dated within 60 days (within six months if


issued in New York or within one year if issued in Connecticut).

Executor or administrator



If the estate is not being probated, include a small estate affidavit and a photocopy of


the death certificate.




If your name has changed, please sign the letter as your name appears on the

Your name has changed

account, and then sign again using your new name. For example: Jane Doe now


known as Jane Smith.



Minor who is now over

Sign the letter and include one of the following: a photocopy of your birth certificate,

the age of majority on a

driver's license, passport, or military ID.

Custodial account





A copy of POA document with the following statement written on the document: "The

Power of attorney (POA)

Power of Attorney is in full force and effect, is a true and correct copy of the original,

and the maker is still alive." The POA document must state the attorney in fact can act



on behalf of share or security transactions.




A photocopy of the court certified Letters of Guardianship/Conservatorship, dated

Guardian or conservator

within the past 60 days (within six months if issued in New York or within one year if

issued in Connecticut). The Letters must authorize the Guardian/Conservator to act on



behalf of the individual’s assets.




Include a Certificate of Fiduciary Authority. You may download this form at

Successor trustee

shareowneronline.com. Under Download Forms, select “Certificate of Fiduciary






Chief executive partners, general partners, or managing general partners may sign


the letter listing their title, with no further documents needed. If the partnership has a


governing resolution, please follow the requirements for a corporation.



Sole proprietor

Sole Proprietors may sign the letter listing their title as Sole Proprietor or Sole Owner,

with no further documents needed.








Investment club



Authorized individuals may sign with their title listed after their name. You will also


need to include a copy of the corporate resolution, or governing document listing the

Government agency

authorized individuals who may sign on behalf of the Company or Organization. The


Religious organization

resolution/document must be dated within the past 6 months. It must also contain a


corporate seal, or have a written statement on it advising there is no seal. The person



signing the resolution or document may not be the same person signing this letter.

Financial institution


acting as custodian or






Changing the account registration

Your name or the names on the account have changed

To change the names on the account, a transfer must be completed. You can download instructions and forms at shareowneronline.com. Under Download Forms, select “Stock Power and Transfer Instructions.”

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