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In the realm of workplace safety and injury prevention, the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) form serves as a critical tool in identifying risks and establishing countermeasures. This meticulously designed worksheet encourages a detailed examination of every job task, broken down into a sequence of steps to uncover potential hazards. With a thorough approach, it demands an analysis not just of the tasks at hand but also of the surrounding environment, ensuring no possible source of harm is overlooked. Each step of a job is dissected to reveal any and all dangers that could possibly lead to accidents, injuries, or even occupational illnesses. This process is vital in foreseeing and thus preventing workplace incidents. Beyond merely identifying issues, the JHA form pushes for actionable solutions, advocating for the development of procedures that can either eliminate, control, or minimize the identified risks. This form, encompassing both identification and resolution phases, becomes an indispensable part of crafting a safe working environment. Utilized correctly, it not only safeguards employees but also contributes to the overall efficiency and productivity of operations by minimizing downtime caused by accidents and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Form NameJob Hazard Analysis Form
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Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesjob hazard analysis, job hazard analysis form, job hazard analysis template, job safety analysis templates

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Job Safety Analysis Worksheet

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Step 1: Sequence of Basic Job


Break the job into a sequence of steps. Each of the steps should accompany some major task. That task will consist of a series of movements. Look at each series of movements within that basic task.

Step 2: Potential Hazards

To complete a JSA effectively, you must identify the hazards or potential hazards associated with each step. Every possible source of energy must be identified. It is very important to look at the entire environment to determine every conceivable hazard that might exist. Hazards contribute to accidents and injuries.

Step 3: Recommended Procedures

Using the Sequence of Basic Job Steps and Potential Hazards, decide what actions are necessary to eliminate, control, or minimize hazards that could lead to accidents, injuries, damage to the environment, or possible occupational illness. Each safe job procedure or action must correspond to the job steps and identified hazards.

Job Safety Analysis Worksheet

Step 1: Sequence of Basic Job Steps

Step 2: Potential Hazards

Step 3: Recommended Procedures







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