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If you are a resident of the state of Kansas, you will want to be familiar with Kansas Form K Ben 3211. This is the document that you will need to complete in order to apply for state benefits. Knowing what is required and how to complete the form accurately can help ensure that your application is successful. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of what information is needed on Form K Ben 3211 and how to submit it. We will also highlight some of the benefits that may be available through the state benefit program.

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Form NameKansas Form K Ben 3211
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other nameskdolforms dol ks gov, get kansas benefits forms, kdol forms ks gov, kansas department of labor forms

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K-BEN 3211-Web (Rev. 11-17)

MAIL: Unemployment Contact Center

P.O. Box 3539

Topeka, KS 66601-3539

FAX: (785) 296-3249

EMAIL: Submit

If you do not reply, an eligibility determination will be made based on the information provided by the FODLPDQW

If you are replying late, please indicate why you are late. This request is not a substitute document for the base period employer notice. An Employer Notice (K-BEN 44/45) will be mailed to you if you are a base period employer.

You must complete, sign and return the Employer Notice to request reconsideration of a potential benefit charge, if you are eligible.

Attach any documentation you want considered regarding this issue.

Claimant name:




Social Security number:


Claimant’s last day worked (mm/dd/yyyy):






Is the claimant still considered an employee of the company?





If NO, date employment ended (mm/dd/yyyy):






Reason for the separation:







Is school currently in session?


NO If NO, why?





Beginning date of break:


Ending date of break:




Does the claimant have reasonable assurance of returning to work for you when school resumes?




Complete this section if claimant does have reasonable assurance of returning:

Date the individual will return to work:

Position the individual held before school closed:

Position the individual will hold when school resumes:


Complete this section for Bus Drivers with reasonable assurance of returning:



Does the claimant’s job involve transporting for non-school-related functions or activities?



If YES, how often has claimant transported for non-school-related functions or activities?






Amount of gross wages for each trip: $



Function or activity for each trip:




Are you licensed as an educational institution through the Kansas Department of Education?



Are you funded through a school district?





Signature: __________________________________________________________ Date (mm/dd/yyyy):




Phone number:




Kansas City Area (913) 596-3500 • Topeka Area (785) 575-1460 • Wichita Area (316) 383-9947 • All Other Areas (800) 292-6333

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example of gaps in kansas unemployment forms

Complete the Beginning date of break, Ending date of break, Does the claimant have reasonable, Complete this section if claimant, Date the individual will return to, Position the individual held, Position the individual will hold, Complete this section for Bus, Does the claimants job involve, If YES how often has claimant, Dates, Amount of gross wages for each, Function or activity for each trip, Are you licensed as an educational, and Are you funded through a school areas with any content that is required by the software.

part 2 to completing kansas unemployment forms

The application will demand you to give specific relevant details to automatically fill in the section Signature Date mmddyyyy, Title, Phone number, and KANSAS UNEMPLOYMENT CONTACT CENTER.

Filling out kansas unemployment forms stage 3

Step 3: As you hit the Done button, your ready document can be simply transferred to each of your devices or to electronic mail stated by you.

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