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Avg. time to fill out1 min 15 sec
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Keiser University

January 7, 2013


Volume 1, Issue 1

KU Monthly

Wishing You Success & Passion in 2013!




e t ul


essful ithout

passio .







plies a desi e to a t, to


move toward a goal or result.

















I i tuall

e e


ship ou ha e a

d i

e e


dea o

ou u


de take,




relationship will fail and the endeavor will fail. Ha e

ou e e












out his o

he spo t? Ha e ou e e


a g eat


ess a


usi ess o









out his o he



? Ha e

ou e e


a g eat si

ge , a skate

oa d



, o





ked su fe


as ’t passio




hat he o

she did?



What about love interests? People often comment that their relationships were the best and most





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a out the

. Some relate that they lost interest,


passio ,


d the elatio

ship suffe ed. “o

e sa

the fi



ed passio ;



u fo tu



as the



to e

d the elatio ship. The i o

i thi

g is








e e su

essful at


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g to

a d the goal o

esult the

desi ed e


g the
























people thi

k of the te



ess a



as su


tiall the sa

e. Those ha i

g this

elief, i




, ha

e fo gotte


out passio .

Does the white-collar criminal become



th ough theft? P o


l . A e the


essful? Ha dl . If a i di idual wins the lottery are



ealth ?

Possi l . A e the


essful? Again, hardly.








The efo e, I

elie e


is li

ked to su

ess a d su

ess is so


g that is a hie ed pe haps

e e



a d a


e gi e


stole . Pe haps it is fai

to sa that su


ust e pu sued

through action. If so, it logically follows that the harder and longer success is pursued, the more

likely it will be achieved.

Ha e ou e e

hea d the ph ase that


o e to

a d o

e o e that

a out

hi h

e thi k?

I believe it.






What a




the p ofessio

al/e plo e t e i o


t? I o ie


, I joke that the

o d JOB sta ds fo

Just-Over-Broke. Have you ever seen the person on the side of the road

leaning on the handle of the shovel? Have you ever gone through a toll-booth only to say hello to a

semi-conscious human that never looked up, spoke or even grunted at you? Is it just a



the ?









I elie e the de isio to pu sue a

a ee

athe tha a


is li ked to

passio .


e, su h a

de isio i ol es a desi e to do

o e tha

those that si


go to thei

jo s,

at h the

lo k, do

the minimum necessary, and return home. It also means taking action, choosing the right behaviors to a hie e ou goals. Passio i plies ou ill do hat ou do just a little it ette , st o ge ,

longer, with a bit more precision, with a bit more caring. If this is true, it logically follows that you will be more successful if you do so.

I losi g,

hope is that





ate a out


edu atio at Keise U i e sit . If you

are, you will be successful. In addition, my hope is that you will perform in your career with


a d ot as if it

e e o



jo . If

ou do, ou


e su essful!


David Hubbard

Campus President

Keiser University Orlando Campus

Inside this issue


Holiday Generosity


T’s A e Co i g


New Dean


Karting with the Stars


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Campus Response Team


Building 1 Renovation


Special points of interest

Outpouring of generosity of toys, food, clothing and personal hygiene items.

Look out for Financial Aid 1098T Forms in the mail.

Dr. Colleen Ramos begins as new Dean of Academics.

OTA Students volunteer at Karting with the Stars.

Outpouring of Generosity for Charitable


The Keiser University Orlando Campus had multiple drives in December 2012, collecting large boxes filled with toys, food, clothing and personal hygiene items for Toys for Tots, Operation Homefront, Second Harvest and homeless veterans.

The Student Government Association (SGA) hosted two drives in December 2012 for Toys for

Tots a d “e o d Ha est. “GA a uall hosts to d i es fo To s fo Tots o Ba DJ. This ea ’s

toy drive collected two large boxes of toys for Toys for Tots. The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program collects new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distributes those toys as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the Central Florida community. For additional information about Toys for Tots, visit

Even with the extreme generosity of the Orlando Campus and multiple other organizations and individuals, Toys for Tots still had a shortage of toys for the numerous families in need. Roberta Smith, Coordinator of Student Services, delivered the toys to the Toys for Tots location, which was previously a Winn Dixie. Even though the former large grocery store was filled with toys sorted by size, more families are in need than there are toys available. Mrs. Smith was personally impacted by witnessing families receiving their bagged items of one large toy, multiple smaller toys and stocking stuffers for their children.

E e ith the e tre e ge erosit of the Orla do Ca pus a d ultiple other

organizations and individuals, Toys for Tots still had a shortage of toys for the

u erous fa ilies i eed.

T’s Are Coming

T’s ill e issued to a stude t

who has made a cash payment to Keiser University towards their education in the year 2012. These forms will be mailed to all students beginning the week of January 28th. A student must have made cash payments during the timeframe of January 1st 2012-December 31,2012.

If a student does not receive the original in the mail, duplicates will be available through email only. Please make sure we have your correct email address. Duplicates will be emailed beginning the week of February 4th.

Should you have any questions, after January 31st please contact the Bursars Office at 407-273-5800.

In addition to Toys for Tots, SGA had a concurrent drive for Second Harvest. Each academic program had a box to contribute to the Second Harvest Food Drive. Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida is a private, nonprofit organization that collects, stores and distributes donated food to more than 500 partner agencies in six Central Florida counties: Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia. For information about Second Harvest, go to

The Office of the Chancellor announced its inaugural university-wide toy drive for faculty, staff, family and friends to donate toys to Operation Homefront (OH) in November 2012. Every Keiser University campus throughout the state of Florida hosted a Toy Drive Kick-Off Event on Friday, December 7, which is the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The Keiser University Orlando Campus hosted its Toy Drive Kick-Off at 3 PM on Friday, December 7. In addition to faculty, staff and student veterans, local business leaders, Orange County


issio e Pete Cla ke, Joshua Ro e o f o “tate Rep ese tati e Vi to To es’ Offi e, a d

Santa Clause attended this event.

The Toy Drive was from December 7 until December 17. Two large boxes of toys were collected for OH. OH provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors. The Toy Drive contributed to Morale Holiday programs with OH through Holiday Toy Distributions to boost the morale of military families facing multiple deployments and injury recovery. For additional information about OH, go to

In addition to donating to our current active duty service members and those on injury recovery, the Keiser University Orlando Campus Chapter of Student Veterans of America (SVA) conducted a drive to collecting lightly worn clothing and personal hygiene items for homeless veterans.

Thank you to Keiser University Orlando Campus students, faculty and staff for their generous contributions to the multiple drives in December 2012.


Colleen Ramos, Ph.D., is new Dean of Academics for Keiser University Orlando Campus.

New Dean

The Keiser University Orlando Campus is pleased to have Dr. Colleen Ramos as the new Dean of Academics.

Dr. Ramos most recently comes from DeVry University, where she was the Associate Dean of the College of Business & Management and the Keller Graduate School of Management. She is excited to advance to a Dean of Academics position, overseeing diverse academic programs and

having the opportunity to develop the institutional culture. She was attracted by Keiser

U i e sit ’s t a sitio to a ot-for-profit university, as her experience was with not-for-profit universities prior to DeVry.

Whe asked hat she likes a out Keise U i e sit , she espo ded, I lo e it he e! “he is looki g

forward to the opportunity to get to personally know students and is impressed with how well faculty members, Program Directors and Associate Deans know about students, their lives and know them by name. Dr. Ramos is enthusiastic about the fast-paced environment at Keiser University, particularly with the one class/per month schedule, which offers a very unique educational pace for students.

Dr. Ramos brings a breadth and a depth of experience, which has prepared her for her position as Dean of Academics. She has held different positions within higher education, including teaching experience. Throughout her experience, she has also worked with diverse student populations from traditional to nontraditional students.

Dr. Ramos was inspired by the author Nancy Schlossberg, who wrote about the adult college

stude t. D . Ra os dis o e ed th ough D . “ hloss

e g’s iti gs that it is assu

ed that adult

learners can handle it all – o k, hild e , hu h a

d s hool. Ho e e , the a

’t; the ha e

their hands full, or buckets full, with all of their responsibilities. This has taught Dr. Ramos the importance of supporting nontraditional students because they cannot handle it all.

D . Ra os ad ises stude ts, Do ot look at the ig pi tu e. Take it a step at a ti e; a lass at a

time. We [faculty and staff] do care about you and our doors are always open whenever you eed us.

Karting with the Stars

On November 10, 2012, numerous Keiser University Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) students and Melissa Morgan, an OTA faculty member, volunteered for an all-day event, Karting with the Stars. This event was sponsored by the Greater Orlando Spinal Cord Injury Network (GOSCIN), local Paralyzed Veterans of America and the Disability Wellness Center (DWC) in Sanford.

The event showcased go-karts which race at speeds up to 60 MPH and are adapted to accommodate physically disabled drivers. Karting with the Stars, consisted of teams which were comprised of a disabled driver, celebrity driver and two volunteer drivers, some of whom were Keiser University students. Local celebrities included Kawika Mitchel, retired NFL football player, who played on the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants team; Soul Brother Kevin and Angel from Real Radio 104.1; and Michael Jackson, a professional racer who aspires to be the first disabled Indy car driver in the 500. Sponsors included some of the local Hispanic radio stations, Orlando Health, ABC Prosthetics and the Keiser University Orlando Campus.

A number of the students participated as drivers, ticket collectors, silent auction volunteers, barbeque chefs and supervising the Keiser University table. Karting with the Stars had a large turnout and not only raised money for charitable organizations but raised awareness of adaptive sports.


D . Ra os e ei ed he

do to ate deg ee f o Ba

College of “ai t Rose, a

d a helo ’s deg ee f o

U i e sit , aste ’s deg ee f o The

the “tate U i e sit of Ne Yo k at Al a .

New lab for MLT & Biomedical Technology.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Campus Response Team

No classes will be held at Keiser University to recognize the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday on Monday, January 21, 2013. Offices will be open.

In 1983, legislation was signed creating a federal holiday on the third Monday of January to recognize the birthday of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was born on January 15, 1929. Dr. King was a Baptist Minister who became a prominent Civil Rights leader. He led the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott and the 1963 March on Washington,

he e he deli e the I Ha e a

D ea spee h. He as assassi ated

on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, where he had gone to lead sanitation workers protesting

Every Keiser University campus has a Campus Response Team consisting of faculty and staff from multiple departments to identify and respond to possible emergencies, crises and threats. The Campus Response Team meets monthly to discuss recent events, trends and threats, and to receive training on crisis response. Any member can call a meeting to discuss an immediate emergency or threat to the campus.

The Campus Response Team responds to any medical, fire or law enforcement emergency. It also facilitates fire drills and lock-down drills. The campus would be locked-down for any threat on or near campus.

Fire arms are prohibited on-campus, so students, faculty and staff members are not permitted to have any fire arms on-campus. If an individual is on-campus with fire arms, he or she would be escorted off-campus.

Every Keiser University campus has a private

security guard on-campus. The Keiser University Orlando Campus has an armed security guard on-campus.

The student, faculty and staff ID policy also prevents people from coming on-campus, who do not belong at Keiser. Anyone who notices someone without a student, faculty or staff ID can refer that person to the

Ad issio s E t a e to e ei e a Visito ’s Badge.

The Keiser University Dress Code is also a good way to recognize someone who does not belong on-campus. Similarly, anyone can refer someone who is not in dress code to the

Ad issio s E t a e to e ei e a Visito ’s Badge.

In case of any emergency, crisis or threat, students are instructed to contact a faculty or staff member, or the security guard with any information.

low wages and intolerable working conditions.

In 1994, Congress designated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Federal Holiday as a day of service. It is the only federal holiday to be marked as a day of service—as a da o , ot a

da off. Fo additio al i fo atio

about the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

of Service, visit

Building One Renovated Over Holiday Break

You might notice doors where they were not before. Or, walls where there were previously doors. Over the Holiday Break, the Keiser University Orlando Campus was remodeled.

Building One had multiple renovation projects to create new laboratories and offices for a Director of High School Admissions, Dean and Program Directors. Two laboratories were built where the classroom, Massage Therapy clinic and reception area were on the front right side of Building One. The laboratories will be used for the Medical Laboratory

Technician (MLT) and Biomedical Technology programs, which will begin enrollment at the Keiser University Orlando Campus in 2013. In addition to the new programs, the laboratories may also be used for laboratories for the Bachelor of Science in Forensic Investigations. Until the laboratories are fully utilized, they might be used as classroom space.

In the front of Building One, the Director of Admissions office was divided into two offices; one will remain the Director of Admissions office and a second for the Director of High School

Ad issio s. The Dea of A ade i s o ed i to the Di e to of High “ hool Ad issio s’

previous office, which is behind the Interview Rooms from the Admissions Entrance in the front of Building One.

The Program Directors moved to be centrally located, across from the Bursar window. The


’s offi e a d the Fa ult

Offi e i


g O e

e e


i ed to

eate the P og a

Di e to s’ offi e. The doo s

e e


o ed a

oss f o

the Regist a i

do a d Asso iate


s’ offi es. The fa ult


e s,


e e p e iousl


the Fa ult

Offi e i Buildi g O e,

moved to the Faculty Office on the second floor of Building Two.


Keiser University Orlando

Keiser University Orlando is conveniently located five minutes east of downtown Orlando at the intersection of Semoran Boulevard (State Road 436) and Lake Underhill Road. Admissions, administration, academic affairs, student services, and financial services departments are available to assist you at this location, which is staffed full time and offers a pleasant academic environment. Amenities include spacious classrooms, computer and medical labs, library with internet- enabled computer workstations, comfortable lounge area, student services information and career center, and on-site parking. Keiser University uses state of the industry instructional equipment which meets program standards and learning objectives. At the Orlando campus of Keiser University, students benefit from the philosophy of combining hands-on practical collaborative learning to their academic experience. At Keiser University "students come first."

Keiser University

Orlando Campus

5600 Lake Underhill Road

Orlando, FL 32807

Phone: 407-273-5800

Fax: 407-381-1233

Keiser University First Annual Statewide Graduation

On Saturday, January 5th, 2013 at 11 AM, Keiser University had its first ever Statewide Commencement Ceremony (graduation) at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre in Orlando, Florida.

The ceremony was held for students who graduated between May 2012 and December 2012. This event fulfilled the numerous requests Dr. Keiser received from students at his regular Coffee Chats throughout every university campus that a second graduation be added to the school year.

With over three thousand students, families and Keiser University staff in

attendance, Congressman Daniel Webster and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs addressed the graduates in congratulating them and offering advice in their future endeavors.


as appa e

t f o

D . Keise ’s ope

i g

e a ks of,

The o l

ules e ha e toda is that the e

a e

o ules!

that it

as goi g to e a


eso e e e

t. Not o

l e e the g aduates ei g

honored, but there were many instances where their parents and children were asked to stand and be recognized, which is important because many graduates could not have done it without their support system.

This as a e elle t e pe ie e, uoted H“A g ad, Aud e Auddi o, It as so e iti g fo e

and my family to hear Mayor Jacobs and Dr. Keiser speak at the ceremony and most importantly

exciting to be sharing that moment of accomplishment with my family and everyone else in atte da e.

From the balloon drop to the air horns, it truly was an amazing Keiser experience.

For students who were not able to attend the commencement, every Keiser University graduate June 2012-April 2013 who did not participate in the January 5 Commencement Ceremony will be able to participate in the Orlando Campus Commencement Ceremony at the Orlando Baptist Church on May 17th, 2013.

Congratulations! Phi Theta Kappa Eligibility Announced

The Office of Student Services at the Keiser University Orlando Campus congratulates the following students who are eligible to join Phi Theta Kappa (as of 01/07/2013):

Brandy Andersen

Natasha Letbetter

Raquel Baerga Schroeder

Christopher Lovejoy

Angela Cayson

Juan Maldonado

Linda Cervenka

Keishla Marrero-Castillo

Mildred Dubic

Jody Mastrio

Wilma Dumorne

Kristina Mckay

Kristin Eppstein

Courtney Miller

Joni Fender

Kimberly Miller

Shannon Gaud

Zaida Moncrief

Misty Gee

William Oconnor

Karina Gonzalez

Michelle Rodriguez

Janet Gussow

Christine Sandlin

Marie Holliday

Lilibeth Schmidt

Alona Hradec

Brittany Simmons

Lorraine Jenks

Peggy Snellgrove

Sarah Kent

Kendra Stephenson

Keri-ann Kerivan

Jennifer Toole

Shari King

Michael Valle

Tammy Krzan

Ranju Varughese

Sabrina Laffien

Amanda Walker

Andrea Lawrence


Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society for associate degree students, who have completed at least 24 credits at Keiser University with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75 and no more than 10% absences. For additional information and questions regarding eligibility and joining Phi Theta Kappa, please con- tact the Office of Student Services or attend the Phi Theta Kappa Meeting Monday, January 28, 2013 at 1:05 p.m. or 6:00 p.m.

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