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A key agreement form template is an important document to have in the event of a key loss. A key agreement form will list all authorized individuals who are authorized to have a copy of the key and their contact information. Having this document in place can help ensure that if a key is lost, it can be quickly recovered. In order to create a key agreement form, you will need to gather the following information: name of business, name and contact info for authorized individual #1, name and contact info for authorized individual #2, etc. Once you have all of the necessary information compiled, you can begin creating your template.

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Form NameKey Agreement Form Template
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesemployee key agreement form, key policy for employees template, key check out form, key sign out form

Form Preview Example


Employee Key Agreement Form

Key check-out


Date: ___________

Last: _________________________ First: ________________________

Phone :(____) _____-______

E-mail Address: _______________________________

Employee ID#_____________________ Supervisor: ____________________________

Room#/Entrance____________ Building _____________ Key#__________

I acknowledge that I am aware of and understand the College of Design key policy.

Employee Signature: _________________________________

Office Personnel Initials: _________


Key(s) issued is responsibility of employee, and not subject for loan to a third party.

A $40 per key administrative fee will be assessed for any lost or stolen keys to cover re-keying/re-stocking expense. Fee is payable to University of Kentucky.

Employee is required to return all keys in their name to 117 Pence Hall and sign key return portion of agreement form prior to leaving College.

Employees leaving the College will be invoiced the $40 per key administrative fee for keys not returned.

Key Return

Date: _________

Employee Signature: _______________________________________

Room#/Entrance ________ Building ___________ Key #


Office Personnel Initials: ___________




How to Edit Key Agreement Form Template Online for Free

You can create the key sign out form document with our PDF editor. The next steps may help you instantly prepare your document.

Step 1: Choose the orange button "Get Form Here" on this website page.

Step 2: When you have entered the editing page key sign out form, you should be able to discover all the options intended for the document within the top menu.

To obtain the document, type in the details the software will ask you to for each of the next sections:

stage 1 to filling in key policy for employees template

Fill in the fee for keys not returned, Key Return, Date, Employee Signature, RoomEntrance Building Key, and Office Personnel Initials areas with any content that are required by the system.

part 2 to filling out key policy for employees template

Step 3: Select "Done". You can now upload the PDF file.

Step 4: Create duplicates of the form - it can help you avoid possible future complications. And fear not - we do not display or look at the information you have.

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