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In an era where the balance between personal freedom and relationship responsibility is always under scrutiny, the Kitchen Pass Form emerges as a peculiar yet fascinating document designed to navigate these waters with a blend of humor and seriousness. At its core, this form facilitates an agreement between parties in a relationship, allowing one person to partake in activities that might typically require negotiation or compromise. Details filled out include the type of event, ranging from bachelor parties, business meetings, to more niche interests like fishing, hunting, or even attending secret society meetings. Crucially, it specifies acceptable behaviors and sets clear boundaries around actions deemed out of bounds, such as extramarital encounters or making significant purchases without mutual consent. Additionally, logistical arrangements such as date, location, start and end times are methodically outlined, alongside any necessary items like protective gear or a passport. The form also humorously includes provisions for potential indulgences that might accompany such events, including drinking, smoking, or gambling, but draws a firm line at more intimate or financially impactful activities. The conclusion of the form requires signatures from both the requester and the approver, denoting consent from both parties and establishing a tangible agreement. The inclusion of a spending limit further underscores the intent to maintain financial responsibility amidst the freedom granted by the pass. This document, straddling the line between jest and earnestness, encapsulates a unique approach to managing the give-and-take inherent in any relationship.

Form NameKitchen Pass Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesHDTV, kitchen pass request online, kitchen pass request, kitchen pass

Form Preview Example







Bachelor Party

Business Meeting


Farewell Party

Golf ( 9 / 18 / 36 )

Hunting / Fishing

Office Party

Sporting Event

Secret Society














Start Time



End Time







































Road Trip

Passport Required



Multiple Dates

Protective Gear Needed









This Kitchen Pass Request provides permission for only those items as described above and does not give the Requester permission to engage in extra marital activities such as blow jobs, kissing, intimate female anatomy touching, and/or intercourse. Nor does this Kitchen Pass Request substitute or supersede the Request For Purchase form and as such the user is not allowed to make big ticket purchases under the authority of this form such as the acquisition of a HDTV, car, stereo, cell phone, guns, video game console, golf clubs, computer, hunting acreage, and/or power tools.




Spending Limit





Approver Signature




Requester Signature


Cut Along Dotted Line and Place in Pocket During Event



FORM KPR 12/07