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Are you in search of a job? If so, you may be wondering how to apply. One option is to use an online form. This blog post will provide information on the Kmart job application online form. This includes what you need to know before applying and how to submit your application. This information is helpful as you look for a new opportunity.

This figure features information regarding the Kmart Job Application. Before filling out the form, it's worth reviewing more details on it.

Form Name Kmart Job Application Online
Form Length 2 pages
Fillable? No
Fillable fields 0
Avg. time to fill out 30 sec
Other names kmart application form online, kmart application, kmart application form nz, kmart jobs palmerston north

Form Preview Example

Kmart Job Application Form

Section 1: about you

Full Name:


















Street Address













Suburb / City











Section 2: your availability & store preferences

Please tick () which days and times you are available to work so we can match this to our store needs.

Please note, the times listed below are approximate start and finish times. Please select the times closest to your availability.








i.e. before 8am

i.e. 8am – 6pm

i.e. 4pm onwards

i.e. 6pm onwards

i.e.10pm – 6am








Please tick () the type of work you are interested in:


Part time

Full time

Please list the Kmart Store(s) you wish to work at:




Section 3: work rights

Have you previously worked for Kmart?

Are you a citizen of Australia / NZ?

If no, are you authorised to work in Australia / NZ?








If yes, when and where?

If yes, you will be required to provide a copy of your Australian/NZ birth certificate, Australian/NZ passport or Australian/NZ Citizenship certificate and photo ID during the recruitment process.

If yes, you will be required to provide details and a copy of your Visa & passport during the recruitment process*

If no, unfortunately we will be unable to assist you further.

*Australia Only: Kmart will collect personal information about you i.e. date of birth, passport details and visa status that will enable us to conduct a Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) inquiry. If you are not entitled to be in Australia, the Commonwealth may use our VEVO account details to locate you. Kmart will gain your written consent to conduct a VEVO enquiry if required.

Section 4: childhood employment

If you are under the age of 15, please write your date of birth below as Kmart has different legal obligations in each State and Territory when employing and supervising persons under 15.

Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY):








Kmart Job Application Form



Page 1 of 2

Feb 2015




Section 5: role requirements

Customer service, replenishment and work on registers involves “being on your feet” for most if not all of your shift and team members are frequently required to assist customers with products of varying shapes and sizes.

The inherent requirements of the role involves the following functions:

• Repetitive bending and stooping

• Reaching and stretching

Repetitive kneeling

• Repetitive gripping and handling

Frequent twisting

Standing / walking for extended periods

Regular lifting of weights up to 10kgs

• Work above shoulder height

Irregular lifting of weights 10–17kg

Assisted lifting of weights greater than 17kgs

Please provide details below if you have any injuries, illnesses or disabilities of which you are aware and which you believe may prevent you from performing any of the above tasks:

Please note that if you fail to disclose an existing condition, then any future aggravation of your condition arising out of your employment may be disqualified from compensation under applicable Worker’s Compensation legislation.

Section 6: work history

If applicable, please attach a copy of your resume. If you don’t have a resume and have previous experience, please list the employer, your job title and dates of employment below.





Position Title












Position Title












Position Title












Position Title








Please note, if you proceed to interview at Kmart, you need to bring details of your referees.

Section 7: declaration and signature

The information collected on this form, any notes taken at the interview and any further information collected about you throughout other stages of the recruitment process will be used for the purposes of recruitment and selection within Kmart Australia Limited (Kmart) and / or Kmart New Zealand Limited (Kmart NZ).

The information collected through this process may be disclosed to and shared with referees, Kmart stores and businesses, third party agents who are contracted to perform recruitment services for Kmart from time to time, other organisations that have a vested interest in the recruitment process, and security or government organisations as required.

You have the right to access and update your personal information if it is inaccurate.

Please be aware that if you choose not to consent to providing this information, Kmart may be unable to make a conclusive decision regarding your prospective employment.

I acknowledge the above and provide my consent to Kmart to obtain, collect, use and disclose personal information in the manner described above.

I hereby declare that all the information given on this form and attached resume, signed and dated by me, is true and complete. I understand that providing any false or misleading information is an offence under Australian/New Zealand law and may lead to my employment being reviewed and/or terminated.




Kmart Job Application Form

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Feb 2015


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