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Konami Decklist Form is an online form used to submit decklists for competitive events. The form requires players to list their Deck, Side Deck, and Extra Deck for official tournaments. Players can also input information about their tournament such as the location and name. By submitting a decklist through Konami Decklist Form, players can avoid potential penalties associated with having an incorrect or incomplete deck at the event. All submissions are checked by a Konami representative before the tournament begins to ensure that all decks meet the required guidelines.

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Form NameKonami Decklist Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields198
Avg. time to fill out39 min 51 sec
Other namesyugioh deck list maker, yu gi oh deck list, yugioh form online, yugioh list form

Form Preview Example

Please write all card names completely and legibly.

Please include the quantity for each card.

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Date: M M / D D / Y Y Y Y



Last Initial

Main Deck Total

Monster Cards

Spell Cards

Trap Cards

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Side Deck

Extra Deck

For Judge Use Only

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Deck Check Rd:

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