Kra Application Removal Tax Obligation Form PDF Details

Managing tax obligations is a critical task for any business, and the Kra Application Removal Tax Obligation form offers a streamlined way for registered taxpayers to request the removal of certain tax obligations. Ensuring compliance with ISO 9001:2008 certifications, this form necessitates thorough completion by the applicant, covering essential details such as the taxpayer's name, personal identification number, contact information, and the nature of their business. Importantly, the form also demands an explanation for the request to remove tax obligations, along with any documentary evidence that supports this request, like copies of the Personal Identification Number, Certificate of Incorporation, and Business Registration papers. The form is divided into two major parts, with Part A designed for taxpayers and Part B reserved for the official use by TRR Officers, who will make observations, offer recommendations, and update the system upon the approval of the request. It's crucial for applicants to note that incomplete applications will not be processed, stressing the importance of submitting a fully detailed and documented request to facilitate a smooth review and approval process by tax regulation authorities.

Form NameKra Application Removal Tax Obligation Form
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other nameswaiver application kra, waiver application, document for waiver application, kra waiver application form

Form Preview Example




This part is for completion by the registered taxpayer applying for removal of Tax obligation (s).

Note: Incomplete applications shall not be processed.

Name of Taxpayer………………………………

Personal Identification Number

Postal address …….....……… CODE…….......……………Town-----------------------------------------

Telephone contacts: Cell phone---------------------------------- Land line -----------------------------------

Physical address:


Name of Building



Office number--------------------------------------------------------


Email address……………………............................………………………………………………

Nature of business (type of goods or services)------------------------------------------------------------


Tax obligations for which the taxpayer is currently registered:


Tax obligation(s) to be removed

Reasons for request for removal of Tax obligation(s)




Documentary evidence attached in support of the reasons above (where applicable)--------------------



Attach copies of PIN, Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration and the documentary evidence where applicable.

Name of Applicant ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------






Observations by TRR Officer





Obligation(s) to be added-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Obligation(s) to be removed--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


System TRE update reference Number -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name of TRR Officer----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Signature --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Date ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Comments by TRR manager




Obligation(s) removed---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Date obligation(s) removed--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name of TRR manager--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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1. While filling out the kra waiver application form, be sure to include all of the necessary fields in their associated area. It will help facilitate the work, allowing for your details to be processed efficiently and accurately.

Part no. 1 for completing kra penalty waiver application form

2. Just after performing this step, go on to the next stage and fill in all required particulars in these blanks - Tax obligations for which the.

Tax obligations for which the, Tax obligations for which the, and Tax obligations for which the in kra penalty waiver application form

It's easy to get it wrong while filling out the Tax obligations for which the, thus be sure to take a second look before you'll finalize the form.

3. This third step is going to be easy - fill in all of the empty fields in Tax obligations to be removed, Reasons for request for removal of, Documentary evidence attached in, Attach copies of PIN Certificate, and evidence where applicable in order to complete the current step.

Documentary evidence attached in, Attach copies of PIN Certificate, and Tax obligations to be removed in kra penalty waiver application form

4. It is time to start working on the next part! Here you'll have these evidence where applicable, Name of Applicant, Signature, and Date form blanks to do.

Stage number 4 in filling out kra penalty waiver application form

5. Because you come close to the final parts of your file, you'll find a few more things to complete. Mainly, Recommendations, Obligations to be added, Obligations to be removed, System TRE update reference Number, Name of TRR Officer, Signature, Date, and Comments by TRR manager must all be filled out.

Name of TRR Officer, Obligations to be added, and Signature in kra penalty waiver application form

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