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Are you needing an official transcript from Los Angeles City College? The LACC Official Transcript Request Form is a simple and secure way of requesting your academic transcripts. Whether you need a copy for transferring, personal records, or job applications, this form allows you to request any number of transcripts in just a few clicks. With scrupulous operational security measures in place, designed to protect student information throughout the process and keep your confidential data safe – this form makes it easy and convenient to get your requested documents with worry-free peace-of-mind!

Form NameLacc Official Transcript Request Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesVermont, LACCD, LACC, Los

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Last Name

First Name

Middle Name




Student ID Number OR Social Security Number:

Date of Birth:

Approximate Dates of Attendance:




Current Address (Number, Street, City, State, Zip):






Current Phone Number:

Current Email:





REQUIRED Student Signature. In accordance with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, student’s signature and written authorization is required to release any information.


Transcript request will not be processed until all outstanding financial obligations to the college and District have been met including fees for the current semester. Any past due fee(s) owed or other student record hold will cause a delay in the processing of your request or a return of request.

Only coursework completed at LACC will be included in the transcript requested.

For ITV coursework, go to or call ITV at (818) 833-3595 or (818) 833-3591. For overseas military coursework, please call (818) 364-7773.

Regular Processing - $3.00 per transcript X _______ = $________ Mailed out within 7 to 10 business days. All students receive their first two regular transcripts for free in their lifetime. Pick up service not available.

Rush Processing - $10.00 per transcript X _______ = $________ Mailed out within 1 to 2 business days or pick up in person.

Make all checks or money orders payable to Los Angeles City College.

Mail all requests to Los Angeles City College Transcript Unit, 855 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Please hold my request for the following purpose.

I understand this may delay the processing of my request:

Hold for CSU Certification (Complete both sides)

Hold for IGETC Certification (Complete both sides)

Hold until degree is recorded at the end of the semester

Hold for final grades: __________________________

Hold for Incomplete/Grade Change/Auto Repeat in:

Course: __________ Grade: ______ Sem/Yr: _______

Hold for Academic Renewal in____________________

Please print all information below. Student is responsible for correct address. Separate form is required for each address.






Street Address








Dear Student:

Your request is being returned for a fee payment of $ _________________.

Please return your check or money order along with this form to our office.

Transcripts Processed by:

Date: __________________

No. of Transcripts: ________

Clerk’s Signature: _________________

Transcripts Picked Up by:

Signature: _________________________

Date: _____________________________


Requirements are periodically revised. Before submitting a petition, students planning to transfer should consult with a counselor concerning the general education requirements.

CSU - General Education Certification to the California State Universities and Colleges

Under agreement with the California State University system, Los Angeles City College can certify up to 39 units toward the general education requirements for the Baccalaureate degree at any one of the campuses of the State University system. Under this certification process, the receiving college will accept the units certified toward completion of the general education requirements as the institution prescribes them.

IGETC - Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum for UC and/or CSU

Los Angeles City College will certify IGETC to verify you have completed all requirements. Courses

used for IGETC certification must be passed with a minimum grade of “C” (C minus is not acceptable). A “Credit” or “Pass” is acceptable only if it is equivalent to a grade of “C” or higher according to the

transcript or catalog of the community college where the course was taken.

AP Credit - Requirements met through the Advanced Placement Examination must have a minimum score of 3. All credit will be issued pursuant to the LACCD Administrative Regulation E-110. An official copy of the test results must be sent from the College Board to the Admissions Office.

I am requesting certification for: (please check one)

CSU- CSU applicable only: 39 unit general education certification

IGETC – UC & CSU applicable: Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS: Courses from other California Community Colleges may be used toward certification for IGETC and CSU Certification under “pass along” policy.

Official transcripts must be mailed directly to the Los Angeles City College Admissions Office by the college or university. Hand delivered transcripts and/or transcripts issued to student WILL NOT be accepted.

Have you attended other Universities or Colleges? YES NO

If yes, please list ALL colleges attended including other colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District: _______________________________________________________________


Send completed Certification to the following universities: ____________________________________

Last semester attended at LACC: _______________________________________________________

Los Angeles City College

Admissions & Records Office

855 N. Vermont Ave.

Los Angeles CA 90029

Phone: (323) 953-4000, ext. 2104 Email:

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