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In order to ensure that the voices of all residents are heard and considered, many cities have a formal process by which citizens can voice their opinions and concerns directly to their city council. A letter to city council is one way to make your voice heard, and it can be an effective tool for expressing your thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics. Here are some tips for writing a letter to city council. First, make sure you understand the process for submitting letters in your city. Some cities accept letters via email or online submission forms, while others require you to mail or deliver them in person. Second, be clear and concise in stating your issue or concern.

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Form NameLetter To City Council
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields11
Avg. time to fill out2 min 27 sec
Other nameshow to write a letter to city council, how to write a letter to the council, how to address city council members, how to write email to council

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Sample Letter to the Editor or City Council

Your Address

City, State, Zip


The Honorable Firstname Lastname

City Hall Address

Healthytown, LA 7000

Dear Council Member Lastname:

(Explain why you are writing.) I am writing to ask you to introduce and/or support a Drinking Water Protection Ordinance for ________Parish / the Town of _________.

(Make it personal. Explain why you care about the issue) A drinking water protection ordinance makes perfect sense to me because water is easy to contaminate but difficult and expensive to clean up. A drinking water protection ordinance is a step toward preventing contamination of our drinking water.

(Explain why you are asking for their support.) A drinking water protection ordinance makes good sense for health reasons, economic reasons, and for environmental reasons. Clean water is essential for good health, to keep water affordable for individuals and for economic development, and to keep the environment clean.

When the benefits are so great and there is no harm done to existing businesses, it makes good sense to support a drinking water protection ordinance.

Thank you so much for your help.


Your Name

Phone Number

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