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Form NameMassachusetts Form B
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields15
Avg. time to fill out3 min 15 sec
Other namesct_dental_form_ b massachusetts general hospital w 9 form

Form Preview Example





3D Imaging Service

55 Fruit Street - Gray 267C

Boston, MA 02114

Telephone: (617) 724-3667

Fax: (617) 643-2992

Authorization for Release of CT Dental Images

Patient Name: ________________________________________________________

(print please)

Date of Birth: _________________________

Medical Record #: ______________________-

I hereby authorize Massachusetts General Hospital to furnish medical images from my image file.

NEW DENTISTS’S NAME: _______________________________________

DENTIST’S TELEPHONE#:_______________________________________




MAILING ADDRESS:_______________________________________



Date of Study:__________

Simplant Version (Simplant Pro or Version 7 above)______________________________

Media Type: (CD or DICOM CD or Prints)______________________________________

Please call Lab at (617 724-3667) with FedEx or Credit Card # for Shipping




Patient Signature

Please fax this form back to the 3D Imaging Lab at 617-643-2992, thank you.

Revised 5/16/11

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