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If you are in charge of renting out a meeting room for your business or organization, you will need to have a rental agreement form in place. This form will outline the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, as well as the responsibilities of both the renter and the property owner. Having a signed rental agreement is important for protecting both parties involved. Here is a look at what should be included in a meeting room rental agreement form. Looking to rent out a meeting room for your next event? Make sure you have a rental agreement form in place first! This document will outline the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, as well as the responsibilities of both parties involved. Having a signed agreement is important for protecting everyone involved.

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Form NameMeeting Room Rental Agreement
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields49
Avg. time to fill out10 min 48 sec
Other namesmeeting room contract, rental agreement for an meeting room, conference room rental agreement form, rental agreement for month rent and deposit

Form Preview Example



(Prices in effect from January 2015 to July 2015)




Booking Fee:



$ ________

*Fee is payable upon Rental Booking.


Rental Fee:




$30 per Hour (up to 4 hours)

$ ________

$150 per Half day (5 6 hours)

$ ________

$250 Full day (6 hours or more in one day)

$ ________

Damage Deposit:



$ ________

Refundable if no damage is assessed in accordance


With schedule outlined in Part 3 of this agreement


Maintenance Fee:



$ ________

Insurance Fee:



$ _________



Sub Total (A)

$ ________




Coffee Urn Rental



$ ________

Use of Kitchen



$ ________



Sub Total (B)

$ ________

TOTAL FEES PAYABLE (A + B) Cash, Cheque / Money Order

$ _________


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Type of Function: ____________________

Date of Function: ____________________, 20______

Time of Function From: ________________ am/pm To: ____________am/pm

Number of People Attending: ___________


Name(s) of Renter(s): ___________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

__________________________________ Postal Code: ________________

Bus. Tel. # ___________ Home Tel. # ____________ Other _____________

Bus. Tel. # ___________ Home Tel. # ____________ Other _____________


In exchange for the use of the Squiala First Nation Conference Room, I hereby agree that I have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms, conditions and responsibilities outlined in this Agreement; including all terms and conditions set out on both pages of this Agreement.

Sign here and again on page five (5).


Print Name: _________________________




Date ______________

Print Name: _________________________




Date ______________



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The Co fere e Roo is re ted o a as is asis. Re ters ust adhere to all “FN laws, by-laws and policies including fire and safety regulations. The Conference Room must not be used for any illegal purposes. Payment of all fees due permits the Renters and their guests the use of the Conference Room and washrooms only. Renters of Conference Rooms are not permitted to use the Gymnasium for any purpose.


Tentative bookings are not permitted. The Conference Rooms are not considered booked until the Rental

Agreement is signed by all Renters and all fees are received in full.


A $150.00 Damage Deposit is due upon booking. Damage Deposit is refundable if no damage assessed within ten (10) Business days after rental date.


In the event of cancellation the Rental Fee will be retained as follows:

(a)21 daysnotice or less Full Rental Fee

(b)22 41 daysnotice 50% of Rental Fee

(c)42 60 days’ oti e - 25% of Rental Fee

The Damage Deposit and Maintenance Fees will be returned in full, regardless of the period

of notice given by the Renter (s).


(a)Renters, their authorized guests shall not use or allow use of the Centre parking Lot for any activity other than parking Insured vehicles.

(b) Renters and guests/meeting delegates bear full responsibility for all vehicles and contents.


(a)Nothing may be pinned, nailed or stapled to any wall, door, ceiling or floor.

(b)Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere in the SFN Centre or within fifty (50) feet of the building at Anytime.


The Renter(s) covenant(s) at all times to indemnify and save harmless SFN, its elected officials, Representatives, officers, employees and contractors from any and all claims, damages, charges or costs arising from the use of the Conference Room or use of the Centre and the Centre Parking Lot by the Renter (s) their invited guests / Meeting delegates.


Conference Room will be covered under the SFN Centre’s i sura e at a ost of $20 payable by the Renter (s).

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I have been advised to seek independent legal advice before signing this Agreement.

Print Name: _________________________




Date ______________

Print Name: _________________________




Date ______________


Damage Deposit Received on Date ______________________________

Cash, Cheque/Money Order # ______________ Amount $ _________

Damage Assessed:





( ) Damages Assessed

$ ________

(See details above)



(A) + (B) $ ________




Cash, Cheque/Money Order # __________ Amount $ _________

Refunded on Date: _________________

Employee Signature: _________________

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