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If you are a Mercer University alum, or if you are simply requesting transcripts for someone who is, you will need to fill out the Mercer University Transcript Request Form. This form can be found on the university website, and it must be filled out in order to receive your transcripts. The process is simple, and can be completed in just a few minutes. Be sure to have all of the necessary information ready before you begin.

If you need to first determine how much time you will need to fill out the mercer university transcript request and the number of pages it's got, here is some detailed information that may be helpful.

Form NameMercer University Transcript Request
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields31
Avg. time to fill out6 min 31 sec
Other namesmercer transcript, mercer transcript request, mercer transcripts, mercer registrar office

Form Preview Example

Office of the Registrar

1400 Coleman Avenue ! 108 Langdale Hall, Macon, Georgia 31207 -0001 Phone (478) 301 -2494 ! Fax (478) 301 -2455 ! Email:


Complete a separate form for each different official transcript destination.

































Dat e of Birt h:






























Cit y

St at e

Zip Code







Last 4 Digit s of SS#

















If you w ere regist ered under another name at Mercer, please complet e:







Previous Names:


























If you are not current ly enrolled, please indicat e dat es or t erms of at t endance:

If you at t ended Tift College, Forsyth GA, please indicat e dat es or t erms of at t endance:

Normal Mailing or Pick up

No Charge f or request ed t ranscript s w it h processing t ime of at least two w orking days, and at t he beginning and end of t he t erm up t o one w eek.

Please issue now by normal processing.

Please issue t hese t ranscript s after grades f or t he current t erm have been post ed.

Please issue t hese t ranscript s after my degree has been post ed. I expect t o f inish degree/cert if icat ion

requirement s (dat e/t erm)



Special Processing

Each service requires t he separat e f ee list ed.

!If you are a current st udent , credit card payment s can only be done on-line at by logging int o MyMercer port al and paying t hrough Quick Pay.

!If you are NOT a current student , Make check payable to Mercer University and send your check t o t he Of f ice of t he Regist rar, 1400, Coleman Ave, Macon, GA 31207. To expedit e service, you may f ax your

request t o (478)301-2455 and mail t he original request w it h check enclosed (indicat e request w as f axed).

Same day mail service $10.00 each copy

‘ Send by Fax (unof f icial)*

t w o w orking days $5.00 OR

‘ Send by f ax same day $15.00

To Fax#:



At t ent ion:




* If mailing address is included below , an of f icial copy w ill be mailed in addit ion t o t he f axed copy.

I am request ing (number)


Official copies of my t ranscript t o be sent t o:

At t ent ion:







Business or




I w ill pick up:

School Name






Dat e/Time

St reet :













Cit y


St at e

Zip Code


Note: it is st udent ’ s responsibilit y t o f urnish correct and complet e legible addresses.




(4 / 1 3 ))MM

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Provide the necessary details in requirements, date, term portal, and, paying, through, Quick, Pay Attention, Business, or, School, Name, Street I, will, pickup Date, Time City, Zip, Code and State box.

Filling in my mercer transcript part 2

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