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Are you in the market for a new home? Perhaps you are relocating for a job, or your family is growing and you need more space. Whatever the reason, moving can be stressful. One way to make the process a little bit easier is to use a moving contract sample form. This will help ensure that everyone involved understands what is expected of them and that no one ends up taking on more than their fair share of work. A moving contract also provides a record of what was agreed to, which can come in handy if any disputes arise during or after the move.

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Form NameMoving Contract Sample
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other nameseditable moving contract, moving contracts, moving contract template, moving service contract template

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M&R Movers, LLC

123 Highwood Dr.

Edgerton, WI 53534

Moving Charges (Loading, unloading and/or driving):

I understand and agree that the total bill presented to me at the completion of the move is based on the actual number of hours it takes to complete multiplied by $__________ per hour plus a travel fee of $________; If moving for a

predetermined flat fee, the amount is $_________. Please note there is a minimum charge of two (2) hours. Travel fees

are accumulated based on travel to and from the customer’s address.

Overages / Unique Items

M&R Movers, LLC charges overages in ¼ hour increments. Extra charges, $50 - $75, may be accrued based on certain oversized and/or unique items. TVs 45” or larger, safes, glass table tops, full size copiers, appliances, fireproof file cabinets and aquariums that are 55 gallons and larger are examples of items that will accrue a $50 extra charge. Pool tables, hot tubs, jukeboxes and marble/granite table tops are examples of items that will accrue a $75 extra charge. M&R Movers, LLC does offer piano moving for an extra charge of $125.


Any estimate given by M&R Movers, LLC for this move, prior to signing this agreement, is made as carefully as possible based upon the information given by the customer. Any estimate that is given is also based upon the property being packed and ready to move.


Upon completion of the move, M&R Movers, LLC requires payment in full in the form of cash, personal check, certified check (payable to M&R MOVERS LLC) or money order. If the personal check is not honored, or any part of your bill remains outstanding after 14 days, you, the customer will be charged the highest rate of interest allowed by law in the state the move occurred in. Returned checks are subject to an administration fee of $50.00 plus any extra bank charges accrued. If steps need to be taken to recover any outstanding amount, this agreement gives M&R Movers, LLC the right to recover the determined amount plus interest, expenses accrued to collect monies, collection fees and reasonable attorney fees from you, the customer.

Damage Claims

Although movers will be as careful as possible, damages do sometimes occur. If damage is caused by our service, M&R Movers, LLC will take reasonable steps to repair, compensate or replace damaged items. If there is damage, notify the M&R Movers, LLC representative immediately. The representative shall complete a damage report before leaving the job site. If you discover damages after the move, please notify the M&R Movers, LLC office within 48 hours of the move. NO damage claims will be honored until the final bill has been paid in full. M&R Movers, LLC is only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control. You will be asked to sign a Release of Liability acknowledging this.


I, the customer, have read this service agreement. I agree to the above listed terms and agree to have M&R

Movers, LLC load/unload my property based on these terms.




Customer’s Signature

New Phone #





M&R Movers, LLC Representative

Job #


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