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Form NameMsp Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields28
Avg. time to fill out5 min 55 sec
Other namesdowload msp form, printable msp form, msp form medicare, medicare secondary screening form

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Medicare Secondary Payer Part A Form

Please complete and forward this form to Noridian Healthcare Solutions

Helpful Hints:

This form may be utilized for any Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) request pertaining to Primary or Secondary payment of claims.

This form is used when you need assistance canceling or adjusting a previous claim submission.

Please forward all inquiries for MSP Recovery to the BCRC.

Do not include a refund check with this form.

Do not use this form for new claim submissions.

Do not use this form if you are requesting a Redetermination on a MSP claim that is not MSP related.

Do not send a UB Claim Form with this form.

Provider/Physician/Supplier or Other Entity Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State:__________ Zip Code:______________________

NPI/Tax ID/PTAN: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Person:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________Phone #:___________________________________________

Provide the following information for each claim:

Patient Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Medicare Number: ___________________________

Medicare Claim # (ICN): ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Claim Amount: $ ______________________________

Date of Service: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Reason for Request: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


12 Working Aged

13 End Stage Renal Disease

14 Auto No Fault Insurance


Select Reason Code for Claim Adjustment

15 MSP Workers Compensation*

16 Federal

19 Workers Compensation Medical Set Aside


41 Black Lung

43 Disability Insurance

47 Liability Insurance

MEDICARE SECONDARY PAYER: Complete the following primary insurance information and attach a copy of the primary payer Explanation of Benefts (EOB) or payment sheet, and/or a copy of the check received from the primary payer and the Medicare EOB.

Insurance Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________Subscriber Name: ____________________________________

Insurance Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________Subscriber Relationship: __________________________

City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________________________________________________Phone #:__________________________________________________

Policy Number: ______________________________________Group Number:____________________________________ *Injury Date: ____________________________________________

Effective Date: ______________________________________Term Date: __________________________________________ Injury Diagnosis: ______________________________________

NOTE: If specifc patient/Medicare Number/Claim #/primary insurance EOB information is not provided, we may be unable to process your request appropriately or in a timely manner.

Please send to:

State and PO Box Numbers


Medicare Part A

AS 6773

CA 6770

GU 6773

Attn: MSP

HI 6773

MP 6773

NV 6772

PO Box






Fargo, ND 58108-

Or Fax to 701-277-7852

A CMS Medicare Administrative Contractor

Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC

29312952 • 3-18

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portion of spaces in dept of healt msp form

In the State, and, PO, Box, Numbers, A, SHI CAMP, GUN, V and Nori, dian, Healthcare, Solutions, LLC box, note down your information.

dept of healt msp form StateandPOBoxNumbersASHI, CAMP, GUNV, and NoridianHealthcareSolutionsLLC blanks to fill

Step 3: Select the Done button to make certain that your finished form may be transferred to each device you pick out or mailed to an email you indicate.

Step 4: To avoid all of the complications as time goes on, you should prepare as much as a couple of duplicates of the file.

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