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Are you looking for an easy way to fill out your MTA 6 form? This comprehensive guide provides all of the information needed to understand and submit the necessary document. From what an MTA is and why it’s important, to instructions on how to complete the entire process, this blog post will make sure you have everything you need when it comes time to fill out your MTA 6 form. No matter if this is your first time completing such a form or not, don’t stress – our step-by-step guide will provide all of the information needed in order so that filing is simple and straightforward. So let's get started!

Form NameMta 6 Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other nameshow to fill application for mta 6, mta 6 filled form structure, mta 6 form instructions, mta6 form

Form Preview Example

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance


Metropolitan Commuter Transportation


Mobility Tax Return


For Self-Employed Individuals (including partners)

For the full year January 1, 2011, through December 31, 2011, or fiscal year beginning ...

and ending ...

For help completing your return, see instructions, Form MTA-6-I.

1 1

Your irst name and middle initial

Your last name












Mailing address (number and street or rural route)

Apartment no.

Mark an X if






















City, village, or post ofice



ZIP code








Your social security number

Amended return ...................

Enter your 2-character special condition code

if applicable (see instructions) .......................................

If applicable, also enter your second 2-character special condition code ................................................

1Net earnings from self-employment allocated to the metropolitan commuter transportation


district (MCTD) ( see instructions )



Metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax ( MCTMT ) ( multiply line 1 by .34% (.0034) )



Total estimated MCTMT payments and/or extension payments with Form MTA-7 ( see instructions )



MCTMT balance due ( if line 2 is MORE THAN line 3, subtract line 3 from line 2; pay this amount )


5Estimated tax penalty ( include this amount in line 4 or

reduce the overpayment on line 6; see instructions )


6MCTMT overpaid ( if line 2 is LESS THAN line 3, subtract line 2 from line 3;

enter here and mark an X in box 7a or 7b )


7a. Refund

or 7b. Credit to your 2012 estimated MCTMT



Print designee’s name

designee ? ( see instr. )

















Designee’s phone number


Personal identiication




number ( PIN )











Paid preparer must complete ( see instructions )

Preparer’s signature

Firm’s name ( or yours, if self-employed )




Preparer’s NYTPRIN

Preparer’s PTIN or SSN

Employer identiication number

Mark an X if self-employed

Taxpayer must sign here

Your signature








Your occupation








Daytime phone number










Make your check or money order payable to COMMISSIONER OF TAXATION AND FINANCE.


For information about private delivery services, see instructions.


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Part number 1 of completing mta 6 form instructions

2. Given that this section is completed, you should add the required particulars in Total estimated MCTMT payments, MCTMT balance due if line is, Estimated tax penalty include, reduce the overpayment on line, MCTMT overpaid if line is less, enter here and mark an X in box a, a Refund, b Credit to your estimated MCTMT, Thirdparty, designee see instr, Print designees name, Yes, Email, Designees phone number, and Personal identiication so you're able to move forward to the third part.

Personal identiication, MCTMT overpaid  if line  is less, and MCTMT balance due  if line  is inside mta 6 form instructions

People generally make some errors while completing Personal identiication in this part. Don't forget to go over whatever you enter here.

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