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Navigating through the nuances of vehicular registration processes, particularly in situations of loss, theft, or damage, can often feel daunting for vehicle owners. The MV-44 form, a critical document provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), serves as a lifeline in such predicaments. Essential for applications regarding the duplicate registration card, replacement of registration plates or weight class stickers, this form encapsulates various scenarios under which an individual might need to request these items. With sections meticulously designed to cater to distinct needs—be it a duplicate for a misplaced registration card, a replacement plate due to damage or theft, or a new weight class sticker—the form offers a structured path towards resolution. Fees associated with these requests are nominal, reflective of the state's commitment to ensuring accessibility and efficiency in managing vehicular documentation. Moreover, the provision requiring law enforcement verification for illegible plates underscores the form's intent to uphold the integrity of vehicle registration standards. As vehicle owners navigate this process, it's crucial to acknowledge the blend of accountability and facilitation embedded within the MV-44 form, showcasing PennDOT's effort to streamline such essential administrative tasks.

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MV-44 (7-21)




For Department Use Only


Bureau of Motor Vehicles • PO Box 68593 • Harrisburg, PA 17106-8593


r r


Application for Duplicate Registration Card(s) - Complete Sections A, B and either D or E. (Fee: $6/$2 depending on request. See NOTE in Section B.)

Replacement of registration plate or weight class sticker - Complete Sections A, B and either D or E. NOTE: Section E is required to be completed for all replacement registration plate requests. Section E must also be completed when products were not received in the mail and this application is being submitted within 90 days of original issuance date. Section E is not required to be completed when applying for a replacement weight class sticker that was lost or stolen. (Fee: $11 for replacement registration plate. There is no fee required for replacement of weight class sticker.) Do not use this application for replacement of dealer or apportioned registration plates. See additional instructions on reverse.

Replace an Illegible Registration Plate - Complete Sections A, C and D. (No Fee for Standard Issued Registration Plate.)








Title Number


Vehicle Identification Number


Registration Plate Number


Expiration Date























Last Name (or Full Business Name)

First Name

Middle Name

PA DL/Photo ID#



Date of Birth









or Bus. ID#














Co-Owner Last Name


First Name

Middle Name

PA DL/Photo ID#



Date of Birth











Owner’s Change of Address

New Street Address








(Complete only if different from registration card.









If changing the address to an out-of-state address,













Zip Code


you must also complete and submit Form MV-8




and qualify for an out-of-state address.)















r Registration Card

r Registration Plate

r Weight Class Sticker - Class # ___________________________________














r *Lost



No fee is due if product was never received in the








r Defaced rNever Received mail within 90 days from the original issuance date.




*If the registration plate is lost or stolen, it must be reported to the State Police or your local law enforcement office.

NOTE: Registration Card: The fee for a replacement registration card is $6. If additional registration cards are desired, the fee is $6 for each card. Number of duplicate registration cards requested at $6: _____.

Registration Plate: The fee for a replacement registration plate is $11. In conjunction with replacement of your plate, you will receive one registration card.

If additional registration cards are desired, the fee is $2 for each card. Number of duplicate registration cards requested at $2: _____.

Weight Class Sticker: There is no fee for a replacement weight class sticker. Along with the replacement of your weight class sticker, you will receive one

registration card. If additional registration cards are desired, the fee is $6 for each card. Number of duplicate registration cards requested at $6: _____.


On this date, registration plate number _________________ on a _________ _____________ has been determined to be illegible.


By signing this form, the owner or registrant is requesting and will receive a standard issue replacement registration plate, free of charge.


Signature of Police Officer


Badge Number


Department Name


Telephone Number

























I/We hereby certify under penalty of law that ALL information contained herein is TRUE and CORRECT and that I/we understand that any misstatement of fact is a misdemeanor of the third degree punishable by a fine up to $2,500 and/or imprisonment up to 1 year (18 Pa.C.S. Section 4904[b]).






Signature of Applicant or Authorized Signer

Telephone Number







Signature of Co-Applicant/Title of Authorized Signer


EAPPLICATION FOR A REPLACEMENT REGISTRATION PLATE - Complete only if replacement registration plate is requested or if applicant is entitled to free re-issuance because original registration card or weight class sticker was never received in the mail and application is being made within 90 days of original issuance or replacement.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the law of the Commonwealth of



I/We hereby state that application was made for the above

Pennsylvania that the foregoing is true and correct.




registration plate or that the items as indicated were never

Signed on the _____ day of _______________, _______________________


received in the mail.


______________________________________, _________________________.




(county or other location, and state)










Signature of Applicant or Authorized Signer








Printed Name






Signature of Co-Applicant/Title of Authorized Signer


1.This form should be used to replace any registration plate that was not received within 90 days of the original issuance date. This form should also be used if replacing a standard registration plate issued more than 90 days ago. If replacing another type of registration plate issued more than 90 days ago, use the appropriate form for that plate type. Ex: Form MV-914 should be completed when replacing an Honoring Our Veterans registration plate. NOTE: All forms can be found on PennDOT's website at

2.Complete applicant information exactly as it appears on current registration card. Print address change in space provided, if applicable. When applying for a standard issue replacement registration plate, Section E must be completed instead of Section D. Fee is $11. In order to receive a replacement specialty plate, you must reapply for the specialty registration using the appropriate form. Individuals should list their PA Driver’s License (PA DL) or Photo ID # in the space provided. Businesses should list their Business ID # (Bus. ID) where indicated (i.e. E.I.N.). NOTE: When the application is being submitted through an agent/messenger, a legible photocopy of the applicant’s valid photo identification (front and back) must be attached.

3.Indicate duplicate or replacement product(s) desired in Section B.

4.To replace a defaced personalized registration plate that is destroyed but not beyond recognition, you must submit this Form MV-904, "Application for Personalized, Amateur Radio Operator or Press Photographer Registration Plate," indicating a replacement registration plate containing the same combination of letters and numbers is being requested along with a picture or tracing of the registration plate for identification purposes. A registration plate is considered to be defaced when the registration plate is damaged by a specific incident such as a traffic accident, cutting, scraping or damage caused by intense cleaning or harmful chemicals. There is a fee of $85 for the replacement of a defaced personalized standard registration plate. The fee to replace an Amateur Radio Operator registration plate is $11. The fee to replace a Personalized Press Photographer registration plate is $112. If an immediate replacement registration plate is needed, you must submit this form and an $11 replacement fee. A standard registration plate will be issued until the replacement registration plate can be provided.

5.When the owner of the registration plate determines that the registration plate is illegible, due to fading or blistering, and wishes to have the illegible registration plate replaced with a standard issued registration plate free of charge, the owner of the registration plate must have a local or state police officer complete Section C.

6.If replacing a registration plate, the owner and the co-owner’s signatures are required in Section E. If the vehicle is owned by a company or a corporation, a letter is required on company letterhead identifying the person who is authorized to sign in Section E to receive the replacement registration plate on behalf of the business. If the replacement registration plate is mailed to the company/corporation, the only requirement is a letter on business letterhead authorizing the representative for the company/corporation to sign in Section E. This letter must be attached to the application before submitting to PennDOT. In addition, the authorized agent is required to maintain a copy of the letter on company letterhead authorizing a person to sign in Section E and/or pick up the plate for the company/corporation for three years.

7.Make check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and mail to the address listed on the front of the application. DO NOT SEND CASH.

8.Complete Section E instead of Section D, if this application is made within 90 days from date of original issue and the registration card, weight class sticker or registration plate was never received in the mail. No fee is required. NOTE: When completing Section E, BOTH parts of Section E MUST be completed.

9.Should you desire to renew your registration in conjunction with this application for a standard issued registration plate, you must complete Form MV-140 or your registration renewal application and return it with this application. A $11 replacement fee is required in addition to your registration fee when replacing the current standard issue registration plate in your possession. NOTE: Duplicate registration cards at time of renewal, transfer or replacement of registration plate cost $2 each. All other times, a $6 fee is required for a replacement or duplicate registration card.

Visit us at or call us at 717-412-5300. TTY callers — please dial 711 to reach us.

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