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Mv 511B is a form that you will need to complete in order to notify the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) of your intention to sell or transfer a vehicle. The form can be downloaded from the NYSDMV website, and must be submitted within five days of the sale or transfer. Completing Mv 511B correctly is important, as it allows the NYSDMV to update its records and ensure that the correct title and registration are transferred to the new owner. If you have any questions about how to fill out Mv 511B, consult the instructions on the NYSDMV website.

Before you complete mv 511b, you will need to find out more about the type of form you are going to use.

Form NameMv 511B
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesmv511b, mv 511b, mv 355, pa mv 355 form

Form Preview Example

MV-511B (4-19)

Date: _______________


For Department Use Only

reQUisiTiOn FOr MOTOr veHicle FOrMs


Bureau of Motor Vehicles • 1101 South Front Street • Harrisburg, PA 17104

1.list quantity for each form/pub needed. Please assess your form needs carefully. Over ordering results in increased costs to the commonwealth. obtain Forms MV-1, MV-4St & MV-120, authorized agents are required to place their Dealer/Business Partner/agent Identification Number, authorized agents notary stamp and signature or verification information in the space provided on this form. (nOTe: Verification information is only valid for dealers that are authorized to issue temporary registration plates. all other authorized agents must place a notary stamp and signature where indicated.) an aUTHOriZed agenT is an agenT Under cOnTracT WiTH PenndOT. To obtain Form Mv-355, dealers are required to list their dealer/Business Partner/agent identification number.

3.Print or type name and address to which forms are to be mailed in the space provided. Be certain that the address is clear and complete. nOTe: You must have a street address. P.O. Box only addresses are not accepted.






MOTOr veHicle FOrMs













FOrM TiTle





















application for Certificate of title






PaCK (200)




(Only an authorized agent May Obtain)






2 Pack limit





Vehicle Sales and Use tax Return/application for Registration





PaCK (200)




(Only an authorized agent May Obtain)






2 Pack limit

















temporary Registration Plate or temporary Registration transfer





PaCK (200)




Card (Only an authorized agent May Obtain)






2 Pack limit





Dealer Registration Permit






PaCK (200)









2 Pack limit


Total Packs of


Forms Ordered





















nOTe: Orders for Forms MV-1, MV-4St, and MV-120 will not


sHiPPing and Handling Fee inFOrMaTiOn


be filled without Dealer/Business Partner/agent



Identification Number, authorized agents notary stamp


Shipping and handling fees are required. Fees are calculated per pack of


and signature or verification information.


forms ordered and mailed. If the order will be carried through and picked

nOTe: Orders for Form MV-355 will not be filled without


up by a messenger service, no shipping and handling fee is due.


Dealer/Business Partner/agent Identification Number.


Up to 2 total packs ordered = $











3 to 4 total packs ordered = $10



Place nOTarY sTaMP Here





5 or more total packs ordered = $15









Please be sure to include the shipping and handling fee with your









request. if no fee is included, your request will not be filled.


Mailing address and agenT veriFicaTiOn inFOrMaTiOn
























DealeR/BUS. PaRtNeR/ageNt ID#









































Total Packs Ordered:























amt. of check enclosed:




































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Enter the details requested by the application to create the form.

form mv 4st pdf spaces to consider

Please prepare the Mailing address and agenT, DealeRBUS PaRtNeRageNt ID, telePHONe NUMBeR, BUSINeSS NaMe, aDDReSS, aDDReSS, CItY, State, ZIP, amt of check enclosed, Total Packs Ordered, SIgNatURe, and PRINteD NaMe field with the appropriate details.

Completing form mv 4st pdf stage 2

Step 3: Select the button "Done". The PDF document is available to be transferred. You can easily save it to your pc or email it.

Step 4: It's possible to make copies of your file tostay clear of all possible difficulties. Don't get worried, we don't distribute or watch your details.

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