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Form NameNastf
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namessdrm nastf, d1 form nastf, nastf, nastf d 1 forms

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Attachment D


Positive Identification Policy

NASTF SDRM Registry Vehicle Security Professionals (VSPs) shall comply with the following Positive Identification Policy when servicing orders for keys, immobilizer reset, or other anti-theft services for vehicles:

1.Inform the Caller - At the time of initial request, ask the caller whether he or she has identification and authority for the service. Inform them of the requirements of this Positive Identification Policy.

2.Complete the Form - Upon arrival at the job site or when the customer comes in, the VSP shall complete an Authorization for Automotive Key Generation and/or Immobilizer System / Anti-Theft Services form (aka Form D-1, attached) that asks for the name, address, phone number, driver’s license, vehicle make, model and year, vehicle license plate number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), odometer reading, and disclaimer and signature. An invoice or work order that contains all identifying information, when stapled to a duly signed Form D-1, is acceptable for collection of this customer information.

3.Verify I.D. - Verify the customer’s valid photo ID and compare to the information provided by the customer on the authorization form. The customer must present a valid state issued driver’s license as proof of identity to qualify for use of Registry services.

4.Verify Authority - Ask the customer to present proof of entitlement, which shall include at least one of the following: a valid registration certificate, a valid insurance ID card, a valid insurance policy, vehicle title or a certificate of ownership for the vehicle. The name and address on the proof of entitlement document must match the information on the driver’s license to qualify for use of Registry services. In the event that necessary documentation is locked within the vehicle, the vehicle may be entered to verify the authority of the requestor. If upon entry to the vehicle, you are unable to verify the authority of the requestor, the vehicle shall be shut and locked. Do not produce a replacement key, do not provide any key related information to the requestor and destroy all information acquired from the automaker during the transaction.

5.Ask for Signature - Require the customer to read and sign Form D-1(attached). The customer is attesting to:

a.the information given by the customer being correct and truthful,

b.the customer having the authority to obtain keys or immobilizer services for the vehicle and,

c.the customer agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless the service provider and related parties against liability.

6.File the Form - Keep the completed Form D-1 on file for two (2) years, or longer as required by law.

7.Compliance with Applicable Laws. The VSP will take all other actions required by applicable laws. In the event of a conflict between the steps set forth herein and the applicable laws, the VSP should comply with applicable laws.

8.Mobile VSPs - A mobile VSP doing work for a body shop, garage, or dealership may accept a legible photocopy of the picture I.D. in order to match it to the registration/title documents. This cannot be a faxed copy. The shop owner or manager must verify the customer's I.D. in person and attest they have done so by signing the bottom of the Form D-1.

DCDB01 20874079. v1.2.1 27-Aug-08 13:00

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(The LSID Holder must fill out this form, after personally looking at the photo I.D., the registration and the VIN plate on the Vehicle. These forms are to be kept for 2 years in a secured location as per the NASTF positive I.D. Policy. The NASTF Administrator will randomly audit these forms to ensure compliance with positive I.D policy. Failure to produce D-1 Forms when requested will result in LSID registry suspension and possible termination.)

I hereby certify that I have the authority to order keys and immobilizer system reset services for the vehicle indicated below. I agree that the information I am providing is true and correct. Further, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the service provider listed below and related parties providing security information from any and all liability or claims that may arise from the performance of this service. I further agree to indemnify the automaker and their affiliates, successors, assignees, and nominees from any and all claims, losses, or costs (including reasonable attorney's fees) arising from any acts or omissions of the service provider, the service provider’s employees, subcontractors, or agents.

Vehicle Owner/Customer Name:


City / State / Zip Code:





Vehicle Owner/Customer Signature






Driver’s License Number 1


Expiration Date

Other Form of ID (specify type and number):



















Vehicle Year


















License Plate Number












State of Vehicle Registration



Vehicle ID Number (VIN) (17 characters)



































































Odometer Reading (mileage):













Not Available:


For Dealership/Auctions:

PO / Stock #


















Service Performed:

Key cut from code

Immobilizer reset

Other (describe below) :


















































































VSP/Service Provider Business Name:



City / State / Zip Code:




VSP/Technician Name






VSP/Technician Signature






Contracting Shop Owner/Manager Signature



(Item 8 of the Positive ID Policy)



1IMPORTANT: Mobile Service Providers - If the VSP is not present at the time vehicle is received for service by a contracting service facility, the contracting service facility must make a photocopy of the vehicle owner’s driver’s license and attach to this form. Additionally, a valid registration must be left with the vehicle so that the VSP can verify that the driver’s license matches the ownership documentation.

DCDB01 20874833.4 V1.2 21-NOV 11

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