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The journey to becoming an authorized trailer dealer in the state of Oklahoma is encapsulated within the New Trailer Dealer License and License Plate Application, Form Number 792-2, revised in October 2009. This comprehensive form serves as a gateway for businesses to obtain legal permission to sell new trailers, whether they are for travel or commercial use. Applicants are required to provide detailed information, including the business and owner's name, contact details, federal ID or social security number, and the specific location of the dealership since P.O. Box numbers are insufficient for this purpose. The application process involves selecting the type of license needed and enumerating any dealer plates currently possessed. Furthermore, the form digs into the relationship between the dealer and manufacturers, necessitating a disclosure of any sales contracts or franchises with trailer manufacturers. There are options for original applications, additional plates, renewals, and replacements, each with its respective fees and detailed instructions to ensure compliance. Renewal is an annual requirement, with strict penalties for late submissions. Notably, adherence to the legal obligations set by the Oklahoma Tax Commission is emphasized throughout the form, touching on aspects such as record-keeping, advising purchasers on titling and tax responsibilities, and ensuring each location owned or operated by the applicant has separate licensing. The process underscores the gravity of the responsibility bestowed upon trailer dealers, aiming to foster compliance, transparency, and integrity in the dealing of new trailers.

Form NameNew Trailer Dealer License
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesprintable oklahoma temporary tag template, oklahoma paper tag template, temporary license plate paper, oklahoma temp tag online

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REVISED 10-2009


New Trailer Dealer License and License Plate Application

Please Type or Print Legibly

Business Name

Owner’s Name

Mailing Address

City, State, Zip Code

Federal ID or Social Security Number of Owner

Location Address (Post Ofice Box Number will not sufice)

Current Trailer Dealer Number:

Check one type of license per application:

Travel Trailer

Commercial Trailer

List all Dealer Plates in your possession:

List all Environmental Awareness Dealer Plates

in your possession:

Person to Contact for Information:


I/We have a sales contract or franchise with the


For OTC Use Only


following manufacturers:




































Please Check One:








Allow 12 Weeks for Processing




















Original Application






Additional Plates






(First time application for Dealer Plates)




(To order more Dealer Plates after initial issue)



Vehicle Plates ($16.00)







Vehicle Plates ($16.00)







Environmental Plates ($51.00)






Environmental Plates ($51.00)




Mail Fee: $3.00 per plate





Mail Fee: $3.00 per plate





Total Amount Due




Total Amount Due




















Renewal of Current Plates: (Decal only, for renewal of Dealer Plates)








Vehicle Decals ($16.00)
















Environmental Decals ($51.00)




Renewal applications must be received by

Penalties/Late Fees (See Instructions)




December 31st. After December 31st there will be

Mail Fee: $1.50 per every 5 decals




a Late Fee of $0.25 per plate per day for 31 days.




After January 31st the Late Fee is $10.00 per plate.



($1.50 Minimum)


















Total Amount Due

























Replacement Plates or Decals (Read Reverse Side for Instructions)

Check one type of replacement:

Decal Only



Vehicle Decals ($9.00)






Mail Fee: $1.50 per every 5 decals



Total Amount Due







Plate with Decal




Vehicle Plates ($9.00)







Mail Fee: $3.00 per plate



Total Amount Due








Read Reverse Side Carefully

Payment must accompany the application. Make checks payable to Oklahoma Tax Commission. The Dealer number (if any) must appear on the check. A $50.00 penalty will be assessed for any dishonored check.

Replacement Plates and/or Decals: If any Dealer plates and/or decals have been lost or stolen you must make a po- lice report of the incident. You must include a copy of the police report with your application. List the decal numbers that are on missing plates on an additional sheet of paper. Damaged plates must be returned with your application.

Renewals: If you have damaged dealer plates or plates you are not renewing, they must be returned with your applica- tion. Your renewal application cannot be processed until you have accounted for all plates in your possession.

Penalty Fees: The license is non-assignable and expires December 31st of each year. If not renewed by that date, the applicant will become subject to a penalty of $0.25 per plate per day for a period of thirty-one (31) days. After January 31st, the penalty will be $10.00 per plate.

Mail Fees: $3.00 per Plate, $1.50 per 5 Decals (1-5 decals = $1.50; 6-10 decals = $3.00, etc.)


It is hereby agreed by and between the applicant and the Oklahoma Tax Commission that:

1.The Trailer Dealer license and license plates will be revoked if the applicant has violated or violates any provi- sions of the laws of this state.

2.Separate licenses and license plates are required for each location owned or operated by the applicant.

3.The applicant will not use identiication plates issued in connection with this license on any second-hand or used trailer, or on any vehicle that is used as a service car or for private use or for hire.

4.The applicant will advise each purchaser of a new trailer in writing about title requirements and payment of any taxes due the state.

5.A Franchise Agreement/Letter or Sales Contract or Manufacturer’s Limited Tax Exemption Certiicate for each manufacturer must be submitted with each Original or Renewal Application and must be submitted for any new manufacturer added during the year and must be relected on the license before selling.

6.The applicant will keep such records on such forms as shall be prescribed by the Oklahoma Tax Commission and will make all reports required by the commission.

The undersigned has read the agreement on this application and agrees to each condition upon which the license is to be issued.

Owner’s Name (Signed Name)



By (Printed Name)






Job Title

Sworn and subscribed before me on the



day of



, 20











, Notary Public



Commission Number:







Expiration Date:





Mail this completed application and remittance to:



Oklahoma Tax Commission

Motor Vehicle Division

Dealer License Plates

2501 North Lincoln Boulevard

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73194-1000

Telephone: (405) 521-3669

This Form May Be Obtained on the Web at:

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