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When a student-athlete faces an injury or illness that abruptly ends their season, navigating the next steps can feel like an overwhelming challenge. Fortunately, the NJCAA Hardship form offers a structured pathway for seeking relief under such unfortunate circumstances. This form is designed specifically for situations where an athlete's ability to compete is cut short due to health setbacks. Not just any setback qualifies, however. Before an injury or illness can be considered, the student must have competed in no more than 20% of the season as outlined by the NJCAA Sport Procedures Chart, among other strict criteria. The form requires detailed information, including a letter from the Athletic Director, a comprehensive account of the student's participation, medical documentation from a doctor, and a thorough academic transcript. It's a process that demands precision and clarity, aimed at ensuring fairness and integrity within the NJCAA's member colleges. Submission of this form could potentially restore a year of eligibility for the athlete, an opportunity that underscores the association's commitment to student-athletes' health and well-being. Through the hardship request, the NJCAA reinforces its dedication not only to the competitive spirit of college athletics but also to the individual futures of those who compete.

Form NameNJCAA Hardship Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields19
Avg. time to fill out4 min 3 sec
Other namesnjcaa medical redshirt, navy federal hardship program, navy federal financial hardship, first source hardship application

Form Preview Example


COLLEGE: _____________________________


REGION: ________ DATE: ______________________

Use this form for those hardships which involve injury or illness and results in the student-athlete’s

inability to complete a full season of athletic competition.

Article V, Section 5.B: Hardship #1 involves an injury or illness which results in the student-athlete’s inability to complete a season. Prior to the injury or illness, a student-athlete must not have:

1.Participated in more than 20% of the allowable sport schedule as per the NJCAA Sport Procedures Chart (Appendix B).

2.The injury or illness must also have occurred in the first half of the schedule resulting in the student-athlete being incapacitated for the remainder of the season. A student-athlete must not have participated beyond the mid-point of the allowable sport schedule nor in the postseason.

3.The injury or illness must be season ending in nature.


1.Refer to NJCAA Sport Procedures Chart (Appendix B) for when to use games or dates when determining participation percentages and the season midpoint; e.g. softball uses dates while baseball uses games.

2.In applying the 20 percent limitation, any competition which results in a fractional portion of an event shall be rounded to the next highest whole number; e.g. 20 percent of a 56-game baseball schedule (11.2 games) shall be considered twelve (12) games.

3.Postseason (regional, district or national tournament) games may not be counted as part of the regular season schedule for the purpose of acquiring a hardship.

4.The NJCAA cannot rule on those situations that did not occur at an NJCAA member college.

Name of Student-Athlete: _____________________________________ Sport: __________________________

Date of injury or illness: ________________________ Last date of competition: _________________________

Date which the student-athlete was examined by a medical doctor: ____________________________________

Opponent during the last date of competition: _____________________________________________________

How many contests did the student-athlete participate during the regular season? (This number includes the contest in which he/she was injured.) _________

What is the percentage that was played by the student-athlete of the allowable sport schedule as per the NJCAA Sport Procedures Chart (Appendix B)? ___________

Was this the Student-Athlete’s 1st ______ or 2nd ______ season in this sport at the time of the injury? (Mark one.)

The following materials must be included with this form to support your request:

1.A letter of request from the Athletic Director.

2.A copy of the season schedule of completed contests with the student-athlete’s participation in each contest

indicated on the schedule. If the injury occurred at another NJCAA college or at a non-member college, that college’s Athletic Director must confirm in writing the student-athlete’s participation.

3.A statement from the medical doctor (on the doctor’s letterhead) that evaluated the student-athlete’s injury or

illness. The Doctor MUST SIGN THIS FORM. Your trainer may present additional information, but it can not substitute for the medical doctor’s record. This statement must include the dates of the student-athlete’s injury or illness.

4.Up-to-date transcript(s) of all post-secondary work for the student-athlete to include all transfer transcripts.

5.Any other information that is pertinent to this case.

I hereby certify that the above information is accurate. It is understood that if this hardship is granted it will only affect the student-athlete’s eligibility at an NJCAA member college and is not subject to be honored by another athletic organization.



Athletic Director Signature




Student-Athlete Signature




Student-Athlete Doctor’s Signature (Must sign form!!!)


This completed form and supplemental information are to be sent to the NJCAA Office of Eligibility: 1631 Mesa Avenue, Suite B,

Colorado Springs, CO 80906. A duplicate copy must also be submitted to your Regional Director.