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If you are thinking of buying or selling a property in Ontario, you will need to fill out an Ontario Residential Property Application Form. This form is used to help the provincial government track property transactions and collect data on the real estate market. The form is fairly straightforward to complete, but it's important to know what information is required. In this blog post, we will outline the key details that you need to include on the form.

You will see information about the type of form you would like to submit in the table. It will tell you the span of time you'll need to complete ontario residential property application form, exactly what fields you need to fill in, and so forth.

Form NameOntario Residential Property Application Form
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other namesrental application, toronto rental application, ontario rental application form, ontario rental application 2020

Form Preview Example

Ontario Residential Property Application Form


Today’s Date_______________________ Desired Date of Occupancy___________________

Tenant(s) Full Name(s) _________________________________________________________

Social Insurance Number_____________________________ Date of Birth _____________

Present Address ______________________________________________________________

Present Phone Number __________________ Length of Time at Present Address _______

Present Landlord’s Name and Telephone ___________________________________________

Present Rent $____________________________

Including What Utilities? __________

Parking is/is not included in rent.

Garage is/is not included in rent.


Reason for Moving ____________________________________________________________

Previous Address _____________________________________________________________

The following individuals will be living at said premises. No other person(s) are allowed without the prior written permission of landlord:

List All Sources of Income (Give Employer’s Name, Phone, Length of Employment and Monthly Income):

Tenant(s) Name


Full Name Of Employer


Length of


Source of

Net Monthly

















































Banking Information


















Checking Account #



Savings Account #





Other Bank









References (other than relatives)















Name of Reference


Phone Number













































Registration Plate #____________

License #__________________________________


In Case of Emergency, Notify:


Name: __________________________

Relationship ___________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________

Deposit of $ ________________ was paid on the _________ day of ____________________ Said Deposit was Paid


_____________________________________________________ Cheque/cash/money order This deposit is

applicable to first month's rent subject to landlord's approval of this application.

Balance of $_____________ will be paid as follows: _________________________________

I [We] hereby apply for rental [lease] of the residential premises as indicated on page one of this application form. I [We] give the landlord [landlord's agent, representative, property management] permission to check my credit history, references and other relevant investigation to determine my residential rental history, court, financial history and my ability to pay rent and maintain the rental unit and rental premises. My signature below, confirms that agree to and I request all credit reporting services, banks, court, tribunals, employers, and personal references to disclose any pertinent information about me.

I [We] clearly understand and agree as evidenced by my [our] signature below that this is an application to rent [lease] and in no way includes an agreement between landlord and tenant to rent [lease]. I [We] understand and agree that a tenancy agreement or lease will be entered into at the discretion of the landlord.

In the event that the landlord accepts this [my/our] application I understand that full payment of first and last month's rent is required prior to the key of said rental unit [rental premises] be delivered to me [us].

I further understand and agree that in the event that the landlord accepts this [my/our] application, once the landlord accepts, a binding offer to rent [lease] said rental unit [premises] is created and if I withdraw or cancel this [my/our] application any and all deposit paid will not be refunded. Landlord will apply said deposit to re-advertisement cost to find a new tenant, administration cost to process a new tenant's application, and loss any loss of income as a result of such cancellation and all other expenses incurred.

If accepted, I agree to sign a lease and or written tenancy agreement.

In the event that the landlord does not accept this [my/our] application, I understand that reasons for refusal may not be divulged but my deposit will be refunded in full.

I have inspected the rental property and hereby confirm that said rental unit [premises] is in acceptable condition as of the date of this tenant application form.


Applicant’s Signature___________________________


Applicant’s Signature___________________________

Landlord’s Source Centre Telephone: 416-964-1607 or 1-800-427-5973 Facsimile: 416-964-1757 or 1-800-627-7725

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