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When dealing with taxes, understanding each form and its purpose can make a big difference in ensuring compliance with tax laws. The Oregon Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher, commonly referred to as Form 40-ESV, serves as a key tool for individuals needing to submit their estimated taxes to the state. This form is particularly relevant for those who do not have taxes automatically withheld from their income or who anticipate owing more taxes than what is covered through withholding. It is designed for easy use; after completing the form electronically, one simply prints it out, follows the cutting guide, and mails it to the specified address of the Oregon Department of Revenue. The form caters to various taxpayers by including options for those filing for the first time, and it accommodates adjustments in payment schedules across different quarters of the fiscal or calendar year. Moreover, specific sections are dedicated to personal information, ensuring that payments are correctly applied to taxpayers' accounts. Understanding when and how to use the Form 40-ESV effectively can help Oregon residents avoid possible underpayment penalties and keep their tax affairs in good standing.

Form NameOregon 40 Esv Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesoregon estimated tax payment 2021, oregon estimated tax voucher 2021, oregon 40 esv tax, oregon estimated tax payment form 2021

Form Preview Example

Where to mail

Oregon Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher, Form 40-ESV

Complete Form 40-ESV and mail with your payment to:

Oregon Department of Revenue

PO Box 14950

Salem OR 97309-0950

Complete the form below using your computer.

After you have printed it, cut along the dotted line and

mail to the Department of Revenue at the address shown above.


If, when typing, you see a solid box instead of letters or numbers,

adjust the view size to 100 percent. If the letters or numbers still are not visible,

press the tab key.

For Tax Year




Department of Revenue Use Only



150-101-026-3 (Rev. 12-14)














or Fiscal Year Ending

Check if: First time Oregon iler

1st Qtr: Due 4/15/15

2nd Qtr: Due 6/15/15

3rd Qtr: Due 9/15/15 4th Qtr: Due 1/15/16

New name

Daytime Telephone Number





Last name

First name and initial





Spouse’s/RDP’s last name if joint payment

Spouse’s/RDP’s first name and initial

Spouse’s/RDP’s SSN if joint payment




Enter Payment Amount

$ . 0 0

Current mailing address


State ZIP code

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oregon estimated income completion process detailed (part 1)

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