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For many people seeking a career in business, the prospect of filling out an application form can be both exciting and intimidating. Applying to PC Training And Business College is no different. With the potential of starting off on a path towards obtaining your chosen career and building a rewarding future, it's important to take advantage of this opportunity! Here we will discuss what information is required for applying to PC Training And Business College as well as how you can work through completing your application accurately and successfully.

Form NamePc Training And Business College Application Form
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min
Other namesrichfield college application 2021, pc training and business college online application 2021, richfield application for 2021 closing date, richfield college

Form Preview Example



Name: __________________________

Campus: ________________________

Date Received: ___________________

Signature: _______________________

NOTES AND INSTRUCTIONS (Read these notes carefully before you complete the application form).

1.Make sure that you read every section and that the information you provide is accurate.


3.Submit a one page motivational letter stating your reason to request for a Bursary.

4.Your application will not be considered if you do not furnish proof of the following documents: 4.1 Certified copy of valid NSC certificate (if you have completed Grade 12).

4.2 Certified copy of valid and latest results on official School letterhead (if currently in Grade 12).

4.3 Certified copy of the latest academic results and full details of academic record. Results for the academic year should accompany this application and must not be submitted separately (if registered at University or College).

4.4 Certified copy of valid South African Identity Document.

4.5 Proof of income of Learner/Parent/Guardian or an affidavit if Parent/Guardian is unemployed.

5.Do not send original documents. Attach required certified copies at the back of the application form.

6.Completed application forms including all the required certified documents stated above must be hand delivered to the respective Campus Manager OR posted to:

The Bursary Department The Bursary Officer

PC Training & Business College (Pty) Ltd Private Bag X23, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320

7.Original Application forms must be submitted. Forms submitted via fax and/or electronic media will not be accepted.

8.Prospective applicants who do not receive correspondence relating to this Application by the 31st March of the year of Application can consider their Application to be unsuccessful.

9.Bursary Application Forms are available at all PC Training & Business College campuses throughout South Africa.


State the career you wish to follow: _______________________________________________________


Name the qualification you intend to study: ____________________________________________

Are you currently registered for this course? ____________________________________________

What is the year of study for the registered course? (e.g. first, second) ___________________________

Have you applied for a Bursary with PC Training & Business College before?



If YES to the above, state which qualification and when: _______________________________________

Have you applied to any other organisation/s for a Bursary?



State the name of the organisation/s: ______________________________________________________


Surname: ___________________________

Gender: Male






Date of Birth: ________________________

Nationality: RSA






First Name/s: _____________________________

I.D. Number: ______________________________

If Other, please specify: ______________________

Do you have a permanent residence permit? ____________________________________________

If so, please state the permanent residence permit number: ____________________________________

Tel No: _____________________

Cell No: ____________________________ ______

Marital Status: Married


Do you have a disability/any disabilities?



Name and complete address



Applicants Home Address


Current Postal Address (if different



of your current/last School





from Home Address)

















or Tertiary Institution



















Postal Code:


Postal Code:


Postal Code:


Tel No:


Tel No:


Tel No:


Details of Person that we can contact in the case of an emergency:

Name: ______________________________________ Tel No: _________________________________

Details of Parents/Guardian:

Name of Parent/Guardian: ______________________________________________________________

Relationship: _________________________________________________________________________


Tel No of Parent/Guardian: ______________________________________________________________

Contact/Work Address: _________________________________________________________________

Please indicate if either you or your parent/s have been or are employed by PC Training & Business College:







From To


Details of Secondary School you attended or are attending:

Name of School





Grade Completed






















Kindly request your school to verify the above with their official stamp.

Have you written your final Grade 12 exams?



If YES, complete the following: Year of examination: ____________




Full Name of Qualification












Nature of Qualification




























Name of Institution












Address of Institution












Telephone Number
























1.I hereby, confirm that the information contained in this Bursary Application is, to the best of my knowledge, correct and truthful. If, after being admitted to the Bursary scheme, any falsehoods or omissions are discovered in my Application, I understand that my Bursary may be terminated.

2.I understand that an investigation of me might include reference checks from my School / Tertiary Institutions/Previous Employer/s. I authorize my School/Tertiary Institutions/Previous Employer/s, to provide PC Training & Business College with relevant information and opinions that may be useful in


making a decision, and release such persons and organizations from legal liability in making such statements. (Please specify referees that you would like us to contact.)



3.I hereby understand that an Enrolment Form is to be fully completed and signed by myself as an extension of this Bursary Application (to be attached to this Bursary Application).

4.I hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations and code of conduct as stipulated on the Enrolment Form.

5.I hereby understand that, in terms of the Financial Aid Policy, a performance review will be conducted and the Community Engagement Committee reserves the right to cancel the Bursary for any of the following reasons:

Poor performance

Non attendance

Misconduct in terms of the Learner Code of Conduct

6.Depending on the severity of the review process, I will be given counseling with a period of 2 months to improve my performance. Should I transgress within the given time, the cancellation of the Bursary will be effective immediately.

Signature of Applicant: ________________________

Date: _______________________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ___________________

Date: _______________________________


Approval by:










First Approval: SSOD Cluster Director





Second Approval: CE Com Member

























I, ____________________________, in my capacity as _________________________, hereby confirms

that (Name of Learner) __________________________________ with Learner Number _____________

was awarded an HET/FET/SKILLS Bursary to the value of R__________, for the year ________________.

All applications to be forwarded to the National Institutional Support, Marketing and Community Engagement Manager, by no later than the 31st March 2012.


How to Edit Pc Training And Business College Application Form Online for Free

Dealing with PDF forms online is definitely a breeze with our PDF tool. You can fill in pc training and business college prospectus 2021 pdf here effortlessly. In order to make our editor better and easier to utilize, we continuously design new features, taking into account suggestions coming from our users. If you are seeking to begin, here is what it will take:

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This form will require specific information to be typed in, so ensure that you take your time to type in precisely what is requested:

1. For starters, once filling out the pc training and business college prospectus 2021 pdf, begin with the form section that has the following fields:

Part number 1 of filling out richfield bursary application form for 2021

2. Your next part would be to fill out these fields: Name the qualification you intend, Are you currently registered for, What is the year of study for the, Have you applied for a Bursary, YES, If YES to the above state which, Have you applied to any other, YES, State the name of the, PART PERSONAL DETAILS, Surname First Names, Gender Male Female, Date of Birth ID Number, Nationality RSA Other If Other, and Do you have a permanent residence.

richfield bursary application form for 2021 conclusion process outlined (stage 2)

Regarding If YES to the above state which and What is the year of study for the, make sure that you review things in this section. These two are the most important fields in this PDF.

3. The following part focuses on Tel No Cell No, Marital Status Married Single, Do you have a disabilityany, Name and complete address of your, Applicants Home Address, Current Postal Address if, Postal Code Tel No, Postal Code Tel No, and Details of Person that we can - complete every one of these empty form fields.

richfield bursary application form for 2021 writing process detailed (portion 3)

4. To go forward, this fourth stage involves typing in several blanks. These include Details of Person that we can, Name of ParentGuardian, and Relationship, which are crucial to carrying on with this document.

Tips on how to complete richfield bursary application form for 2021 step 4

5. The document must be finished by filling out this part. Below you can find a detailed list of form fields that need to be filled in with specific information to allow your form usage to be complete: Tel No of ParentGuardian, ContactWork Address, Please indicate if either you or, Name, Relationship, Department, Occupation, Year, MotherFather, From, PART EDUCATION DETAILS IF, Details of Secondary School you, Name of School, Year, and Grade Completed.

Stage no. 5 of completing richfield bursary application form for 2021

Step 3: Check everything you have inserted in the blanks and then hit the "Done" button. Get hold of the pc training and business college prospectus 2021 pdf when you register here for a 7-day free trial. Conveniently access the pdf in your personal cabinet, together with any edits and adjustments all kept! FormsPal provides secure document completion with no personal information record-keeping or distributing. Be assured that your details are secure with us!