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If you are driving a large vehicle through Louisiana, you may be required to have a pilot car. A pilot car is a vehicle that precedes the main vehicle and signals drivers of upcoming hazards. In this post, we will discuss what you need to do to become a permit Louisiana pilot car driver. We will also cover the requirements for vehicles and equipment.

In the listing, there is some good information concerning the permit louisiana pilot car. You might want to go through it prior to completing the form.

Form NamePermit Louisiana Pilot Car
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other nameslouisiana department escort, louisiana escort state, louisiana dot pilot car, louisiana pilot car requirements

Form Preview Example




Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development








P.O. Box 94042









Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9042










Truck Permit Section










Fax Number: 225-377-7108










Application for:





Escort Vehicle Permit


Out of state $10.00 per vehicle

No fee for in state


Please enclose a check, money order, credit card information below or DOTD charge account number












Issued to Customer Number:




Paid by Customer Number:













Company Name: ___________________________

Vehicle Owner: ___________________________

Address: _______________________________


Address: _______________________________

City: _____________

State: ___ Zip: ______


City: _____________

State: ___ Zip: _______

Phone: _______________________


Phone: ______________________


Fax Number:




















Complete name and address if to be mailed other than above:



















Insurance Company:






Insurance Policy Number:





Insurance coverage in the amount shown below must be maintained for the duration of this Permit





Property Damage:


Liability Coverage:







($50,000.00 Minimum)


($100,000.00 Minimum)


















Serial Number




















































































CREDIT CARD INFO (if applicable):

Card Type:



American Express

Card Number:

Expiration Date:

Name on Credit Card:

Phone# of Cardholder:

*******************************THIS IS NOT A PERMIT***********************************


__ _____________________

Signature of applicant


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There's nothing complex related to filling out the louisiana pilot car requirements when you use our PDF editor. By following these easy steps, you will definitely get the fully filled out PDF within the least time frame possible.

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stage 1 to filling out louisiana department escort

Provide the necessary data in the CREDIT CARD INFO if applicable, Card Type Visa MasterCard, Card Number, Expiration Date, Name on Credit Card, Phone of Cardholder, THIS IS NOT A PERMIT, Signature of applicant, and Date area.

part 2 to entering details in louisiana department escort

Step 3: Select the "Done" button. Finally, you can export the PDF document - download it to your device or deliver it by means of email.

Step 4: Try to make as many duplicates of the form as possible to keep away from potential issues.

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