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In any divorce proceeding where custody of a child is an issue, the parties will file a Petition Of Custody Form. This document sets out each party's wishes with regard to the custody of the child. The form also asks for information about the parents, such as their addresses and dates of birth. The Petition Of Custody Form is an important part of any custody case and should be filled out carefully by both parties. Fill it out inaccurately or incompletely could lead to delays in your case or even worse - a denial of your petition altogether. Make sure you consult with an attorney if you have any questions about how to fill out this form.

Listed below are some details about petition of custody. You'll have the assumed time it may require you to complete the form and a few additional details.

Form NamePetition Of Custody
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namessample template petition for custody, modification of child support letter samples, child custody petition sample, custody petition

Form Preview Example


In the interest of (List children):





Cause No:










In the __________ District County Court of:









____________________ County, Texas






6 Name:

Respondent’s Answer to Petition to

Modify the Parent-Child Relationship

(Print your answers.)

1. My name is: _____________________________________________________________






The last three numbers of my driver’s license number are: ___


___. My driver’s

license was issued in (state) ________________________.




I do not have a driver’s license number.



The last three numbers of my social security number are: ___




I do not have a social security number



I am the Respondent in this case. I enter a general denial.

I request notice of all hearings in this case.

If the Petitioner and I can reach an agreement, I will sign the Final Order in Suit to Modify the Parent-Child relationship. If I sign the Final Order, I agree the judge can finalize the case without me and without my receiving notice of the hearing.

2.My mailing address is: ______________________________________________________.

street address




3.My phone number is: (_____)______-________. Fax # (if available) is:_______________

4.My email address is: ______________________________________________________.

5.Certificate of Service

I will give a copy of this document to my spouse’s attorney or my spouse (if my spouse does not have an attorney) on the same day this document is filed with (turned in to) the Court as follows: If I file this document electronically, I will send a copy of it to my spouse or my spouse’s attorney through the electronic file manager if possible. If not possible, I will give a copy to my spouse or my spouse’s attorney in person, by mail, by commercial delivery service, by fax, or by email. If I file a paper copy of this document, I will give a copy of it to my spouse or my spouse’s attorney in person, by mail, by commercial delivery service, by fax, or by email.

Respondent’s signature


© Texas Partnership for Legal Access – Modification Answer, February 2014


Texas Family Code, Chapter 156

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