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Are you looking to apply for a PNP ID? If so, the application process can seem daunting and confusing. Fortunately, there are straightforward steps that will help make your application as painless and efficient as possible. In this blog post, we'll walk through what's involved in applying for a PNP ID, from filling out the form to submitting it and gathering any documents you need along the way. Let's start off by going over exactly what a PNP ID is, its importance, and all the necessary information needed for completing an application form correctly.

Form NamePnp Id Application Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namespnp online id application, pnp id online application 2020, pnp id application form, online pnp id

Form Preview Example




PNP ID Application Form-2014A (NOT FOR SALE)





* dotted box must be filled-up legibly

Fill in all applicable spaces correctly and legibly. Mark all appropriate boxes with X.


Control No.

























Police Commissioned Officer



Non-Commissioned Officer



Non-Uniformed Personnel













New ID



Renewal / Update ID



Replacement ID






















Last Name:

First Name: Middle Name: Qualifier:

Present Unit Assignment (Position for NUP): Home Address:

Date of Birth (MM-DD-YYYY):

Badge no.:

TIN (Tax Id No.):


Blood type:



Color of Eyes:


Color of Hair:

























Other Identifying Marks:





Contact no.:

















Email address:



Person to be notified in case of emergency:























Address of person to be notified:

CP No.:

Date accomplished: _______________________

I hereby declare under the penalty of law that the entries made herein are true and correct, and executed to the best of my knowledge.

I also authorize the PNP/authorized representative to verify/validate the contents stated herein. (Please affix your signature and right thumb mark at the boxes indicated below)

Signature of Applicant

(in black ball pen)

Right Thumb Mark

2x2 colored picture with white background and the name should appear below the picture (Last Name, First Name, M.I. & below is the rank).

Picture should be without

headgear, without moustache, eye glasses or sun glasses. Must wear PNP GOA without necktie (for police), Monday uniform for NUPs.



(1). Application Form endorsed by the Chief, RPHRDD (PRO), Chief, ARMD (NSU) or the Admin/Pers Officer of the unit where they were appointed.

(2). Duly accomplished application form.

(NOTE: Police Personal File & Authenticated Copy of Appointment Order must be submitted/encoded in the PAIS first before new appointees are issued ID Cards)


(1.) Application Form endorsed by COP/PD/CD/Bn Comdr; C, RPHRDD/ARMD; Regional Chief, NOSU/NASU or Pers/Admin Officer of NHQ Offices/Directorates.

(2.) Duly accomplished application form.

(3.) Old/Expired ID

(NOTE: For newly-promoted PNCOs from PROs and NSUs, authenticated copy of promotion order must be submitted by their C, RPHRDD/ARMD prior to issuance of ID Card)

c.REPLACEMENT (lost/dilapidated)

(1.) Application Form endorsed by COP/PD/CD/Bn Comdr; C, RPHRDD/ARMD; Regional Chief, NOSU/NASU or Pers/Admin Officer of NHQ Offices/Directorates.

(2.) Affidavit of loss (if lost)

(3.) Police Report

(4.) Dilapidated PNP ID (if dilapidated)

(5.) Payment of 60.00 pesos for the replacement of lost/dilapidated ID card.


1.Submit duly accomplished application form & required documents to the COP/PD/CD/Bn Comdr; C, RPHRDD/ARMD; Regional Chief, NOSU/NASU or Pers/Admin Officer of NHQ Offices/Directorates for verification/confirmation of entries and signature.

2.The application signed by the COP/PD/CD/Bn Comdr; C, RPHRDD/ARMD; Regional Chief, NOSU/NASU or Pers/Admin Officer of NHQ Offices/Directorates will be forwarded to the Records Management Division (RMD), DPRM thru their liaison officer or by mail/commercial courier.

3.All applications sent by mail/commercial courier must have a pre-paid return envelope.

4.Regular Processing Period:

Walk-in: Minimum Three (3) hours

Mailed/by courier: 2-3 days from receipt

5.Application forms with different/inconsistent data with PAIS Record/PPF will be verified separately; hence processing will be longer.

6.All printed IDs not claimed within 30 days will be sent to C, RPHRDD/ARMD; Personnel/Admin Officer of unit/office.

CERTIFICATION: (To be signed by immediate officer)

I hereby certify to the veracity of the entries made herein and confirm the identity of the applicant:

(Signature over Printed Name)



CP No. : _________________________________________













How to Edit Pnp Id Application Form Online for Free

When using the online PDF tool by FormsPal, it is possible to complete or edit pnp online id application here. Our team is aimed at providing you with the ideal experience with our editor by consistently releasing new capabilities and upgrades. With these improvements, working with our tool becomes better than ever! Starting is easy! All you should do is stick to these simple steps directly below:

Step 1: Click the "Get Form" button at the top of this webpage to access our PDF tool.

Step 2: As soon as you open the online editor, you'll see the document made ready to be filled out. Other than filling out different fields, you could also perform some other actions with the file, such as adding any text, modifying the initial textual content, adding images, affixing your signature to the form, and more.

Be mindful while completing this form. Ensure each and every blank field is filled out accurately.

1. To begin with, once filling in the pnp online id application, beging with the area that has the next blanks:

The way to complete pnp id online stage 1

2. The third step is to complete the next few fields: Address of person to be notified, CHIEF OF UNITOFFICE OR, in black ball pen, Signature of Applicant, REQUIREMENTS a NEW APPLICANT, Right Thumb Mark, x colored picture with white, name should appear below the, picture Last Name First Name MI, below is the rank, Picture should be without, headgear without moustache eye, PNP GOA without necktie for, police Monday uniform for NUPs, and form.

pnp id online completion process described (part 2)

Be very mindful while completing form and Address of person to be notified, since this is the section where a lot of people make some mistakes.

3. Completing CHIEF OF UNITOFFICE OR, RANK UNITOFFICE CP No, REQUIREMENTS a NEW APPLICANT, VERIFIED BY ACTION OFFICER ID, REVIEWED BY, CHIEF ID SECTION, APPROVED BY FOR TDPRM, and DATE is essential for the next step, make sure to fill them out in their entirety. Don't miss any details!

REVIEWED BY, CHIEF ID SECTION, and DATE inside pnp id online

Step 3: Before finalizing this file, ensure that all form fields were filled out correctly. Once you determine that it's fine, click “Done." Download your pnp online id application after you subscribe to a free trial. Quickly access the pdf file inside your personal account page, along with any modifications and adjustments all preserved! We don't share the information you enter when filling out documents at our website.