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The Pocket Resume form serves as a critical tool for individuals entering the job market, providing a structured way to showcase their professional background, strengths, and aspirations. It compiles essential elements such as skills and abilities, honors and awards, leadership activities, and a thorough guide for conducting oneself during interviews. The form stresses the importance of punctuality, politeness, concise and honest communication, professional behavior, and an active engagement in the dialogue with potential employers. Moreover, it outlines anticipated interview questions, suggesting inquiries candidates might pose to prospective employers, thereby encouraging a two-way exchange. The document also offers practical advice on interview preparation, including researching the company, reviewing job qualifications, and practicing responses to common questions. Additionally, it underscores the significance of appearance and what applicants should bring to interviews, enhancing their readiness and confidence. Created by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, this comprehensive tool aims to equip job seekers with the necessary insights and resources to navigate the application and interview process effectively. Importantly, it emphasizes the need for immediate follow-up with a thank you letter, reinforcing the applicant's professionalism and interest in the position. The Pocket Resume is not merely a form but a survival kit for the competitive job market, guiding applicants every step of the way.

Form NamePocket Resume
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesWorkKeys, ODCTE, pocket resume template, printable resumes fill in the blank

Form Preview Example

Skills and Abilities:

Honors and Awards:

Leadership Activities:

The Actual Interview:

Be prompt.

Unless the interviewer uses your name,

introduce yourself politely.

Shake hands irmly, but briely.

Answer questions directly and truthfully.

Be courteous, professional, and cooperative.

Ask questions, and show enthusiasm.

Thank the interviewer(s) for their time.

Questions to Expect

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Why are you the best candidate for the job?

3. Why are you interested in this job?

4. What are your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?

5. How has your education/training prepared you for this job?

6. What would your teachers, former

employers, or references say about you?

7. Do you understand that you may be subject to a drug test and background check if you are hired?

8. When are you available to work?

Questions to Ask

1.Would you describe a typical work day?

2. Can this job lead to other positions in the company?

3. What skills are most important in this position?

4. If hired, would I report directly to you,

or someone else?

5. Do you provide training opportunities?

6. When can I expect to hear from you?

7. Can I contact you by phone or e-mail?


Write a thank you letter within 24 hours of the interview.

The pocket survival tool for job applications and interviews

Preparing for the job interview

Fill in this pocket resume

Learn something about the


Have a speciic job in mind

Review your qualiications for the job

Practice answering likely interview questions

Have social security number and drivers license number

when applying


Neat and clean grooming

Appropriate clothing

Make-up in good taste

What to take with you

This pocket resume

Small pad and pen

Samples of your own work

Oklahoma Department of Career

and Technology Education

Career and Academic Connections

1500 West Seventh Avenue

Stillwater, OK 74074-4364

405.743.5157 • www.okcareertech.org







WorkKeys Level:


WorkKeys Scores:















































Area Code






In case of EMERGENCY, notify:










( )




















Level of Education

Name & Location of School

From: (Mo./Yr.)

To: (Mo./Yr.)

Subject Studied/Degree or Certification Earned

Year Grad.

High School

CareerTech Center


Other Training Experience

EXPERIENCE: (Paid work experience, volunteer, related school experience, etc.)


Name & Address of Employer


Phone Number



Reason for Leaving

























































REFERENCES: (not related to you)


Relationship to You





Day Phone

The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex/gender, age, disability, or veteran status. Inquiries concerning application of this policy may be referred to ODCTE, Compliance Coordinator, 1500West Seventh Avenue, Stillwater, OK 74074-4364, 1-800-522-5810 or (405) 377-2000.

This publication is printed and issued by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education as authorized by 74 O.S. 2001, Sec. 3105, as amended. 2,000 copies have been prepared and distributed at a cost of $420. Copies have been deposited with the Publications Clearinghouse of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. 12-226360

Date I last updated my Pocket Resume:

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