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When an individual is placed on probation, there are terms and conditions that must be met in order to remain off of probation. If the individual does not meet these terms, then the probation officer has the authority to transfer the person to a higher level of supervision. The Probation Transfer Request Form is used by the probation officer to request a transfer from one level of supervision to another. The form can be used for adult or juvenile offenders, and must be approved by a supervisor before it is submitted to a court. The form includes information about why the transfer is needed, as well as contact information for the offender and his or her attorney.

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Form NameProbation Transfer Request
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesprobation transfer application, indiana probation transfer, probation transfer request, indiana intrastate probation transfer

Form Preview Example


To: _________________________ From: _________________________ Date: _________________

(Receiving Court Probation Dept.)(Sentencing Court Probation Dept.)

Offender’s name: _______________________________ Case No.: ____________________________

Race: ___________ Gender: __________ D.O.B.: ___________ SSN: ________________

Sex offender: Yes


DNA Sample Collected: Yes


Sex offender registration required: Yes


Offense(s): _________________________________________________________________________

(Please do not use abbreviations; specify “count I,” “count II,etc.)

Date convicted: ___________________________

Date probation began: _____________________

Probation period: __________________________

Date probation expires: ____________________

Offender currently on probation under another case number: Yes


; if “yes”, please provide

whether the other term runs concurrently or consecutively, and whether the offender is in compliance with the terms of probation: ____________________________________________________________

Offender current on probation/program fees: Yes


Restitution (amount owed, schedule of payments): _________________________________________

Residence: _________________________________________________________________________

(Street Address)(City)

_________________________________________ Telephone: ______________________



Employment: ________________________________________________________________________

(Employer Name)(Street Address)

__________________________________________________ Telephone: _______________




Reason for transfer:

Offender lives in receiving county (mandatory)

Offender works in the receiving county (discretionary)

Offender is taking educational courses in the receiving county (discretionary)

Offender has other significant contacts/relatives in the receiving county (discretionary)

(please explain: ______________________________________________________________)

Additional Programs/Services Requested: (Check all that apply)

Complete a Certified Court Administered Alcohol & Drug Program

Individual Service Contract attached (including criminal justice consent)

Referred Services (ie, anger management, alcohol education, Thinking for a Change):

Mental Health treatment

Other (please specify):

Special Conditions of Probation or Comments:

THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS MUST BE INCLUDED WITH THIS REQUEST FORM: sentencing order; conditions of probation; payment agreement/deadlines; PSI/criminal history; risk and needs assessments; substance use evaluation (if applicable); A&D individual service contract (if applicable); sex offender conditions (if applicable); plea agreement (if applicable). Include additional information as needed.

Please include a photograph of the offender if available.

BY: _______________________________________


(Probation Officer)


(Department Address)


Telephone: ______________________________






Fax: ________________

E-mail: _________________________________________

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Fill out the interstate compact transfer request form PDF and provide the information for each part:

in intrastate probation transfer empty fields to fill out

Type in the required data in the field Residence Street Address City, State Zip, Employment Employer Name Street, City, State Zip, Reason for transfer, and Offender lives in receiving county.

stage 2 to filling out in intrastate probation transfer

In the Additional ProgramsServices, Complete a Certified Court, Mental Health treatment Other, Special Conditions of Probation or, and THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS MUST BE segment, focus on the important data.

Entering details in in intrastate probation transfer stage 3

You have to write down the rights and responsibilities of the parties in the Probation Officer, Department Address, Telephone, City Zip, Fax, and Email box.

part 4 to filling out in intrastate probation transfer

Step 3: When you select the Done button, your finished file can be easily exported to each of your devices or to email indicated by you.

Step 4: It's going to be easier to maintain duplicates of your document. There is no doubt that we won't distribute or see your details.

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