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Understanding Ps Form 3801 is crucial for any business that sends and receives valuable items through the mail. Whether you need to send legal documents, sensitive medical information, or important packages with high monetary value, knowing how to properly fill out a 3801 form will ensure these items make it safely from one destination to another and protect them in transit. With this blog post, we aim to provide an overview of Ps Form 3801 so that businesses can gain a better understanding of what it involves and how correctly filling out a 3801 form can protect their valuable item shipments.

Form NamePs Form 3801
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesusps form 3801 printable, form 3801 illinois, usps ps form 3801, 3801 form

Form Preview Example

1. At irst pick-up; request signature (if missing) and a form of valid government- or employee-issued photo identiication (ID).
2. Visually inspect the ID, check the box (if valid), and write in your initials and date.
3. Release the mail to the agent.

Standing Delivery Order

Name and Address of Individual or Firm (Include apartment or suite number)

Signature and title of person authorized to sign this Standing Delivery Order

Date Submitted*

Telephone Number

As the above-named individual or firm, I authorize the agent(s) named below to receive all mail addressed to or in care of the above-named individual or firm, including these services; Adult Signature Required, Certified, Insured, C.O.D., Priority Mail Express®, Signature Confirmation, and unrestricted Registered Mail. I understand that this Standing Delivery Order will remain in effect until I cancel it in writing. I assume all responsibility for loss, rifling, or damage of the mail after it is delivered to the agent(s) authorized on this form.

*USPS will revoke all orders submitted before this date. NOTE: Authorized Agents are required to provide a valid government- or employee-issued photo identiication (ID) verifying their identity before we release the mail.


Fill out all non-shaded areas as follows:

1. Add printed name(s) of Authorized Agents.

2. Put a check mark in column that corresponds to the type(s) of Restricted mail (Restricted Delivery, Adult Signature Restricted Delivery) your agent is authorized to pick up.

3.Get agent(s) signature (if available) before you submit this form.



Agent Name




Yes ( )

Adult Signature



Yes ( )

Agent Signature

(Request signature — if missing)

ID Veriied

Yes ( )

USPS Initials


PS Form 3801, September 2016 PSN 7530-02-000-9048

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How one can complete delivery order named pdf portion 1

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delivery order named pdf completion process clarified (portion 2)

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