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Sending or receiving an international package can be a complex process. The first step is to figure out what form to use. Ps Form 3877 is the right form for most international packages. This guide will explain when to use Ps Form 3877, who needs to complete it, and what information needs to be included.

If you'd like to get various specific details with regards to the form you intend to use, here's the information you may want to study prior to completing the ps form 3877.

Form NamePs Form 3877
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min
Other namesps 3877 fillable form, fillable ps 3877 form, certificate of mailing form 3877, usps form 3877

Form Preview Example

Firm Mailing Book For Accountable Mail

Guide To Firm Mailers

The following instructions are for the preparation and use of the irm mailing book for Adult Signature Required, Adult Signature Restricted Delivery, Certiied Mail®,

Certiied Mail Restricted Delivery, Collect on Delivery (COD), Insured Mail, Priority Mail Express®, Priority Mail® (bearing an IMpb), Registered Mail™, Signature

Conirmation™, and Signature Conirmation Restricted Delivery:

1.Complete or print all forms in ink.

2.The name and address of the sender must appear at the top of each form.

3.A complete return address must appear on each article.

4.Make sure the articles are properly packaged.

5.Enter the postage, fees, and all other services in the appropriate columns on the forms.

6.These additional extra services may also be added when available by standards

[see Mailing Standards of the U.S. Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®)

503.0] and under the following conditions:

a.Return Receipt service — The “Return Receipt Requested” endorsement must be placed above the delivery address and to the right of the return address on the article. For a hardcopy signature, you must ill in the return address and article number on the PS Form 3811 (green return receipt card) before attaching it to the article.

b.Restricted Delivery or Special Handling-Fragile service — The applicable endorsement must be placed above the delivery address and to the right of the return address on the article.

7.When the mailer describes and lists three or more individual pieces on

PS Form 3877, but does not present the pieces in the order shown on the sheets, the mailer must consecutively number each entry line on the sheet and lightly number each piece to show both the corresponding sheet and line number.

8.The total number of articles listed must be entered in the proper space at the bottom of the form.

9.Complete a duplicate form for COD, Priority Mail Express, and Registered Mail articles. One copy serves as the mailer’s receipt, the other as the acceptance Post Ofice™ copy. See DMM 215.3.0.c.

10.All unused portions of the “Addressee” column must be obliterated by drawing a diagonal line through the unused portion on each form.

11.Insured Articles:

a.Coverage ─ Postal insurance covers (1) the value to the contents at the time of mailing, if lost or damaged, or (2) the cost of repairs. It does not cover spoilage of perishable items. Coverage may not exceed the limit ixed for the insurance fee paid or the indemnity coverage if insurance is included in the product at no additional charge. The maximum indemnity payable for the reconstruction of nonnegotiable documents under Priority Mail Express

document reconstruction insurance is $100 per piece subject to additional limitations for multiple pieces lost or damaged in a single catastrophic occurrence. The maximum indemnity payable on Priority Mail Express merchandise is $100 for domestic mail and $200 for international mail, but optional insurance is available for up to $5,000 domestically and to some, but not all countries. Consult either the DMM or the International Mail Manual (IMM) for details of insurance limits and coverage online at

1.Domestic ─ Domestic insurance covers the actual (depreciated) value of the contents or the cost of repairs. The limitations on coverage include, but are not limited to the following: No coverage is provided for consequential losses, delay, concealed damage, spoilage of perishable items, articles improperly packaged, or articles too fragile to withstand normal handling in the mail. (See DMM 609.4.3 for a complete list of non- payable claims.)

2.International ─ International insurance coverage is subject to both U.S. Postal Service® regulations and the domestic regulations of the destination country. Insurance coverage varies by country and is not available to some countries. The addressee must report damage of an insured article’s contents to the delivering Post Ofice immediately. No coverage is provided for delay, prohibited articles, concealed damage, or consequential losses.

b.Filing Claims ─ Domestic indemnity claims must be iled within 60 days from the date the article was mailed. Visit

International indemnity claims for Registered Mail and Insured Mail may be iled after an inquiry has been completed. Visit claims. (Inquiry must be made within six (6) months from the date the article was mailed). APO/FPO: Indemnity claims for Priority Mail Express Military Service must be iled within 180 days from the date of mailing. Indemnity claims for all other classes of APO/FPO/DPO mail must be iled within one (1) year from the date of mailing. Retain the original mailing receipt as proof of insurance until the claim is resolved. File a claim for damage or for complete or partial loss of contents immediately but no later than 60 days from the mailing date. Retain the mailing container, including wrapping, packaging, and any contents received, and you must make them available to the Post Ofice for inspection, retention, and disposition until the claim is resolved. Submit sales slips, receipts, bills, or repair estimates to substantiate your claim.

Appeals ─ Appeals of Postal Service™ decisions on claims must be made within 30 days of the date of the original decision to Domestic Claims Appeals. Submit appeals to the Accounting Service Center (see DMM 608.8.0).

c.Only customers iling online may appeal a decision online through

PS Form 3877, January 2017 (Instructions page 1 of 2) PSN 7530-02-000-9098

Additional Instructions and Declaration of Value of Registered Mail

Senders of all domestic and international Registered Mail are required to declare the full value of articles presented for registration. Neither the Postal Service nor its postal employees are authorized to waive this requirement or to permit or condone

any violation or evasion of it.

Registered Mail Articles:

a.Avoid listing Registered Mail articles on the same form with any other non-registered articles.

b.Afix red Label 200, Registered Mail, above the address and to the right of the return address. Commercial mailers generating IMpb shipping labels must use Label 200-N or USPS-approved facsimile in lieu of Label 200.

c.Avoid using tapes that will not absorb postmarking ink to seal Registered Mail articles. See DMM 503.2.3.3.

For domestic articles, postal insurance is included in the fee for articles with a value of at least $0.01 up to a maximum insured value of $50,000. Postal insurance is not available for articles with no value ($0.00). The fees for articles valued over $50,000 include insurance up to $50,000, and increasingly higher fees for handling costs. The full value of the article must be declared at the time of mailing, as shown in DMM 503.2.2.1, and the corresponding fee must be paid.

Indemnity for international Registered Mail (except to Canada) is extremely limited, and is set by the Universal Postal Union. See IMM 333.

The maximum indemnity is $50,000 for domestic Registered Mail.

Domestically the fees for articles valued over $50,000 include insurance up to $50,000, and charges for handling costs. These charges do not increase the liability of the Postal Service.

Additional fees will be collected on domestic Registered COD Mail under the same conditions as outlined for regular Registered Mail, except that the additional fee shall be based on the amount by which the declared value of the article exceeds the limit of indemnity payable for the Registered COD Mail fee paid.

See Notice 123, Price List, for fee schedules.

The following standards are furnished as guides in declaring the value of

representative types of matter commonly sent as Registered Mail:

Kind of Mail Matter

Value to Be Declared

Negotiable Instruments

Market value.

Instruments payable to bearer,

(All values are based

including stock certiicates

on the value at the

endorsed in blank.

time of mailing.)

Nonnegotiable Instruments

No value, or replacement

All registered bonds,

cost if postal insurance

warehouse receipts,

coverage is desired.

checks, drafts, deeds, wills,

(See Note below.)

abstracts, and similar


documents. Certiicates of


stock are considered


nonnegotiable so far as


declaration of value is


concerned unless they are


endorsed in blank.



Full value.



Jewelry, Gems, Precious

Market value or cost.






Market value or cost.


No value, or replacement

Matter not having intrinsic

cost if postal insurance

value such as letters, iles,

coverage is desired.

records, etc.

(See note below.)

Note: Mailers who do not know replacement costs should contact a person or irm familiar with such documents and determine replacement costs before the articles

are mailed.

PS Form 3877, January 2017 (Instructions page 2 of 2) PSN 7530-02-000-9098

Firm Mailing Book For Accountable Mail

Name and Address of Sender

Check type of mail or service















£ Adult Signature Required

£ Priority Mail Express

Afix Stamp Here












£ Adult Signature Restricted Delivery

£ Registered Mail

























£ Certiied Mail

£ Return Receipt for

(for additional copies of this receipt).












Postmark with Date of Receipt.











£ Certiied Mail Restricted Delivery












£ Collect on Delivery (COD)

£ Signature Conirmation














£ Insured Mail

£ Signature Conirmation














£ Priority Mail

Restricted Delivery









































USPS Tracking/Article Number

Addressee (Name, Street, City, State, & ZIP Code™)

Postage (Extra


Actual Value















if Registered


Sender if


















































































ConirmationSignature DeliveryRestrictedConirmationSignature





































































































































































































































































Total Number of Pieces

Total Number of Pieces

Postmaster, Per (Name of receiving employee)









Listed by Sender

Received at Post Ofice














PS Form 3877, January 2017 (Page 1 of 2)

Complete in Ink

Privacy Notice: For more information on USPS privacy policies, visit

PSN 7530-02-000-9098











Mailer’s Approval for Privately Printed Facsimile PS Form 3877

For three or more pieces with extra services presented for mailing at one time, the mailer may use PS Form 3877 (irm sheet) or privately printed irm sheets in lieu of the receipt portion of the individual form.

The Postal Service allows mailers to use privately printed or computer-generated irm sheets that contain the same information and that are nearly identical to the USPS-provided PS Form 3877, Firm Mailing Book For Accountable Mail.

For the locations where you are presenting your mailings, the local postmaster or manager of Business Mail Entry provides approval of the form in writing. On the mailer’s approved form, you may omit columns that are not applicable to the extra service requested. For additional information, see DMM 503.1.10.

Mailers must retain their original written approvals by the postmaster or manager of Business Mail Entry, as evidence that their privately prepared facsimile of PS Form 3877 was approved by the Postal Service. The Postal Service does not retain documentation of the facsimile approval. Mailers using privately printed forms must periodically verify them against the USPS-provided versions, make routine updates, and obtain approval of the updated facsimile form.

When using an approved, privately prepared form, a mailer who wants the irm sheets postmarked by the Postal Service must present the books with the articles to be mailed at a Post Ofice. The sheets of the books become the mailer’s only receipt; the Postal Service does not retain a copy.

For Registered Mail and COD, the mailer submits the forms in duplicate and receives one copy as the mailer’s receipt after the USPS employee accepting the mailing has veriied the entries.

For Certiicates of Mailing with domestic or international mailings, the mailer must use either PS Form 3665, Certiicate of Mailing – Firm, or PS Form 3817, Certiicate of Mailing. For Certiicates of Bulk Mailing, the mailer must use either PS Form 3606-D, Certiicate of Bulk Mailing — Domestic, or PS Form 3606, Certiicate of Bulk Mailing — International.

PS Form 3877, January 2017 (Page 2 of 2) PSN 7530-02-000-9098

How to Edit Ps Form 3877 Online for Free

The whole process of filling out the ps form 3877 is rather effortless. Our team made sure our PDF tool is not hard to navigate and helps fill out any sort of document within minutes. Listed here are a couple of steps you'll want to take:

Step 1: Press the "Get Form Now" button to get started on.

Step 2: As soon as you get into the ps form 3877 editing page, you'll see each of the functions you may take with regards to your file within the top menu.

Type in the essential details in each segment to fill in the PDF ps form 3877

ps 3877 fillable form gaps to consider

Provide the appropriate details in a Coverage Postal insurance, PS Form January Instructions, and wwwuspscominsuranceclaimsonlinehtm segment.

Completing ps 3877 fillable form part 2

Mention the important information in PS Form January Instructions area.

part 3 to finishing ps 3877 fillable form

The Name and Address of Sender, Check type of mail or service, Firm Mailing Book For Accountable, Adult Signature Required, Priority Mail Express, Adult Signature Restricted, Certiied Mail, Return Receipt for, Certiied Mail Restricted Delivery, Merchandise, Collect on Delivery COD, Signature Conirmation, Insured Mail, Priority Mail, and Signature Conirmation Restricted area may be used to identify the rights and obligations of each side.

part 4 to filling out ps 3877 fillable form

Fill out the document by reviewing these fields: r e v o d n a d e r e t s i g e R, f i, e g r a h C g n, i l, d n a H, d e r i u q e R e r u t a n g S, t l u d A, y r e v i l e D d e t c i r t s e, t l u d A, y r e v i l e D d e t c i r t s e R, t p i e c e R n r u t e R, n o i t a m r i n o C e r u t a n, y r e v i l e D d e t c i r t s e, g n, and i l.

part 5 to completing ps 3877 fillable form

Step 3: After you click the Done button, the finalized document is readily transferable to each of your devices. Alternatively, you can deliver it by using mail.

Step 4: Attempt to create as many duplicates of your document as you can to stay away from future worries.

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