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Ps Form 5436 is a U.S. Postal Service form that is used to request an address change for postal customers. The form can be used to request a change of name, address, or both name and address. It is important to note that the form must be filled out completely and accurately in order to ensure timely processing of the requested changes. Additionally, it is recommended that customers submit their requests as far in advance as possible to avoid any delays in mail delivery. For more information on how to fill out Ps Form 5436, please visit the U.S. Postal Service website.

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Form NamePs Form 5436
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesusps form ps 5436, usps printable change of address form 2019, usps form 5436, 5436 usps postal form

Form Preview Example

Mailing ListApplication—

Mail Transportation Services

In order for us to know the type of service and equipment you are interested in providing, please print or type the information requested below and return the form to the contracting officer at the Distribution Networks Office in the area where you currently reside. Upon receipt of the completed form, your name will be placed on our list of persons and companies interested in submitting bids or proposals to transport mail under contract with the United States Postal Service®.

I. Applicant Information

Last Name or Trade Name

First Name


Middle Name































































Attention To:















































































































































ZIP + 4®




















































































































Business Telephone





Residence Telephone

Social Security or


Tax ID No.








































































Privacy Notice: Your information will be used to provide you requested products, services, or information. Collection is authorized by 39 USC 401, 403, & 404.

Providing the information is voluntary, but if not provided, we may not process your request. We do not disclose your information without your consent to third parties, except to facilitate the request, to act on your behalf or request, or as legally required. This includes the following limited circumstances: to a congressional office on your behalf; to financial entities regarding financial transaction issues; to a USPS® auditor; to entities, including law enforcement, as required by law or in legal proceedings; and to contractors and other entities aiding us to fulfill the service (service providers).

II.Type of Business Organization (Check applicable items only. “See the Supplying Principles and Practices, section Define Supplier Diversity Objectives for definitions."

Small Business Concern

Minority-Owned Business (Checkoneifapplicable)

Woman-Owned Business



Labor SurplusArea Concern



Educational or Other Non-Profit Organization



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III.Type of Equipment (Check applicable items only)


Passenger Car or Station Wagon


Heavy Truck (900 cubic feet and above)


Ship (Ocean transportation)


Pickup Truck/Van (100-250 cubic feet)




Aircraft (FAR 135)


Light Truck (251-499 cubic feet)


Motive Power (Tractor units only)

10. Aircraft (FAR 121)


Medium Truck (500-899 cubic feet)





IV. Type of Route/Contract

Please indicate the type of operation you are interested in (as explained below) by checking ONLY the boxes applicable to your operation.

A. CDSDelivery



E. Freight

G. Trailer Services

B. Highway (trucks)



F. One-Way Service


A. CDS Delivery — Routes that provide for delivery and collection of mail from homes and businesses.

Individuals: An individual must be at least 21 years of age and able to work legally in the United States. Apartnership is qualified if any partner meets the foregoing qualifications of an individual.

B.Highway — Routes that involve the transport of mail between points designated by the United States Postal Service® and do not include CDSdelivery service.

C.Water — Routes that involve the transport of mail over water between points designated by the United States Postal Service.

D.Air — Routes that involve the transport of mail by aircraft between points designated by the United States Postal Service. Air carriers must possess the mandatory FAR certification for the size and type of equipment required.

E.Freight— Non-Mail Service. Covers all items other than mail.

F.One-Way Services — Mail Transport Equipment and other mail as directed by Distribution Network Office.

G.Trailer Services — Leased and assigned to Bulk Mail Centers and Processing Centers for short and long term use based on needs of theArea Distribution Networks offices.

V. Areas of Operation

The following is a list of state codes for specified route types. Please indicate ONLY the areas in which you wish to operate by checking the appropriate box(es).

AL -Alabama

GA- Georgia

MD - Maryland

NJ - New Jersey

SC - South Carolina

AK -Alaska

HI - Hawaii

MA- Massachusetts

NM - New Mexico

SD - South Dakota

AZ -Arizona

ID - Idaho

MI - Michigan

NY - New York

TN - Tennessee

AR -Arkansas

IL - Illinois

MN - Minnesota

NC - North Carolina

TX - Texas

CA- California

IN - Indiana

MS - Mississippi

ND - North Dakota

UT - Utah

CO - Colorado

IA- Iowa

MO - Missouri

OH - Ohio

VT - Vermont

CT - Connecticut

KS - Kansas

MT - Montana

OK - Oklahoma

VA- Virginia

DE - Delaware

KY - Kentucky

NE - Nebraska

OR - Oregon

WA- Washington

DC - District of Columbia

LA- Louisiana

NV - Nevada

PA- Pennsylvania

WV - West Virginia

FL - Florida

ME - Maine

NH - New Hampshire

PR - Puerto Rico

WI - Wisconsin




RI - Rhode Island

WY - Wyoming

NOTE: Should any of the information change or youno longer wish to receive advertisements, please notify the contracting officer at your area Distribution Networks Office so they may correct the mailing list accordingly.

PS Form 5436, OCTOBER 2010 (Page2of2)

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